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Research Affiliates Program

The objective of the Research Affiliates program is to create, develop, and promote a sustainable CIRP-network of outstanding young researchers in the field of production engineering.

Research Affiliates are expected to participate in CIRP- networks designed to exchange and discuss current research results, create collaborative research projects, and facilitate communication within the CIRP community.

Procedure to submit a candidature - Article 24 of CIRP Internal Regulations

Research Affiliate candidates

  • should have earned a Ph.D. or should have a minimum of three-years of research experience in academia, national laboratories, or in industry.
  • are required to be nominated by a CIRP Fellow (sponsor).
  • are required to be no more than 36 years old at their first nomination.

Each Research Affiliate must be mentored for his/her entire term by the Fellow that sponsored him/her. It would be ideal if the candidate and the sponsoring Fellow are working together in the same institution (e.g. at the same lab or company). In case the candidate and the sponsoring Fellow are not active at the same research facility, the candidate is requested to add a statement to the application clarifying the reasons for the choice of the mentor and the mentoring concept.

Research Affiliates may hold this title for a maximum of six years, an initial three-year term followed by one renewal term assuming there is satisfactory participation. The renewal request of the candidate must be accompanied by a letter of the sponsoring CIRP Fellow. The letter should comment on the sponsor’s experience with the candidate and on his/her renewal request.

Research Affiliates are expected to participate in the Research Affiliate Meetings and are encouraged to participate in all STC and CWG meetings of their choice. They will be given access to the CIRP website and the CIRP Directory.

CIRP Fellows are normally allowed to mentor a maximum of two Research Affiliates. Fellows from a country with two or less Fellows are allowed to mentor a maximum of three Research Affiliates. CIRP Fellows, upon their retirement, are allowed to mentor their Research Affiliates to the end of the Research Affiliate's current three-year term.

Duration of Mentorship

Each Research Affiliate is mentored by the nominating Fellow ordinarily to the end of his/her regular term. The mentor can ask to terminate his/her mentorship earlier when this cannot be carried on any further, e.g. because the Research Affiliate moves elsewhere, or the Research Affiliate resigns, or is not deemed satisfactory. The mentor shall apply to the Nomination Committee explaining the reason. In case of a Research Affiliate moving elsewhere but wishing to continue, the candidate needs to provide a statement of the current mentor whether he/she wants to continue and what the mentoring concept would be. If the Research Affiliate decides on another mentoring Fellow, the application needs to come along with a statement of the incoming mentor.

Formal Procedure

The sponsoring CIRP Fellow is responsible for submitting a complete set of the following documents (in electronic format only, gathered in one global pdf file) to the CIRP office in Paris:

I. A filled out Research Affiliate Proposal-form available online in Download administrative documents in your "Dashboard". Any information on the candidate, e.g. positions held activities and contributions to the professions and sciences of interest to CIRP, prior involvement with CIRP, if any, have to be inserted in the official nomination form for the research affiliate Proposal;
II. a complete curriculum vitae of the candidate, including a photograph;
III. a list of publications of the candidate, complying with the requirements in Appendix 14 of the Internal Regulations;
IV. accompanying letter of the sponsoring CIRP Fellow.

Deadlines for nominating a candidate are: December 1st for the Winter meetings, and June 1st for the General Assembly meetings.

The CIRP Council will review all Research Affiliate nominations and select candidates for this program based upon the above criteria.

Research Affiliates may register for the CIRP winter meetings and the annual General Assemblies without a specific invitation from a sponsor.

Research Affiliates pay a term contribution.