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STC M - 2016 Annual Report

Chair: C. Brecher, Vice Chair: E. Budak, Secretary: A. Matsubara.

In 2016, the Scientific Technical Committee Machine (STC “M”) had two meetings in Paris on February 19th and in Guimaraes during the General Assembly on August 26th. 

STC “M” meeting in Paris, February 2016

54 members (Fellow: 16, Associate: 20, Cooperate: 18), 7 research affiliates, and 20 guests attended the meeting. The following technical contributions, proposals and progress for future keynotes, and cooperative work were presented.

Technical presentations
1. "Hardware-in-the-loop experimental setup for high-speed milling" by G. Stepan (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary)
2. "Machine tool structure design for uniform stiffness around tool center point" by T. L. Luo, S. P. Liang, C. Wang (Machine Tools Technology Center ITRI, Taiwan) and Y. Altintas (UBC, Canada)
3. "Modelling of cutting fluid influences on thermal errors of 5-axis machine tools" by J. Mayr (IWF, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
4. "Error compensation in five-axis machine tools based on consideration of the machine links angular errors as infinitesimal rotations" by V. Kvrgić (Belgrade University, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Belgrade, Serbia)
5. "Compensation of geometrical errors in milling of thin-walled structures" by M. Zäh (iwb, Technical University Munich, Germany)
6. "Thermal modelling of high speed spindles" by E. Budak (Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey)
7. "Simulation of the feed velocity impact on the flexible workpiece and tool vibration" by M. Sulitka (RCMT, Technical University Prague, Czech Republic)
8. "Data-Driven Energy Analytics for CNC Milling Machine" by J. Y. Lee (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea)
9. "Investigations on the interaction of tool wear and tool vibrations in milling" by H.-C. Möhring (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany)
10. "Feeling Components and Machines as enablers for intelligent production" by B. Denkena, D. Dahlmann, H. Boujnah, J. Kiesner (IFW, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)

Proposals and progress reports for future keynotes
1. "Chatter suppression techniques" by J. Munoa : The final version was introduced and approved.
2. "Fluidic elements for machine tools" by K. Wegener and J. Mayr: The revised version was presented and checked.
3. "Machines under Industry 4.0" was proposed by K. Wegener.
4. "Robots in Machining" was proposed by J. Fleischer.

Proposal for collaborative work
The setup of the CWG "Self-optimizing machining systems" by H.-C. Möhring was approved by STC-M.

STC “M“ meeting in Guimaraes, Portugal, August 2016

63 members (Fellow:21, Associate:20, Cooperate:22), 9 research affiliates, and 11 guests attended the meeting, and the following technical contributions were presented. Regarding future keynote papers, the progress of the proposals were checked and new proposals were discussed.

Technical presentations
1. "Dynamic behavior of hydrostatic bearing with micro gap sizes" by M. Fritz (Kern Mikrotechnik GmbH, Germany)
2. "Kinematically coupled force compensation – design principle and control concept for highly-dynamic machine tools" by S. Ihlenfeldt (IWU, Technical University of Dresden, Germany)
3. "A multi-parametric cutting force model" by M. Sulitka (presenter), M. Polacek, P. Bach, P. Chvojka (Technical University Prague, Czech Republic)
4. "Alignment and compensation of virtual pivot systems by R-test" by A. Beaucamp (Dept. of Micro-Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan)
5. "Measurement of axis drive system limits of a hexapod machining of actual cycle times" by L. T. Tunc (Nuclear AMRC, University of Sheffield, UK)
6. "A test bed for direct comparison of steel and CFRP shafts in a spindle" by A. Matsubara (presenter), R. Kondo (Dept. of Micro-Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan), M. Ritou and B. Furet (IRCCyN, Université de Nantes, France)
7. "Reconfigurable machine tool frames" by E. Uhlmann and Bernd Peukert (presenter) (IWF, Technical University of Berlin, Germany)
8. "New drive systems for metal-forming production" by B. A. Behrens, S, Teichrib and T. Nitschke (IFUM, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany)

Proposals and progress reports for future keynotes
1. "Fluidic elements in machine tools" by J. Mayr and K. Wegener: The presented version was approved to the final version with the change of the title word "fluidic" to "fluid".
2. A technical session for "Robots in machining" by A. Verl was planned in the 2017 Paris meeting.
3. "Noise and vibration issues" by K. Wegener and "Interfaces to tools/ workpieces" was planned to be discussed in 2017 Paris meeting
4. A technical session for "Manufacturing in the area of electro-mobility" proposed by J. Fleischer was planned in the STC-M meeting of 2017 GA

The proposals for cooperative work
"Machine Learning in Manufacturing Automation" was proposed for the preparation of a new cross-STC working group in 2018 GA.

Keynote paper presentation and paper session on “Machine” in Guimaraes, Portugal, August 2015
The STC “M” keynote paper entitled "Chatter suppression techniques" by J. Munoa and a total of 12 papers were presented in the Session “M”.

Working Groups with STC “M” Involvement/Support
1. Composite Materials Parts Manufacturing 
2. Self-Optimizing Machining Systems