Fellows are internationally recognized scientists elected to be CIRP members for life. Due to the limited number of CIRP Fellows, the election of a Fellow is a lengthy, rigorous process ensuring the highest possible academic standards.

Procedure to submit a candidature - Article 5 of CIRP Internal Regulations

5.1 Candidates for Fellow Membership must be sponsored by four Fellows (Honorary and Emeritus as well) from at least three different countries. When possible, one of these sponsors, preferably the initiator, should be from the candidate's country.

5.2 To be proposed, the candidate must have proven active work within CIRP and personally presented at a General Assembly at least one original paper published in Volume 1 of the "CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology", of which the candidate should be the corresponding author. The subject of the paper and the active work must be within a field of interest to CIRP. The written proposal of a candidate must be submitted to the Secretariat prior to June 1st not later than the third year following the presentation of the paper.

5.3 The initiator is responsible for submitting a complete set of the following documents (in electronic format only, gathered in one global pdf file) to the CIRP office in Paris:

I. A filled out official nomination form available online in "Download administrative documents" in your "Dashboard". Any information on the candidate, e.g. positions held, activities and contributions to the professions and sciences of interest to CIRP, prior involvement with CIRP, if any (e.g. tenure as Associate Member, Corporate Member, STC activities, invited speaker, prior nominations, attendance at General Assemblies and other CIRP meetings, etc.), have to be inserted in the official nomination form;
II. a complete curriculum vitae of the candidate, including a photograph;
III. a list of publications of the candidate, complying with the requirements in Appendix 14 of the Internal Regulations;
IV. a written statement by a Fellow from the candidate's country certifying that a minimum of two-thirds of that country's Fellows and Honorary Fellows support the nomination (applicable only for countries with at least three Fellows and/or Honorary Fellows);
V. accompanying letters of the initiator and the sponsors.

The deadline for submitting the complete set of documents (gathered in one pdf file) by email to the CIRP Office is June 1st. Be careful to receive the acknowledgment of receipt by the CIRP Office.

5.4 The Secretary General shall retain all documents referenced in Article 5.3 in the Academy's confidential records and cause to be prepared copies for transmission to the members of the Membership Committee.

5.5 The proposals describing the candidates will be examined by the Credentials Subcommittee and their recommendations will be forwarded to the Nominations Subcommittee. The decisions of both subcommittees shall be submitted to the Council by the Vice President.

5.6 No later than two months before the opening date of the General Assembly, a ballot on each Fellow candidate will be made available on the CIRP website to all Fellows and Honorary Fellows together with the Council's recommendation and the information named in items 5.3.III. and IV. Voting will be done only by electronic ballot. For a candidate to be accepted, at least 75% of all Fellows and Honorary Fellows who cast a vote must have voted in the affirmative for the candidate and, in addition, the number of votes in the affirmative for any candidate must exceed 50% of the current number of Fellows and Honorary Fellows in the Academy.

5.7 The sponsors should ensure that the newly elected Fellows are properly introduced to their colleagues.

5.8 The maximum number of Fellows per country and the maximum number of new Fellows from the same country that can be elected in any one year will be decided by the Academy at the General Assembly meeting, following the rules contained in Appendix 4.

5.9 Any Fellow who has not taken part in activities of CIRP for two consecutive years by attending the meetings of the General Assembly, or of the Scientific Technical Committees, or by giving papers, may be considered by the Council as resigning from membership. The Fellow shall be warned by a letter from the President. The President shall ask for more active participation before a final decision is made regarding the termination of membership of the Fellow.

5.10 The Secretary General shall maintain accurate records of Fellow participation in CIRP and shall report this information to the Council each year.

5.11 Fellows have all voting rights at the General Assembly Meeting and in the decisions voted inside the Scientific Groups. Votes for the STC officers are restricted to the Fellows who have attended regularly those STC meetings; they are selected by the present STC officers.

5.12 The number of Fellows in the Academy shall not exceed 175.

Extract from Appendix 2a - Credentials Subcommittee - Unsuccessful candidates may not be resubmitted for a period of three years.