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STC C - 2013 Annual report

In 2013, the Scientific Technical Committee Cutting STC “C” continued its dedicated work of the past. The STC work continued under the current officers: Chair: M. Davies, Vice Chair: R. M’Saoubi, Secretary, D. Biermann. The group held two meetings in 2013: on January 24th in Paris, France and on August 23rd, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

During 2013, some of the topics discussed in STC ”C” were machining of aerospace materials (CFRP, Nickel based and Ti based alloys), coatings, deep hole drilling, micro-machining, surface integrity, adhesive fixture, new sensors, cutting fluids, modeling and simulation regarding phase transformations and energy requirements.

Presentation of cooperative work in STC C was given by K.-D. Bouzakis. He presented a draft of a paper to be submitted in CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology (K.-D. Bouzakis, N. Michailidis, G. Kordaris, E. Bouzakis, S. Kombogiannis): “Cutting edge preparation of coated tools”. A total of about 20 participants took part in this cooperative work. PVD coated inserts with various edge preparations were tested in milling operation for a range of work materials (42CrMo4, AISI304L, IN718, Ti6Al4V).

STC “C” meeting in Paris, January 2013

At the Paris meeting – attended by 71 members, 20 research affiliates, and 28 guests, the following technical contributions were made:
1. Adhesive Fixture System for Enhanced Machining Capability (M. Raffles, K. Kolloru, D. Gilbert, D. Axinte)
2. Milling of Thin-Walled Workpieces (M. Zäh)
3. Low-Cost Thin Film Wireless Sensing of Cutting Forces in Milling (L. Ma, S. Melkote, J. Castle)
4. Multiple Sensor Monitoring for Zero Defect Manufacturing in Turning of Nickel Superalloys (R. Teti, P-J Arrazola)
5. FE-Modelling of the Drilling Process and Resulting Phase Transformations at the Surface Layer
(V. Schulze, J. Michna, F. Zanger)
6. Modelling of Direct Energy Requirements in Mechanical Machining Processes (P. Mativenga)
7. Influence of Material Models and Sensitivity Analysis of Simulation Parameters (T. Özel)
8. Application Oriented Design of PVD-Coatings for Cutting Tools (K. Bobzin)
9. Tribological Optimization of the Shape and the Coating of Guide Pads for the BTA-Deep Hole Drilling Process of High-Alloyed Steels (D. Biermann, H.Abrahams)
10. Machining Induced Residual Stress and its Relaxation due to Different Load Profiles (B. Denkena, J. Köhler, T. Mörke)

STC “C“ meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2013

At the Copenhagen meeting – attended by 67 members, 17 research affiliates, and 36 guests, the following technical contributions were presented:
1. Drilling of Composite and Metal Stack Materials with the Assistance of Low Frequency Vibration (U. Ben-Hanan, Andrea Stoll, Steffen Ihlenfeldt, Klaus Wolf)
2. Atomization-Based Cutting Fluid (ACF) System for Machining Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) Alloy (A. Srivastava, C. Nath, S. G. Kapoor)
3. Development of Milling Tools for Cutting of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (P. Kolar, P.Zeman, P. Masek)
4. Development of Cutting Tool Geometry for Hard-Milling-Operations (B. Denkena, J. Köhler, B. Bergmann)
5. Micromechanically Motivated Prediction of Phase-Transformations for Coupled Thermoelastoplastic Simulations of Hard Turning Processes (R. Ostwald, M. Tiffe, T. Bartel, D. Biermann, A. Menzel, A. Zabel)
6. Machining of Sintered Tungsten Carbide for Die and Mold (T. Moriwaki, S. Tsrimoto, K.Osakada, M. Nagata)
7. Simulation of Heat Partitioning in Orthogonal Cutting (J. Sölter, E. Brinksmeier)
8. On the Combined Mill-Grind Capabilities of Edge-Controlled Solid Diamond Microtools (D. Axinte, P. Butler-Smith, M. Daine, P. Manuela)
9. Materials-Driven Manufacturing Process Modeling and Analysis (O. Fergani, S, Y. Liang)
10. Broaching simulation using an analytical force model for the prediction of cutting forces
(V. Schulze, F. Zanger, N. Boev)
11. An Inverse Analysis to Determine Flow Stress Model Parameters using 3D FE cutting simulations for Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V and Nickel Based Alloy IN100 (T. Özel)

Keynote Papers

The following keynote proposals were approved by STC “C”:
- Cutting Edge Geometries, (B. Denkena, D. Biermann, planned for 2014)
- Difficult to Cut Materials - High Performance Cutting of Advanced Aerospace Materials
(Rachid M’Saoubi et al., planned for 2015)

Paper session on “Cutting” in Copenhagen, August 2013

In the STC “C” session (Part 1) of the General Assembly in Copenhagen 2013, the keynote paper entitled “Recent Advances in Modelling of Metal Machining Processes” P.J. Arrazola (2) , T. Özel, (2) , D. Umbrello (2), M. Davies (1) , I.S. Jawahir (1) was presented.
This was followed by a regular paper session. A total of 13 papers were presented and discussed.

Working Groups with STC “C” involvement/support

The following working groups have STC “C” involvement and support:
1. Micro-Production Engineering (Track 2, 2012-2014)
2. EERU - Efficient and Effective Resource Utilization (2012-2015)
3. Laser in Production (2013-2015)

D. Biermann
Secretary STC “C”