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STC C - 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, the Scientific Technical Committee Cutting STC “C” continued its work in processes and techniques used to shape components by material removal under the leadership of the current officers:
Chair: D. Biermann, Vice Chair: S. Melkote, Secretary: P.-J. Arrazola

The group held two meetings in 2019: On February 21st in Paris, France and August 23rd, in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The two working groups launched in 2016, (i) Friction Data for Modelling of Machining and (ii) Material Constitutive Models and Data for Modelling of Metal Cutting presented their progress at the two meetings. Their recommendations are expected to advance our understanding of the advantages and limitations of friction and material constitutive models reported in the literature. In this way, they will assist researchers and industry practitioners in deciding which models to use for a specific work material. The efforts of the two working groups complements and extends the 2017 STC “C” Keynote paper.
The work carried out by the WG of Material Constitutive Models and Data for Modelling of Metal Cutting is expected to finish in the CIRP Winter Meeting February in Paris, and the WG of Friction Data for Modelling of Machining will be finished in the CIRP GA at Munich.

In addition, a number of technical topics were presented and discussed in the two STC “C” meetings. These presentations are listed below.
New guidelines for organizing STC meetings put forward by the CIRP Council in 2016 were followed in organizing both meetings of STC “C”.

STC “C” meeting in Paris, February 2019

At the Paris meeting – attended by 61 members, 20 research affiliates, and 9 guests, the following presentations on cooperative work and technical contributions were made:

Cooperative work within STC-C:

  1. Friction Data for Modelling of Machining (V. Schulze)
  2. Work on Material Constitutive Data for Modelling of Machining (J. Outeiro, P. J. Arrazola, A. Zabel, D. Umbrello)

Technical Presentations:

  1.  Importance of the Contact Interface Definition in the Numerical Simulation of Tool Wear in Metal Cutting. J.Rech, C.Courbon, A.Giovenco. 
  2.  Grain refinement mechanism of Nickel based superalloy by severe plastic deformation- mechanical machining case. Zhirong Liao, Dragos Axinte, Mikhail Polyakov, Oriol G. Díaz, Johann Michler, Mark Hardy.
  3. Transition of the finite element modelling of orthogonal cutting (2D) to oblique cutting (3D). F. Ducobu, E. Rivière-Lorphèvre.
  4.  An innovative numerical approach to predict distortion considering machining stages. I. Cherif, G. Poulachon, J. C. Outeiro, D. Cotton, A. Brosse.
  5. Optimization of the innovative micro geometry using FEM simulation. R. Aßmuth, M. Tiffe, A. Zabel.
  6. Residual stress profile evaluation in different machining processes. M. Bakkal, A. Taner Kuzu, K. Rahimzadeh Berenji, A. Timur.
  7. Development of impact resistant alpha beta Titanium Alloy with high machinability. Y. Millet.
  8. The effect of machining induced damage on flexural performance of CFRP. H. Ghadbeigi, M. Monoranu, P. Fairclough, J. Meredith, K. Kerrigan, R. M’Saoubi.

STC “C“ meeting in Birmingham, United Kingdom, August 2019

At the STC “C” meeting in United Kingdom – attended by 67 members, 17 research affiliates, and 12 guests, the following cooperative work and technical contributions were presented:

Proposals for cooperative work within the STC-C

  1. Friction Data for Modelling of Machining (V. Schulze).
  2. 2. Material Constitutive Models and Data for Modelling of Metal Cutting (J. Outerio, P. J. Arrazola, A. Zabel, D. Umbrello).

Technical Presentations

  1. Predictive tool and process design for carbide broaching of profiled slots. T. Bergs, D. Schraknepper, M. Seimann, B. Peng, F. Klocke.
  2. Effect of laser induced microstructure alterations on tool wear of PcBN cutting tools. A. Krödel, B. Denkena.
  3. A platform for tool-wear prediction in machining – Part 1: characterization. A. Malakizadi, P. Hoier, D. Mallipeddi, U. Klement, P. Krajnik
  4. Improved tribological performance of cutting tools through mechano-chemical surface modification. S. Melkote, M. Varenberg, Y. Qi, V. Nguyen.
  5. Effective heat transfer in minimum quantity lubrication based on droplet size and lubricant. A. Shokrani.
  6. Magnetic field treatments on cemented carbide tools for improved cutting and mechanical performance. J, Liu, L. Zhang.
  7. Stress visualization in the scribing of yttria-stabilized zirconia for improved process throughput. H-S. Yoon, S. Bum Kwon, A. Nagaraj, S. Min.

Keynote paper presentation and paper session on “Cutting” in Birmingham, United Kingdom, August 2019

The STC “C” keynote paper entitled “Machining of biocompatible materials -Recent advances” authored by Dragos Axinte, Yuebin Guo, Zhirong Liao, Albert J. Shih, Rachid M’Saoubi and Naohiko Sugita was presented in the public session of Part I of the CIRP GA.

In addition, in the STC “C” paper session (Part I) of the General Assembly in Lugano, a total of 19 papers were presented and discussed.

Future Keynote papers

Keynote for 2020: Broaching: cutting tools and machine tools for manufacturing high quality features in components. Pedro J. Arrazola, Joël Rech, Rachid M’Saoubi, Dragos Axinte.

Keynote for 2021: Structured and Textured Cutting Tool Surfaces for Machining Applications. : Tuğrul Özel, Dirk Biermann, Toshiyuki Enomoto, Paul Mativenga

Keynote for 2022: Process Monitoring of machining. R. Teti

Working Groups with STC “C” Involvement/Support

  1. Self-optimizing Machining Systems (2016-2019)
  2.  Additive Manufacturing
  3. Biologicalisation in Manufacturing
  4. Industrial Symbiosis in Discrete Manufacturing

CIRP/sponsored conferences with STC-C approval

  1. 18th International Manufacturing Conference. Shenyang- China.
  2. 5th CIRP Conference on Surface Integrity (CSI 2020).
  3. 2nd CIRP Conference on Composite Materials Parts Manufacturing, Sheffield, 10-11th October 2019
  4. 16th International Conference on High Speed Machining (HSM 2020), 7-8 October 2020
  5. 19th Machining Innovations Conference for Aerospace Industry (MIC 2019), 27-28 November 2019

P. .J. Arrazola
Secretary STC “C”