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STC A - 2011 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee: Life Cycle Engineering and Assembly had two meetings in 2011: in Paris on January 27 and in Budapest on August 26. In addition STC A members also participated in the Track 3 meetings in Paris and in Budapest.

The January STC A meeting in Paris was attended by 78 participants. The Budapest meeting was attended by 59 people.

Conferences and sponsored seminars under STC A are:

Life Cycle Engineering conferences
  • 18th LCE Conference 2011, Braunschweig. (Prof. C. Herrmann)
  • 19th LCE Conference 2012, Berkeley, San Francisco (Prof. D. Dornfeld)
  • 20th LCA Conference 2013, Singapore (Prof. A. Nee)
  • 21th LCE Conference 2014, Trondheim, Norway (Prof. T. Lien)
Assembly conferences
  • 3rd Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems, 2010, Trondheim, (Prof. T. Lien)
  • 4th Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems, 2012, Michigan (Prof. J. Hu)
  • 5th Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems, 2014, Chemnitz, Germany (Prof. M. Putz)

STC A Keynote Papers

Future keynote papers will be:

  • 2012 Y. Umeda et al.: “Toward Integrated Product and Process Life Cycle Planning: An Environmental Perspective”
  • 2012 J. Duflou et al.: “Towards Energy and Resource Efficient and Effective Manufacturing: A Processes and Systems Approach” as Track 3 keynote, sponsored by STC A
  • 2013 M. Leu, et al Advanced CAD Model Based Assembly Simulation, Planning and Training

In Budapest, Prof. Hu presented the STC A session keynote paper on “Assembly System Design and Operations for Product Variety” on hehalf of the co-authors.

Other presentations

At the Paris meeting, the following technical presentations were given:

  • Chris Yuan: A Framework for Temporal Discounting in Life Cycle Assessment
  • Giovanna Rotella: Evaluation of the environmental impact of different lubrorefrigeration conditions in milling of γ-TiAl alloy
  • Ming Leu: Motion Capture with Wiimotes
  • Bernd Scholz-Reiter: Assembly with Autonomous Control – A prototypic System
  • Lars Weyand: Today's final assembly planning and its shortcomings.
  • Jörg Franke, Klaus Feldmann, and Michael Pfeffer: Extending Kinematic Capabilities of Standard SMT Production Equipment by Active Workpiece Carrier for the Efficient Production of 3D MID

14 papers were presented in Part I of the General Assembly in Budapest.

The following presentations were given in Part II of the general assembly in Budapest:

  • Joachim Schulz: “Environmental Footprint of AESCULAP Surgical Instruments”.
  • C. Herrmann: “End-of-Life Lithium Ion Battery Recycling for Electric Cars”.
  • Gualtiero Fantoni: “Active Surfaces, Materials and Tools for Assembly”
  • Gunther Reinhart: “Physically Based Virtual Commissioning of Assembly Systems”
  • Jürgen Fleischer: “Automated Handling of Green Ceramic Tapes” and “Approach for the Spatial Positioning of Joining Partners Based on Component Immanent Markings”

Other business



The officers of STC A in 2011 were:

Chair: Prof. S. Jack Hu
Vice-chair: Prof. Sami Kara
Secretary: Prof. John Sutherland

For further details on the activities of STC A, please consult the minutes from the meetings in Paris and Budapest.

S. Jack Hu