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STC P - 2013 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee Precision Engineering and Metrology (STC P) had two meetings in 2013 - in Paris on 2013-01-24 and in Copenhagen on 2013-08-23. The STC P meetings were attended by 51 members and 17 invited guests in Paris and 56 members and 15 invited guests in Copenhagen. 

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2013 STC P meetings are in the minutes written by A. Donmez, STC P Secretary. The minutes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

F.Z. Fang, X.D. Zhang, A. Weckenmann, G.X. Zhang, and C. Evans are the authors of the 2013 STC P keynote paper titled “Manufacturing and metrology of freeform optics”. It was brought out that even though freeform optics have been around for a long time, the needed surface finish accuracy couldn't be achieved in the past. The excellent paper triggered discussion on definition of freeform, on measurement uncertainty using fringe projection systems, on metrology needs for freeform optics. It was stated that measurement requirements to achieve form and finish tolerances are difficult to meet. Although the current measurement technologies may be adequate for illumination optics, for EUV optics such tolerances are very tight. It was reemphasized that the limit is metrology and STC-P should make it known that any improvement in manufacturing needs improvement in metrology. This message should be repeated in every forum.

The STC P paper session was held on 2013-08-21. The papers dealt with machine tool calibration and measuring systems for machines (Calibration techniques by X. Li, Loaded ball bar system by A. Archenti, Six-axis position measurement system by X. Lu), with special workpiece measurements (In-line metrology for wall thickness variation during turning by D. Stöbener, New bevel gear material standard by A. Guenther, Wireless signal transmission for metrology by R. Gao), with nano metrology (Precision tool setting by W. Gao, Nano thickness inspection of nanoimprint lithography by S. Takahashi), and with computed tomography (3D edge detection by J.A. Yagüe-Fabra, Uncertainty determination and quantification by W. Dewulf).

De Chiffre reported on the on-going CIA-CT comparison on industrial computed tomography in the 2013-08 meeting of STC P.

Wolfgang Knapp