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STC M - 2017 Annual Report

Chairman: C. Brecher, Vice Chairman: E. Budak, Secretary: A. Matsubara.

In 2017, the Scientific Technical Committee Machine (STC “M”) had two meetings in Paris on February 17th and in Lugano during the General Assembly on August 25th.

“M” meeting in Paris, February 2017

53 members (Fellow: 19, Associate: 17, Cooperate: 17), nine research affiliates and 20 guests attended the meeting. The following technical contributions, proposals and progress for future keynotes were presented and discussed.

Technical presentations
1. "Identification of Micro Milling Tool Dynamics through Inverse Stability Analysis " by E. Budak (Sabanci University)
2. "Ball Bearing Heat Generation Modelling" by M. Sulitka (Technical University Prague)
3. "Trajectory Planning Optimization of redundant AM machines for Manufacturing Large Aerospace Parts" by A.Valente (The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Switzerland)
4. "Robot Machining with KUKA.CNC: recent developments and progress report" by A. Verl (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
5. "A New Approach to Improving Machining Accuracy in Robotic Milling" by S. N. Melkote (Georgia Institute of Technology)
6. "Increasing Role of Robots in Machining" by E.Ozturk (AMRC with Boeing, University of Sheffield)

Proposals and progress reports for future keynotes
1. 2017 M-Keynote paper, "Fluid Elements in Machine Tools” by K. Wegener, J. Mayr (IWF, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) was presented and approved
2. 2018 Keynote paper (Cross STC, outcome of CWG), "Composite Material Parts Manufacturing” by J. Fleischer (KIT Karlsruhe, Germany)
3. 2019 M-Keynote paper, “Robots in Machining” by A. Verl (University of Stuttgart, Germany), decision will be taken in STC-M 2017 GA in Lugano
4. 2020 Keynote paper (Cross STC, outcome of CWG), “Self-optimizing Machining Systems” by H.-C. Möhring (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany)
5. 2020 M Keynote paper, “Energy Efficiency in Machine Tools” by B. Denkena (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)
6. 2021 M Keynote paper, “Noise and Vibrations in Machine Tools” to be decided by STC-M.

CIRP sponsored Conferences approved
14th HIGH SPEED MACHINING International Conference, 17-18 April 2018, San Sebastián – Spain

STC “M“ meeting in Lugano, August 2017

61 members (Fellow: 24, Associate: 21, Cooperate: 16), five research affiliates, and 20 guests attended the meeting. The following technical contributions, proposals and progress for future keynotes were presented and discussed

Technical presentations
1. “High-Quality Color Image Patterning Using Two-dimensional Non-resonant Vibration Cutting Tool" by P. Guo (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
2. “Multi-Dimensional Chatter Stability of Parallel Turning for Increased Productivity” by E. Budak (Sabanci University)
3. “Effect of Low Frequency Modes on Stability Limits with Process Damping at Low Cutting Speeds” by L. T. Tunc (Sabanci University)
4. "Vibration Suppression in Vertical Finishing Turning of Compliant Workpieces" by M. Sulitika (Technical University Prague)
5. “Modeling of Elastic Joints" by S. Ihlenfeldt and H. Rudolph (Technical University of Dresden)
6. "Process Parallel Quality Monitoring based on Machine Internal Data" by M. Fey (RWTH University of Aachen)
7. “Automation and Machines 4.0” by P. Stavropoulos (University of Patras)

Proposals and progress reports for future keynotes
1. The structure of the Cross STC Keynote Paper 2020 “Self-optimizing machining systems” was reported by H.-C. Möhring.
2. The content of the Cross-STC Keynote Paper 2018 "Composite Material Parts Manufacturing” was reported by J. Fleischer.
3. The table of content of the M-Keynote Paper Proposal 2019 "Robots in Machining" was presented by A. Verl and approved.
4. The draft of the M-Keynote Paper 2020 “Energy Efficient Machine Tools” was presented by B. Denkena and approved.
5. “Noise and Vibrations in Machine Tools” was proposed by K. Wegener for future M-Keynote Paper. It was approved for M-Keynote Paper 2021.

CIRP sponsored Conferences approved
1. “International Conference on System-Integrated Intelligence - SYSINT” June 18th to 20th 2018, Garbsen, German
2. “Conference on Supervising and Diagnostic of Machining System”, March 10th to 14th, 2019, Karpacz, Poland

Working groups with STC “M” Involvement/Support
1. CWG Composite Materials Parts Manufacturing
2. CWG Self-Optimizing Machining Systems