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STC P - 2011 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee Precision Engineering and Metrology (STC P) had two meetings in 2011 - in Paris on January 27th and in Budapest on August 26th. The STC P meetings were attended by 57 participants in Paris and 62 participants in Budapest.

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2011 STC P meetings can be found in the complete minutes of these meetings, produced by W. Gao, STC P Secretary. The minutes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

This year’s keynote paper of STC P was given in the technical paper session of the General Assembly in Budapest. The paper entitled “Computed tomography for dimensional metrology and quality control” was very well presented by J.P. Kruth and well received by the assembly. It gave a detailed overview about the basic principles of CT metrology (with focus on issues as accuracy, traceability and measurement uncertainty) and application examples. J.P. Kruth coordinated this excellent paper together with R. Schmitt, L. De Chiffre, M. Bartscher and A. Weckenmann. In the later discussion it was pointed out that the time for the keynotes should be extended to one hour again to have enough time for discussions.

The STC P paper session held on August 22nd and 23rd further included 11 interesting paper presentations. The papers covered a wide range of precision engineering and metrology related topics, ranging from error detection and correction over new developed standards to precision topography measurements:
•    W. Gao, Y. Saito, H. Muto, Y. Arai, Y. Shimizu: A three-axis autocollimator for detection of angular error motions of a precision stage
•    S. Carmignato, E. Savio: Traceable volume measurements using coordinate measuring systems
•    S. Takahashi, R. Kudo, S. Usuki, K. Takamasu: Super resolution optical measurements of nanodefects on Si wafer surface using infrared standing evanescent wave
•    F. Fang, Y. H. Chen, X. D. Zhang, X. T. Hu, G. X. Zhang: Nanometric Cutting of Single Crystal Silicon Surfaces Modified by Ion Implantation
•    J.-M. Linares, J. Chaves-Jacob, J.-M. Sprauel: Increasing of surface quality in friction free-form surfaces of knee prosthesis
•    L. De Chiffre, L. Carli, R.S. Eriksen: Multiple height calibration artifact for 3D microscopy
•    L. Shaw, A. Weckenmann: Automatic registration method for hybrid optical coordinate measuring technology
•    G. Lanza, B. Viering: A novel standard for the experimental estimation of the uncertainty of measurement for micro gear measurements
•    J. Antonio Yagüe, M. Valenzuela, J. A. Albajez, J. J. Aguilar: A thermally-stable setup and a calibration technique for 2D sensors
•    A. Guenther: Interpretation of Bevel Gear Topography Measurements
•    T. Furumoto, T. Ueda, A. Kasai, A. Hosokawa: Surface temperature during cavity preparation on human tooth by Er:YAG laser irradiation

Furthermore, A. Donmez from National Institute of Standards and Technology and R. Schmitt from RWTH Aachen accepted to share the job as CIRPedia Section Editor of STC P during this year’s January meeting and since then have been managing the terms for which definitions and essays are to be written.

Albert Weckenmann