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CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering

An online and printed edition of the CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering is published by Springer verlag.
The Encyclopedia covers the state-of-art of advanced technologies, methods and models for production, production engineering and logistics.

While the technological and operational aspects are in the focus, economical aspects are addressed too.
Explanations for a wide variety of terms were reviewed by the CIRP-Community, representing the highest standards in research. Thus, the content is not only evaluated internationally on a high scientific level but also reflects very recent developments.

1 - Partial access to the updatable online CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering (new essays or updated essays)

2 - Partial access to the static eBook version of the encyclopedia (pdf copy of the print version)

Get to the publisher Springer's Website to purchase the Encyclopedia (printed and online version)

CIRP Members have free full access to the Encyclopedia online and static eBook version from their Dashboard