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STC C - 2011 Annual report

In 2011, the Scientific Technical Committee Cutting STC “C” continued its dedicated work of the past. The STC worked continued under the current officers: Chair: B Denkena. Vice Chair: M. Davies, Secretary, R. M’Saoubi. The group held two meetings in 2011: on January 27th, 2011, in Paris, France and on August 26th, 2011, in Budapest, Hungary.

During 2011, some of the topics discussed in STC ”C”, machining of composite materials, cryogenic machining, coating, new modelling techniques in cutting processes, process monitoring, , micro-machining, analysis of coatings for cutting tools, drilling and deep hole drilling, and surface integrity.
Within STC C, K.D. Bouzakis presented a progress report on “Cutting edge preparation of coated tools”. A total of 16 participants are taking part in this cooperative work. PVD coated inserts with various edge preparations were dispatched to the different partners who are currently performing milling tests on a range of work materials (42CrMo4, AISI304L, IN718, Ti6Al4V). Final results and report from this activity are expected to be presented during 2012.
Prof Hans Kurt Tönshoff presented a progress report regarding the contribution of STC C in CIRPedia. A list of entries has been generated and number of essays have been finished.
Progress with working group related activities was discussed in the Track meetings. In particular the Working group on surface integrity initiated by STC C (I.S. Jawahir, E. Brinksmeier, R. M’Saoubi) was successfully completed and concluded with a keynote paper that was presented at the GA in Budapest.

STC“C“ meeting in Paris, January 2011

At the Paris meeting – attended by 51 members, 11 research affiliates, and 29 guests. The following technical contributions were made.
1.   Understanding and Optimization of the Skiving Process by use of 3D-FEM-Simulation (V. Schulze et al.)
2    Ball End Milling of Regenerated Turbine Blades (B. Denkena, J. Köhler)
3.   Micromachining of hard and brittle materials with cavitation aided tool cleaning (T. Aoyama et al.)
4.   The Finite Pointset Method – On the way to the meshfree simulation of chip formation (E. Uhlmann et al.)
5.   Mechanical properties of TiN, TiAlN and TiSiN PVD films at various temperatures and their effect on the cutting performance of coated carbide tools (K.-D. Bouzakis et al.)
6    Machining of Graded Workpieces (A. Zabel)
7.   Dexterous Machining by Means of Multi-tasking Machine Tools (Y. Takeuchi)
8    Micro-milling of Ti-6Al-4V alloy with cBN coated Micro-Tools: Influence of Machining Parameters on Process Performance and Surface Quality (T. Ozel)
9    Leveraging Manufacturing (D. Dornfeld)
10  Generation and prediction of defined surface topographies in High-Speed face milling with multi-tooth PCD-milling heads in AlSi-Alloys (J. Hohenstein)
11  The Influence of Cryogenic Machining on Cutting Process Stability (F. Pusavec, E. Govekar, J. Kopac)

STC“C“ meeting in Budapest, Hungary August 2011

At the Budapest meeting – attended by 64 members, 12 research affiliates, and 18 guests. The following technical contributions were presented.
1    Cutting of titanium matrix composite using statistical design of experiments( E. Uhlmann et al.)
2    Compensation of Tool deflection in orbital drilling of CFRP Titanium stacks (B. Denkena et al.)
3    A Study on Productive and Quality Machining of Hardened Cast Iron by Milling Cutters with Improved Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Inserts (M. Soshi et al.)
4    Temperature Analysis of High Performance Cutting (E. Ahearne)
5    Adaptive axial force control in gun drilling (F. Klocke)
6    Reducing the Hole Straightness Deviation in BTA Deep Hole Drilling (A. Zabel)
7    Micro Milling of Aligned Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Nanocomposites (M. Mahmoodi and S. S. Park)
8    Ultraprecision Cryogenic Micromachining for Extended Nano Space Fabrication (Kakinuma et al.)
9    Cutting speed optimization in milling with various cutter diameters based on coated tools wear analytical description (Bouzakis et al.)
10  Subsurface damage mechanisms for brittle crystalline materials – an experimental comparison (J. Yan)

Keynote Papers

•    In the main session (Part 1) of the General Assembly in Budapest 2011 the keynote paper of STC-C entitled “Surface Integrity in Material Removal Processes: Recent Advances” was presented by I.S. Jawahir.
•    New keynotes proposals approved by STC C:
o    Cutting with coated tools (Bouzakis et al., planned for 2012)
o    Modelling of cutting operations: Theory and practice (Arrazola et al., planned for 2013)

Paper session on „Cutting” in Budapest, August 2011

In the paper session 26 papers and the Plenary Keynote Paper were presented and discussed

Working Groups with STC-C Involvement/Support

The following working groups have STC-C involvement and support.
1.    BioManufacturing (2010-2012)
2.    EREE - Energy and Resource Efficiency and Effectiveness (Aug. 2009- jan 2012)
3.    Hybrid Processes (2010-2012)
4.    Micro-Production Engineering (Track 2)

R M’Saoubi
Secretary STC “C”