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STC C - 2012 Annual report

In 2012, the Scientific Technical Committee Cutting STC “C” continued its dedicated work of the past. The STC work continued under the current officers: Chair: B Denkena. Vice Chair: M. Davies, Secretary, R. M’Saoubi. The group held two meetings in 2012: on January 26th in Paris, France and on August 24th, 2012, in Hong-Kong, China.

During 2012, some of the topics discussed in STC ”C” were machining of aerospace materials (CFRP, Nickel based and Ti based alloys), cooling strategies (cryogenic machining, carbon dioxide snow, MQL), diamond turning of optical components, hybrid processes (laser assisted machining), coatings, micro-machining and surface integrity.

Within STC C, K.D. Bouzakis presented a final summary on “Cutting edge preparation of coated tools”. A total of about 20 participants took part in this cooperative work. PVD coated inserts with various edge preparations were tested in milling operation for a range of work materials (42CrMo4, AISI304L, IN718, Ti6Al4V).

Prof Hans Kurt Tönshoff presented a progress report regarding the contribution of STC C in CIRPedia. A total of 46 entries/essays have been assigned so far and about 37 essays have already been written. 4 essays have now been sent to production.

STC“C“ meeting in Paris, January 2012

At the Paris meeting – attended by 68 members, 13 research affiliates, and 32 guests, the following technical contributions were made
1. Cryogenic machining with carbon dioxide snow changes tool wear characteristics in machining operations of high strength b-titanium alloys (D. Biermann, C. Machai)
2. Tool optimization in milling gamma titanium aluminide (P. C. Priarone, S. Rizzuti, L. Settineri, G. Vergnano)
3. Investigation of effects on broaching process caused by the interaction be­tween the process and the machine (V. Schulze, N. Boev)
4. Finite element modelling of built up edge formation in steels (T.H.C. Childs)
5. Thermal and Mechanical Modeling of MQL Machining (S. Y. Liang)
6. High Speed Drilling of low leaded brass alloys (H.-G. Wobker, KME, presented by M. Rehe, IFW Hannover).
7. High speed diamond-milling of an Alvarez Optic (J. Lineberger, P. Smilie, B.S. Dutterer, M.A. Davies , T.J. Suleski)
8. Machining of nodular cast iron using CBN tools (W. Grzesik)
9. Analytical View of various Industrial Practice for Reducing Delamination in Drilling of Composite Materials (H. Hocheng, C. C. Tsao)
10. Ultra-precision diamond turning of free-form surfaces using nanodroplets as cutting lubricant (W.B. Lee, J. Chan, M. Tseng)

STC“C“ meeting in Hong-Kong, China August 2012

At the Hong-Kong meeting – attended by 53 members, 7 research affiliates, and 18 guests, the following technical contributions were presented.
1. Improvement of technological effects of hard machining by ball burnishing (W. Grzesik)
2. Study on Laser Assisted Milling of Ferrous Based Consolidated Material (T. Furumoto, T. Ueda)
3. Microstructuring of thermo-mechanically highly stressed surfaces my means of fly cutting (B. Denkena, J. Koehler, J. Kaestner, T. Goettsching)
4. 3-D Nanostructured Coating for Advanced Machining of Ferrous Alloys (W. Jiang, A. P. Malshe)
5. A Laser Tempering based Approach for Efficient Machining of Hardened Steels (S. N. Melkote)
6. Advanced machining strategies for turning and milling of g-Titanium aluminides (F. Klocke, L. Settineri, D. Lung, P. C. Priarone, M. Arft)
7. Uncertainty in Milling of Inconel 718 (Y. B. Guo)
8. Mechanisms and Avoidance of Delamination in Edge Milling of CFRP (W. Hintze, D. Hartmann, C. Schütte, U. Goßmann)
9. Diamond Turning of Plastic Large Telescope Lenses and Solar Collectors  (H. Ohmori)
10. Design and Micromachining of Color Splitter Grating for TFT-LCD with High Optical Performance (H. H. Lin, Y. J. Chen, L. Y. Chen, T. H. Lin, T. C. Wu, T. H. Chou, H. Hocheng)

Keynote Papers

The following keynote proposals were approved by STC C:
- Modelling of cutting operations: Theory and practice (Arrazola et al., planned for 2013)
- Cutting edge geometries (Denkena, planned for 2014)

A new team of STC “C” officers was proposed by Prof. Denkena and approved by the STC C group.

   - Chairman: Prof. M.A. Davies, USA.
   - Co-Chairman : Dr. R. M’Saoubi, Sweden.
   - Secretary: Prof. D. Biermann, Germany.

Paper session on Cutting” in Hong-Kong, August 2012

In the STC “C” session (Part 1) of the General Assembly in Hong-Kong 2012, the keynote paper entitled “Cutting with coated tools: coating technologies, characterization methods and performance optimization” was presented by K.D. Bouzakis.
This was followed by regular paper where a total of 17 papers were presented and discussed.

Working Groups with STC-C Involvement/Support

The following working groups have STC-C involvement and support.
           1.BioManufacturing (2010-2012)
           2.EREE - Energy and Resource Efficiency and Effectiveness (Aug. 2009- jan 2012)
           3.Hybrid Processes (2010-2012)
           4. Micro-Production Engineering (Track 2)

R M’Saoubi
Secretary STC C