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STC C - 2014 Annual report

In 2014, the Scientific Technical Committee Cutting STC “C” continued its dedicated work of the past under the current officers: Chair: M. Davies, Vice Chair: R. M’Saoubi, Secretary, D. Biermann. The group held two meetings in 2014: on January 23rd in Paris, France and on August 28th, in Nantes, France.

During 2014, some of the topics discussed in STC ”C” were machining of aerospace materials (CFRP and multi-layer metallic-composite stack materials), temperature measurement, machinability of high-strength bainitic steels and aluminum-alloyed UHC-steel, PVD coatings, micro-machining, surface integrity, tool edge specification and modeling, modeling and simulation of cutting forces, residual stress, phase transformations, microstructure and heat partitioning.

STC “C” meeting in Paris, January 2014

At the Paris meeting – attended by 65 members, 17 research affiliates, and 23 guests, the following cooperative work and technical contributions were made:
Presentation of cooperative work in STC “C” was given by K.D. Bouzakis. He presented the results of the activities with respect to the “effect of cutting edge preparation of coated tools on their performance in milling various materials” (K.-D. Bouzakis, N. Michailidis, G.Skordaris, E. Bouzakis, S. Kombogiannis). In total 26 participants took part in this cooperative work. PVD coated inserts with various edge preparations were tested in milling operation for a range of work materials (42CrMo4, AISI304L, IN718, Ti6Al4V). The results of the work are published in the following paper: “Effect of cutting edge preparation of coated tools on their performance in milling various materials”, Bouzakis, K.D., Bouzakis, E., Kombogiannis, S., Makrimallakis, S., Skordaris, G., Michailidis, N., Charalampous, P., Paraskevopoulou, R., M'Saoubi, R., Aurich, J.C., Barthelmä, F., Biermann, D., Denkena, B., Dimitrov, D., Engin, S., Karpuschewski, B., Klocke, F., Özel, T., Poulachon, G., Rech, J., Schulze, V., Settineri, L., Srivastava, A., Wegener, K., Uhlmann, E., Zeman, P., CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, Volume 7, Issue 3, August 2014, Pages 264-273, Elsevier Ltd., DOI: 10.1016/j.cirpj.2014.05.003

Technical Presentations:
1. The cutting force vector in drilling of unidirectional CFRP - A new approach for process analysis
(W. Hintze, R. Clausen, C. Schütte)
2. Cutting temperature when drilling multi-layer metallic-composite stack materials (C. L. Kuo, S. L. Soo, D. K. Aspinwall, W. Thomas, S. Bradley, D. Pearson, R.M.’Saoubi, W. Leahy)
3. Cutting temperature measurement and prediction using a wireless temperature sensor integrated milling tool holder (Z. Wang, M. Larson, S. Nakashima)
4. Prediction of shape deviations due to residual stresses caused by metal cutting (J. Sölter,
M. Gulpak, E. Brinksmeier)
5. Development and manufacturing of magnesium interference screws (Denkena, B.; Köhler, J.; Helmecke, P.)
6. Research on machinability of high-strength bainitic steels (D. Biermann, H. Hartmann)
7. Towards the multi-material model of the cutting forces (S. Compocasso, G. Poulachon, J. P. Costes, S. Bissey-Breton)
8. Influence of tool wear on surface integrity (F. Zanger, V. Schulze)
9. Models for micromachining of copper-nickel alloys (T. Childs, C. Evans)
10. Ultra-precision cylindrical turning of single-crystal calcium fluoride based on crystal anisotropy
(Y. Kakinuma, S. Azami, T. Tanabe, T. Aoyama)

STC “C“ meeting in Nantes, France, August 2014

At the Copenhagen meeting – attended by 72 members, 7 research affiliates, and 23 guests, the following technical contributions were presented:
1. Microstructure Analysis of an Aluminum-alloyed UHC-steel and Implications for the Machinability (B. Denkena, T. Grove, M. A. Dittrich, M. Lahres)
2. Microstructure-sensitive Constitutive Modeling for Machining Simulation (S. N. Melkote)
3. FEM-Simulation of Machining Induced Nanocrystalline Surface Layers (F. Zanger, F. Ambrosy,
V. Schulze)
5. PVD Films’ Fatigue of Coated Tools for Explaining their Cutting Performance in up and down Milling Stainless Steel (K.-D. Bouzakis, S. Makrimallakis, G. Skordaris, E. Bouzakis, S. Kombogiannis, G. Katirtzoglou, G. Maliaris)
6. Increasing Tool Life in Turning of Difficult-to-cut Materials on Mill-turn Machine Tools (E. Uysal,
E. Budak)
7. Improving Tool Life when Drilling Grey Cast Iron GG30 by using Adaptive Control (P.-J. Arrazola)
8. Influence of Tool Wear on Friction when Using Superhard Chamfered Cutting Tools (W.Grzesik)
9. A New Method for the Determination of Heat Partitioning in Machining Processes (H. Wernsing, M. Gulpak, C. Büskens, J. Sölter, E. Brinksmeier)
10. Soft Tissue Cutting Mechanics and the Design of Biopsy Needle (A. Shih)
11. FE-Based Microstructure Modeling in Machining (T. Özel and Y. M. Arisoy),

Keynote paper presentation and paper session on “Cutting” in Nantes, August 2014

The STC “C” keynote paper entitled “Cutting edge geometries”, authors Denkena, B. (1) and Biermann, D. (2) was presented in the plenary session. In the STC “C” session (Part 1) of the General Assembly in Nantes 2014, was a regular paper session where a total of 20 papers were presented and discussed.
Keynote paper
2015: High Performance Cutting of Advanced Aerospace Materials – R. M’Saoubi (1) et al.
2016: Cryogenically-Assisted Processing of Materials - I.S. Jawahir (1) et al.
2017: Material and Friction data for Modeling of Machining Operations (draft title) - S. Melkote (2), W. Grzesik (2)

Working Groups with STC “C” Involvement/Support

The following working groups have STC “C” involvement and support:
1. Micro-Production Engineering (Track 2, 2012-2014)
2. EERU - Efficient and Effective Resource Utilization (2012-2015)
3. Laser in Production (2013-2015)

D. Biermann
Secretary STC “C”