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STC M - 2015 Annual Report

Chair: C. Brecher, Vice Chair: E. Budak, Secretary: A. Matsubara.

In 2015, the Scientific Technical Committee Machine (STC “M”) had two meetings in Paris on February 20 and in Cape Town during the General Assembly on August 28. 

STC “M” meeting in Paris, February 2015

42 members, 4 research affiliates and 7 guests attended the meeting. The following technical contributions and proposals for future keynotes and working groups were presented:

Technical presentations
1. "Cost efficient approach for impulse decoupled direct linear drives" by W. Drossel, K. Pagel and A. Bucht
2. "Development of an automated station for preforming of carbon fiber parts" by J. Fleischer and H. Wagner
3. "Influence of the cutting forces on the structural dynamics of machine tools in multi spindle machining” by B. Denkena
4. "Analysis and testing of a 5-axis machining center for improved performance" by E. Budak
5. "Development and validation of an embedded induction heating system for accurate injection moulding of micro and nano structures" by G. Bissacco, S. Menotti, H. N. Hansen, P.T. Tang and C. Ravn
6. "Development of new HMI system for machine tools" by M. Fujishima and M. Mori
7. "Control performance evaluation of a hexapod robot for mobile milling applications" by L. Taner Tunc
8. "Modelling of hydrostatic guideways" by M. Sulitka
9. "Design and control of a dual voice coil nano-positioner" by K. Erkorkmaz
10. "Chatter suppression in a high speed magnetic spindle by adding damping" by L. Uriarte

Proposals for future keynotes
1. "Chatter suppression techniques" by J. Munoa
2. "Fluids and their impact on machine tools" by J. Mayer (K. Wegener)

Proposal for working groups
1. "Integrated intelligent systems for recognition and compensation of error influences in machining" by H.-C. Möhring.

STC “M” meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, August 2015

42 members, 6 research affiliates and 11 guests attended the meeting; the following technical contributions, proposals for working groups and cross-STC keynote paper were presented. Regarding future keynote papers, the progress of the proposals were checked and new topics for new proposals were discussed.

Technical presentations
1. "Identification of machine tool dynamics under operational conditions" by E. Budak
2. "Breathe life into Industry 4.0 through Augmented Reality" by M. Putz
3. "Identification and modelling of thermo-mechanical properties of hybrid material structures" by H.-C. Möhring and A. König
4. "Updating of stability diagrams due to non-linearity in spindle dynamics" by E. Ozturk
5. "Development of a precision drum roll lathe integrated with a laser cutting system" by Chang-Ju Kim

The proposals for working groups:
1. "Intelligent systems for self-optimization in machining" by H.-C. Möhring
2. "Characteristic diagram based correction algorithms for the thermo-elastic deformation of machine tools" by S. Ihlenfeldt, C. Naumann, U. Priber and I. Riedel

The proposals for Cross STC keynote paper (including proposals of other STC’s):
1. "Multiscale modelling of production processes" by Ł. Madej
2. "Multidisciplinary, technology independent material characterization" by A. Brosius
3. "Advanced manufacturing for enhancing the performance and functionality of tooling for metal forming" by A.E. Tekkaya
4. "Composite Material Parts Manufacturing” by J. Fleischer

Keynote paper presentation and paper session on “Machine” in Cape Town, South Africa, August 2015
The STC “M” keynote paper entitled "Materials in Machine Tool Structures" (by H.-C. Möhring, C. Brecher, E. Abele, J. Fleischer, F. Bleicher) and nine papers were presented in the Session “M”.

Working Groups with STC “M” Involvement/Support
Composite Materials Parts Manufacturing (2015 – 2018), by J. Fleischer, R. Teti, H.-C. Möhring, A. Caggiano