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The main publications of CIRP are the CIRP Annals-Manufacturing Technology and the CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology. The CIRP annals are published under ISI standards each year in two volumes; Volume I, with refereed papers presented during the General Assembly by Fellows, Associate and Corporate members, as well as Volume II with refereed keynote papers. The Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology is published each year in four volumes.
CIRP also publishes the trilingual Dictionaries of Production Engineering and the Encyclopedia of Production Engineering.
Currently the CIRP Annals and the Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology are published by Elsevier, while Springer Verlag publishes the Dictionaries of Production Engineering and the Encyclopedia of Production Engineering.

Besides these main publications, a Newsletter is published twice a year and available on the CIRP website.
Finally, Proceedings of CIRP Conferences are available online on Procedia-CIRP website. 

Each year CIRP publishes the CIRP Annals, the world's leading journal of production engineering research.
This biannual ISI cited journal contains approximately 120 to 140 refereed technical papers in Volume 1,  and about 10-12 keynote papers in Volume 2 (state-of-the-art papers, often written by joint authors, which summarize the technical and scientific aspects of particular areas of manufacturing) presented at CIRP's Annual General Assembly in August.

The CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology publishes fundamental papers on manufacturing processes, production equipment and automation, product design, manufacturing systems and production organisations up to the level of the production networks, including all the related technical, human and economic factors.

The dictionaries of Production Engineering are written by CIRP members who are actively involved in research and belong to the Terminology Committee. They contain equivalent terms for the various production processes in English, German and French.

An online and printed edition of the CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering is published by Springer verlag.
The Encyclopedia covers the state-of-art of advanced technologies, methods and models for production, production engineering and logistics.

CIRP Conferences publish their proceedings on Procedia-CIRP, a website from Elsevier / ScienceDirect, where you can read the proceedings online for free.

See CIRP Conference's proceedings online on Procedia-CIRP.

Papers and Keynote Papers are classified here year by year and by volume, sorted by STC and page in each volume (from 1971 onwards), with Title, Authors, Keywords (from 1987 onwards), Abstract (from 1991 onwards) and with a link to each paper from 1960 to today, under pdf format (full papers are only available for Members and Research Affiliates registered online)  -  Online ISSN 1726-0604.

Search any publication(s) in the CIRP Annals online, by Author, Word in a title, Keyword (only back to 1987), STC (only back to 1971), Year, Volume 1 (Papers), Volume 2 (Keynote Papers).

How and When to submit a paper to CIRP Annals

Paper submission to the CIRP Annals is usually reserved to CIRP Members. However, Corporate Members, Research Affiliates, Invited Members and non-members may submit a paper if they are sponsored by a Fellow or co-authored by a Fellow or Associate member. See the Guidelines here under.