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STC G - 2011 Annual Report


The year of 2011 was quite productive for the Scientific Technical Committee STC “G” with good participation of its members in the two meetings. In Paris in the January meetings we had 46 participants and at the General Assembly in Budapest in August the attendance was of 46 experts as well.
In the January STC-G meeting the content of the 2011 keynote paper on “Conditioning and Monitoring of Grinding Wheels“, presented by Mr. Wegener, was confirmed and approved. The keynote paper for 2012 “Advances in Centerless Grinding Technology” coordinated by Mr. Hashimoto was also confirmed and the outline was presented and approved. An update of the Keynote paper 2013 “Sustainability in Abrasive Processes” coordinated by Mr. Aurich, Ms. Linke and Mr. Hauschild was given and the contents were accepted by the STC G members.

Seven technical contributions were presented dealing with “Matching Grinding Coolant Speed to the Wheel Speed; is It Necessary?”, “An Innovative Method to Perform Maskless Plain Waterjet Milling for Pocket Generation: A Case Study in Ti-based Superalloys”, “Grinding of Brittle Materials: Importance of Micro-kinematics”, “Laser Assisted Microgrinding of a Sintered Ceramic”, “Efficient Cleaning of Grinding Wheels from Clogging”, “Development of Abrasive Media for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing” and finally “3D Micro Engineered of Diamond Abrasive Elements: From an Innovative Concept to Proof of Efficiency in Grinding of Ti64”. The laboratory presentations were continued and Mr. Wegener described the Manufacturing Research at ETH Zurich and Inspire AG, Switzerland.

The contributions of STC-G to Part 1 of the General Assembly in Budapest included the keynote paper titled “Conditioning and Monitoring of Grinding Wheels” given by Mr. Wegener and 11 regular papers. The keynote paper was well received and will certainly serve as a good reference in this important area over the next years.

The STC-G technical meeting in the Part II of the General Assembly in Budapest was very productive with 46 participants and seven technical contributions. Most notably was the presentation by Mr. Harmen Altena on “Development of a grinding process for the mass manufacturing of accurate parts”, since this was his “farewell presentation” after many years of active participation in CIRP. The keynote paper for 2011 was further evaluated by the audience with very good remarks. The contents of the keynote paper 2012 “Advances in Centerless Grinding Technology “, coordinated by Mr. Hashimoto, Mr. Gallego and Mr. Oliveira were presented and again confirmed.  An update of the Keynote paper 2013 “Sustainability in Abrasive Processes”, coordinated by M. Aurich, Ms. Linke and Mr. Hauschild was presented by Mr. Linke. The contents were confirmed as well as the topic for the keynote paper 2014 "High Energy Fluid Jet Machining", coordinated by Mr. Axinte and Mr. Karpuschewski.

Finally, the new board of STG-G was elected with Mr. Fukuo Hashimoto as Chairman, Mr. Jan Aurich as Vice-Chairman and Mr. Konrad Wegener as Technical Secretary.

João Oliveira, Past Chairman, Fukuo Hashimoto, Chairman, Jan Aurich, Vice-Chairman, and Konrad Wegener, Technical Secretary, STC-G