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STC C - 2015 Annual report

In 2015,the Scientific Technical Committee Cutting STC “C” continued its dedicated work with respect to processes and techniques used to shape components by material removal under the current officers:
Chair: M. Davies, Vice Chair: R. M’Saoubi, Secretary, D. Biermann.

The group held two meetings in 2015: On February 19th in Paris, France and August 28th in Cape Town, South Africa.
During 2015, some of the topics discussed in STC ”C” were temperature measurement, cutting tool optimization for the machining of different materials, PVD coatings, surface integrity, characterization of friction coefficients, cryogenic cooling, modeling and simulation of cutting forces, temperature, residual stress, phase transformations, microstructure and friction.

STC “C” meeting in Paris, February 2015

At the Paris meeting – attended by 86 members, 15 research affiliates, and 26 guests, the following technical contributions were made:
Technical Presentations
1. Online Emissivity Calibration of Infrared Camera Measurements for Metal Cutting Processes
(D. Veselovac, F. Klocke)
2. Sensor development for cutting-edge temperature measurement during machining
(T. Baizeau, F. Rossi, G. Poulachon, J. Outeiro)
3. Drilling of Inconel 718 – a comprehensive tool optimization (D. Biermann, N. Beer)
4. Influence of cutting edge radius when drilling CFRP using diamond coated carbideand domed PCD tools (M.J. Li, S.L. Soo, D.K. Aspinwall, W. Leahy, D. Pearson)
5. Characterization of friction coefficients along a solid carbide drill when machining a TiAl6V4 titanium alloy (J.Rech, G.Poulachon, C.Bonnet)
6. Tribological Investigations using Near Cutting Conditions (F. Zanger, J. Schneider, P. Bollig,
V. Schulze)
7. Thermal modelling of drilling (J. Sölter, M. Gulpak)
8. Film thickness effect on fatigue properties and milling performance of nanostructured PVD
(K.-D. Bouzakis, G Skordaris, P. Charalampous, E. Bouzakis, T. Kotsanis, O. Lemmer, S. Bolz)
9. Prediction of surface topography after ball end milling – a matter of tool modelling (B. Denkena)
10. Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Edge Forces in Cutting (E.Budak, C. Celebi, H. Bakioglu)
11. Analysis of Phase-dependent Strains and Stresses in Mixed Ceramics under Thermo-mechanical Load using Synchrotron Radiation (W. Hintze, C. Eichenseer)
12. Progress on ultra-precision machining of steel (F. Fang)

STC “C“ meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, August 2015

At the Cape Town meeting in South Africa – attended by 52 members, 9 research affiliates, and 14 guests, the following cooperative work and technical contributions were presented:
Proposals for cooperative work within the STC-C
1. Friction Data for Modelling of Machining (V. Schulze, J. Rech, …)
2. Work on Material Constitutive Data for Modelling of Machining (J. Outerio, D. Umbrello, T. Ozel, P. J. Arrazola, Y. Guo and T. Childs)

Technical Presentations
1. A Study on the Cutting Mechanism of Composite Materials Using a Novel Design of Diamond Micro-core Drill (D. Axinte, P. Butler-Smith, J. F. Bucourt, R. Ragueneau)
2. Machinability of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy: Effect of the Oxygen Content (I. Sacristán, A. Garay, E. Fernández, L. M. Iriarte, P. J. Arrazola)
3. Thermal Response of Hard Turning Layers (V. Bedekar)
4. Helical Punch Tapping - A New Method for Rapid Threading of Aluminium (I. Iovkov, D. Biermann)
5. Influence of Complementary Machining on Surface Integrity (F. Zanger, M. Gerstenmeyer, V. Schulze
6. Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Cutting Temperatures with Experimental Verification (E. Cakir, U. Karaguzel, M. Bakkal, E. Ozlu, E. Budak)
7. An Innovative Method to Evaluate Residual Stresses Induced by Drilling (J.P. Nobre and J.C. Outeiro)
8. Performance of Turning Elastomer Materials Assisted with Cryogenic Cooling (M. Putz, M. Dix, M. Neubert, G. Schmidt, R. Wertheim)

Keynote paper presentation and paper session on “Cutting” in Cape Town, South Africa, August 2015

The STC “C” keynote paper entitled “High performance cutting of advanced aerospace alloys and composite materials”, authors Rachid M’Saoubi, Dragos Axinte, Sein Leung Soo, Christoph Nobel, Helmi Attia, Gregor Kappmeyer, Serafettin Engin, Wei-Ming Sim was presented in the plenary session.
In the STC “C” session (Part 1) of the General Assembly in Cape Town 2015, was a regular paper session where a total of 23 papers were presented and discussed.
Keynote papers
2016: Cryogenically-Assisted Processing of Materials - I.S. Jawahir (1) et al.
2017: Advances in Material and Friction Data for Modeling of Metal Machining - S. Melkote (2), W. Grzesik (2)

Working Groups with STC “C” Involvement/Support

1. EERU - Efficient and Effective Resource Utilization (2012-2015)
2. Lasers in Production (2013-2015)
3. Composite Materials Parts Manufacturing (2015 – 2018)

A new team of STC “C” officers was proposed by Prof. Matt Davies and approved by the STC C group.

- Chairman: Dr. Rachid M’Saoubi, Sweden.
- Vice-Chairman : Prof. Dirk Biermann, Germany.
- Secretary: Prof. Shreyes Melkote, USA.

D. Biermann
Secretary STC “C”