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STC Dn - 2010 Annual Report

Meetings held

The Scientific Technical Committee Design STC “Dn” had two meetings in 2010: in Paris on January 22 and in Pisa during the General Assembly on August 26. The January meeting was attended by 57 persons, in Pisa, 58 people attended.

Additionally, STC Dn members attended the Track 3 meetings in Paris and Pisa.

In line with the track structure, (progress) reports on the following conferences were presented during the meetings:

•    CIRP Design Conference 2010 (Nantes)
•    CIRP Design Conference 2011 (Korea)
•    CIRP Design Conference 2012 (India)

From the 2011 January meetings onwards, the CAT Conference will be a recurring agenda point again.


STC Dn has been working on, or is preparing the following keynotes:
•    2010 - “Design Verification and Validation in Product Lifecycle”  P. Maropoulos, D. Ceglarek
•    2011 - “Biologically inspired design” L. Shu and K. Ueda.
•    2012 - “Augmented reality applications in design and manufacturing.”  A. Nee, P. Ong,
     G. Chryssolouris
•    2013 - Proposal: Cost  Engineering (R. Roy)

Dn Publications

During the 60th CIRP General Assembly in Pisa, 11 Dn papers were presented and discussed.

Technical Presentations

During the January meeting, the following technical presentations were given:
•    “Smart Hybrid Prototyping – a Novel Approach to Enable Early Product Experience and
      Validation”, Prof. Rainer Stark
•    Design for RUAM: Ready-to-Use Additive Layer Manufacturing, J. Mehnen

During the August meeting, the following technical presentations were given:
•    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 2020; Results of a Delphi Study
     Prof. M. Abramovici
•    Innovative Competitive Advantage
     Prof. Niek du Preez
•    Assessing the Degree of Efficiency for Product Complexity
     Prof G. Schuh
•    Inductive Inference as a Design Theory Model
     Prof. G. Putnik

Other Business

In order to increase the alignment of the activities of STC Dn with the aims, expertise and interests of the participants, the STC Dn officers did a survey to establish a well-argumented plan for future meetings. Due to low initial response, the process decelerated; with resending the survey, the officers will propose a ‘strategic plan’ for STC Dn, which is to be discussed during the 2011 Paris meeting.


The officers of STC Dn are:
•    Chair: P. Gu
•    Co-Chair: A. Bernard
•    Secretary: E. Lutters

For further details on the activities of STC Dn, please consult the minutes from the meetings in Paris and Pisa.