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STC P - 2015 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee Precision Engineering and Metrology (STC P) had two meetings in 2015 - in Paris on 2015-02-19 and in Cape Town, on 2015-08-28. The STC P meetings were attended by 55 members and 12 invited guests in Paris and 40 members and 15 invited guests in Cape Town.

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2015 STC P meetings are in the minutes written by A. Donmez, STC P Secretary. The minutes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

W. Gao, S. W. Kim, H. Bosse, H. Haitjema, Y.L. Chen, X.D. Lu, W. Knapp, A. Weckenmann, W. T. Estler, and H. Kunzmann are the authors of the 2015 STC P keynote paper titled “Measurement technologies for precision positioning”. The keynote presentation delivered by W. Gao during the STC P paper session raised no discussions or questions during the STC-P August meeting. STC-P thanked W. Gao and the co-authors for their efforts.

The STC P paper session was held on 2015-08-24/25. The 10 papers dealt with machine tool calibration and data fusion (“Dynamic testing of laser trackers” by Morse; “Simulation and measurement of environmental influences on machines in frequency domain” by Mayr; “Cooperative fusion of distributed multi-sensor LVM (Large Volume Metrology) systems” by Galetto; “An uncalibrated cylindrical indigenous artefact for measuring inter-axis errors of a five-axis machine tool” by Mayer), measurement procedures (“Revisiting the multi-step method: enhanced error separation and reduction of amount of measurements” by Haitjema; “Systems for locally resolved measurements of physical loads in manufacturing processes” by Goch; “Enhancing the accuracy of high-speed laser triangulation measurement of freeform parts at elevated temperature” by Savio), and optical metrology (“Non-destructive evaluation of nanoscopic subsurface features in fabricated transparent samples” by Edward and presented by Goch; “A stereo photogrammetry scanning methodology, for precise and accurate 3D digitization of small parts with sub-millimeter sized features” by Galantucci; “Verification of an optical micro-CMM using the focus variation technique: aspects of probing errors” by Sun).

STC-P discussed the proposed keynote topics and the progress reports for keynotes up to the year 2020.

Wolfgang Knapp