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STC G - 2012 Annual Report

The year of 2012 was successful for the Scientific Technical Committee STC “G”. The number of participants was increased.  In the January meeting in Paris, we had 52 participants and at the General Assembly in Hong Kong in August the attendance was of 41 experts.

In the January STC-G meeting the contents of the 2012 keynote paper given by Mr. Hashimoto were confirmed and approved. The 2013 keynote paper “Sustainability in abrasive processes“ coordinated by Mr. Aurich and Ms. Linke was also confirmed and the outline was approved. An update of the 2014 keynote paper “High energy fluid jet machining" coordinated by Mr. Axinte and Mr. Karpuschewski was given and the contents were accepted by the audience.

Eight topics in the session of the technical contribution were presented in the January STC-G meeting.  Those are magnetic abrasive finishing for medical applications, chemomechanical grinding, internal traverse grinding, grinding of small structures, modeling of grinding with SPH (smoothed particle hydrodynamics), diamond rotary microtools, axiomatic process model, manufacture of spherical micro grinding tools.  Because of large number of technical contributions this time, no laboratory presentation was given.

The contributions of STC G to Part I of the General Assembly in Hong Kong included the keynote paper titled “Advances in centerless grinding technology" given by Mr. Hashimoto and 13 regular papers. The keynote paper was well received. It gives an excellent overview on the achievements in centerless grinding technology and the intense own experience in centerless grinding of the author makes it extremely valuable. The other papers covered a broad range of topics including different methods of dressing (laser dressing and chemical based dressing), grinding of CFRP, gear grinding, honing, fluid jet polishing and magnetic abrasive finishing, modeling of grinding, magneto-abrasive machining, clogging prevention and tribo-chemical lubricant film formation, bone grinding and grinding control.

The STC G technical meeting in the Part II of the General Assembly in Hong Kong was well visited with 41 participants and 9 technical contributions. The topics covered wear prediction, minimum coolant grinding, force monitoring, influence of grinding wheel manufacturing, adaptive honing, modeling and simulation, magnetic abrasive finishing, abrasive polishing and Heim machine.  The keynote paper for 2012 was fully accepted and well received. The contents of the keynote paper 2013 “Sustainability in abrasive processes“, coordinated by Mr. Aurich were presented and again confirmed. An update of the keynote paper 2014 “High energy fluid jet machining”, coordinated by Mr. Axinte and Mr. Karpuschewski, was also confirmed. For the next meeting in January 2013 in Paris the audience decided to encourage presentations on “Abrasive machining of advanced aerospace alloys and composites” and “Surface fine finishing technologies”. However, presentation on other abrasives related topics will also be welcome.

Fukuo Hashimoto, Chairman, STC G, 2012