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2022 CIRP Winter Meetings in Paris, France

geneva meetings


16-18 February 2022 - Virtual Meetings

The hybrid meetings have been cancelled, and are replaced by virtual meetings only 


Link to the planning of the 2022 Winter Meetings

LINK TO THE AGENDAS OF THE MEETINGS    (you must be logged in)


LINKS TO THE MEETINGS ON ZOOM   (you must be logged in)



Registration online   is mandatory to be able to participate in.

To register online to the Winter Meetings, all CIRP Members (including Corporates) and Research Affiliates   should log in and then REGISTER HERE  (or from your own Profile - edit "my meetings").

You can check that you are well registered - and who did already register - through the list:    "2022 Winter Meetings attendants" - also available from the menu "About CIRP", down the right column.



  • Guests will have to be sponsored by two Fellows / Honorary Fellows (instead of one) to be able to participate in the Winter Meetings, in order to keep reasonable the number of guests. Those guests will have to pay for a contribution fee of 100 € (because the meeting is only virtual).

    Guest Form
       to be downloaded from the Members' Dashboard and to fill out by CIRP Fellows / Honorary Fellows and email to CIRP Office.

  • STC / CWG / CMAG Chairs will be free to invite some guests to make a presentation during their meetings – a guest coming for a presentation in a STC / CWG / CMAG meeting will not be requested any registration fee to attend that meeting (download from your Dashboard).

Corporate members are limited to two internal representatives per company. If they are not the official representatives in the CIRP Directory and they have no account to register online, then they should be invited by the official representatives directly at the CIRP Office in Paris (Corporate Guest Form to download from the Members' Dashboard).
For more information, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.