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STC P - 2014 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee Precision Engineering and Metrology (STC P) had two meetings in 2014 - in Paris on 2014-01-23 and in Nantes, FR, on 2014-08-29. The STC P meetings were attended by 49 members and 19 invited guests in Paris and 49 members and 12 invited guests in Nantes.

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2014 STC P meetings are in the minutes written by A. Donmez, STC P Secretary. The minutes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

L. De Chiffre, S. Carmignato, J.P. Kruth, R. Schmitt, and A. Weckenmann are the authors of the 2014 STC P keynote paper titled “Industrial applications of CT scanning”. The keynote presentation delivered by L. De Chiffre during the Plenary Session raised no discussions or questions during the STC-P August meeting. STC-P thanked L. De Chiffre and the co-authors for their efforts.

The STC P paper session was held on 2014-05-25/26. The 13 papers dealt with optical systems and special metrology (A two-axis Lloyd's mirror interferometer for fabrication of two dimensional diffraction gratings by Prof. Wei Gao; A novel dark field in-process optical inspection of micro-openings on mirror surface beyond the diffraction limit using active phase control by Dr. Satoru Takahashi; Measurement of probe-stylus sphere diameter for micro-CMM based on spectral fingerprint of whispering gallery modes by Prof. Yasuhiro Takaya; Comparison on Computed Tomography using industrial items by Prof. Leonardo De Chiffre), CMM metrology (Benefit quantification of interoperability in coordinate metrology by Prof. Enrico Savio; Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty in the Form Characterization of Ultra-precision Freeform Surfaces on Coordinate Measuring Machines by Prof. Benny C.F. Cheung; Four-axis micro measuring systems performance verification by Prof. Giovanni Moroni; Compensation of CMM geometrical errors by the GEMIL technique: experimental results by Dr. Paola Pedone), and metrology for production systems (Online Product Quality Monitoring through In-Process Measurement by Dr. Robert Gao; Characterization of precision of a handling system in high performance transfer press for microforming by Rasoul Mahshid; Proposal of 'open-loop' tracking interferometer for machine tool volumetric error measurement by Dr. Soichi Ibaraki; Prediction of machined part accuracy from machining system capability by Dr. Andreas Archenti; High Precision Grey-Box Model for Compensation of Thermal Errors on 5-Axis Machine Tools by Dr. Josef Mayr).

Several proposals for future STC-P keynotes have been received. In consequence STC-P keynote topics and responsible persons are defined up to the year 2020.

Wolfgang Knapp