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68th CIRP General Assembly in Tokyo, Japan

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68th CIRP General Assembly in Tokyo, Japan, 19-25 August 2018


Link to the local Organizing Committee:  Registration Online  and    Access to local Information    (Send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

 If you wish to invite a guest, the "Request Form for a Guest" is available for Members in their Dashboard through the "Admin Office" module.

Guests cannot register online without being first invited and confirmed by the CIRP Office in Paris.



  • General Assembly Programme Part I  - Papers Sessions - 19 to 22 August 2018
  • General Assembly Programme Part II  -  STCs and CWGs Meetings - 23 to 25 August 2018


Sessions in Part I

  • List of the Papers  of the 2018 CIRP Annals, Vol.1: will be available by mid-April/end-April
  • List of the Keynote Papers of the 2018 CIRP Annals Vol.2: will be available by mid-April/end-April
  • Abstracts of the Papers   of the 2018 CIRP Annals Vol. 67/1 - in the order of presentation, will be available in early May
  • Abstracts of the Keynote Papers  of the 2018 CIRP Annals Vol. 67/2 - will be available in early May

Be careful, the screen format for your presentations will be 16:9 - please go to the slide check area to give your presentation in advance to the central computer that will collect all the presentations.

 Order CIRP Annals    on our publisher's website.


Meetings in Part II

Agendas of the STCs and CWGs meetings  will be available online between May and June for Members. For non-members, please ask the member inviting you to provide you the agendas needed, you can also see the STCs Annual Reports through the Button -> Scientific Groups