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Submit a Paper to CIRP Annals

How and When to submit a paper to CIRP Annals

Paper submission to the CIRP Annals is usually reserved to CIRP Members. However, Corporate Members, Research Affiliates, Invited Members and non-members may submit a paper if they are sponsored   by a Fellow or co-authored by a Fellow or Associate member. See the Guidelines here under.

Time-Table and Procedure for Publishing in Vol.1 and Vol.2 of the CIRP Annals

Time- table and Procedure  for the publication of a Paper (Vol.1) or a Keynote Paper (Vol.2) in the CIRP Annals

Paper Submission to the 2020 CIRP Annals, Vol.69-1

Link to Elsevier Editorial Manager    (EM) 

Sum up of the procedure:

Step 1 - The Abstract must be submitted as the "Manuscript" by November 15th 2019  the latest (23:59-French time) - If  any, the name of the sponsor must be given, but no Certificate of Sponsorship is requested at this stage. 
Step 2 - Once the Abstract is accepted, the Full paper must be submitted as the  "Manuscript" (to replace the Abstract), following the CIRP template and under pdf format only, by January 20th 2020  the latest (23:59-French time) - If any, the Certificate of Sponsorship must be sent to CIRP office by the sponsor. If any, the letter requesting 6 pages must be uploaded on EM with the full paper.  For a "cooperative work", the  "Request Form" must be uploaded with the full paper.
Step 3 - The Revised Paper must be submitted by April 1st 2020  the latest (23:59-French time), with the source file (Word format, or other) as the "Manuscript" but also  under pdf format as the "Supplementary file", and figures in separate files additionnally. No modification in the authors' list is allowed.

Guidelines for the authors of the 2020 CIRP Annals, Vol. 1 & 2

(see at the bottom of the page specific matters for Vol.2)

  • For any problem with your account on EM, you can ask for the free "Call back  service" to help you by phone (in English)
  • The Sponsor Certificate for Corporate Members, Research Affiliates and non-members is available for members in their Dashboard from "Download Administrative Documents" - this Certificate should be sent by email directly by the Sponsor to the CIRP Office before January 20th 2020.
  • For the CIRP General Assembly, the "Guest Request Form" to invite one author who is not a member should be emailed to the CIRP Office and is available for members in their Dashboard through "Download Administrative Documents"
  • CIRP Internal Regulations for publishing a paper: Conditions of Submissions by members and non-members (Art.20) - Style of presentation of papers (including the number of pages allowed) and criteria used in assessing their suitability for publication (Appendix 6) - Instructions for Authors (Appendix 7) - Call for paper available above.

STC and Cross-STC Keynote papers - CIRP Annals Vol.2

  • See the  Time- table and Procedure  above.

  • See all information on Keynote papers in our Internal Regulations Art.13 (Opening and Keynote Sessions) and App.6 (Point 2.2: content and length of the Keynote papers)

    The Instructions for Authors and the paper template are the same as for the CIRP Annals Vol.1