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STC M - 2010 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee STC “M” participated in three collaborative working groups under both Track I and Track II. The working groups are “Biomechatronics”, chaired by Prof. Mitsuishi, “Energy and Resource Efficiency and Effectiveness”, chaired by Prof. Sutherland, and “Hybrid Processes”, chaired by Bert Lauwers. All three of these working groups met during the General Assembly in Pisa, and will meet again during the January 2011 meeting in Paris.

STC M presented an internal keynote paper in August 2010 (Pisa) with a title “Spindle Systems”. The paper was presented by Prof. Abele, and it was well received by the members. STC M will present a public keynote paper entitled “Machine Tool Drives” under the leadership of Prof. Altintas, who has reported on the progress of the paper, and continues to invite colleagues for participation. The outline of the paper is as follows:

1- Introduction (1page)

2- Literature (2p)

3- Mechanical Design, Modeling and Analysis of Feed Drives – Ball Screw and Direct Drives (8p)
• Configurations, ball-nut interfaces, FE and discrete dynamic models, vibrationmodels, friction models, the effect of vibration-friction on the positioning accuracy
• Ball Screw Drive –linear drive : inertia, coupling, nut, table, friction model (basics including simple rigid body calculations) (Altintas, Verl, Brecher)
Discussions about flexibilities, vibration modes and their effects on the position of table
• Guides: roller bearings, hydrostatic – friction characteristics (Uriarte, Brecher)

4- Electrical drives (Verl) 4p
Principles of electrical motors
Different motor types (dc, syncronous, async motors)
Amplifiers (start with basics, clark-park transformers)

5- Sensors (Verl, Altintas) 2p
position, velocity, acceleration, torque-current

The paper will be presented during the 2011 General Assembly (Budapest). The subject of the 2011 keynote was chosen as “Thermal Issues in Machine Tools”, and it will be coordinated by Dr. Knapp. In support of these two keynote papers, the Chairman invited colleagues to make short technical presentations about drive systems and thermal issues in machine tools in STC M and Track II sessions to be held during the January and August meetings.

Sixteen papers were presented over 2 days in Part I of CIRP General Assembly held in Pisa (August 2010). Seven technical presentations were given during Part II by academic and industrial researchers.

The STC M group will focus mainly on feed drives, and precision machines, which are the key current trends in research and industry. Performance of feed drives is becoming a critical issue as the speeds and accelerations of axis motions continue to increase. In addition, STC M will focus precision of motion, which is determined not only by the feed drives, but by the thermalstate of the machine. STC M wil continue to disseminate technical knowledge about drives and thermal issues through our keynote papers in 2011 and 2012.

STC M continues to draw over 100 participants during paper and discussion sessions, and continues to play a key role in bringing the latest manufacturing technology research and developments to the scientific community and industry. STC M will elect new officers in August of 2011.