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STC A - 2010 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee: Life Cycle Engineering and Assembly had two meetings in 2010: in Paris on January 21 and in Pisa on August 27. In addition STC A members participated in the Track 3 meeting in Paris on January 20 and in Pisa on August 26.
The STC A meetings were attended by 74 participants in Paris and 61 participants in Pisa.

Conferences and sponsored seminars under STC A are:

Life Cycle Engineering conferences

  • 17th LCE Conference 2010, Hefei, China. (Prof. H.-O. Zhang)
  • 18th LCE Conference 2011, Braunschweig. (Prof. C. Herrmann)
  • 19th LCE Conference 2012, Berkeley, San Francisco (Prof. D. Dornfeld)
  • 20th LCA Conference 2013, Singapore (Prof. A. Nee)

Assembly conferences

  • 3rd CATS 2010, Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems, Trondheim, (Prof. T. Lien)
  • 4th CATS 2012, Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems, Michigan (Prof. J. Hu)

STC A Keynote Papers

Future keynote papers will be:

  • 2011 J. Hu: Manufacturing Paradigms for Product Variety
  • 2012 S. Takata et al.: Methodologies and Tools for Designing Product Life Cycle with J. Duflou et al.: Towards Sustainable Manufacturing: A Process and Systems Approach as Track 3 keynote, sponsored by STC A

In Pisa, Prof. H. Meier gave the STC A keynote paper titled: Industrial Product-Service Systems in the open session

Other presentations

15 papers were presented in Part I of the General Assembly in Pisa.

The following presentations were given in Part II of the general assembly in Pisa:

  • H.C. Zhang: Why measure sustainability?- A comprehensive review and future applications
  • N. Nasr: Metrics for sustainable production
  • C. Herrmann: Native based coolants for machining - a life cycle oriented assessment
  • H. Bley: Evaluation of intended production strategies based on integration graphs

At the Paris meeting the following technical presentation were given:

  • J. Franke: Automated Winding of Perfect-Layer-Coils with a Laser based Closed-Loop-Process
  • T. Lien: Flexible small batch automatic assembly
  • S. Boyd: Life-cycle Assessment of Semiconductors: Understanding the Role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in a Low-carbon Economy
  • S. Kara: Composites: Embodied Energy of Products
  • G. Schuh: Energy efficient factory - from climate protection to cost effectiveness
  • J. Sutherland: Societal Sustainability Indicators, Development of a Framework and Results of a Delphi Survey
  • M. Hauschild: Towards international consensus on methods for environmental life cycle assessment

Other business



The officers of STC A in 2010 were:

Chair: Prof. M. Hauschild,
Vice-chair: Prof. J. Hu,
Secretary: Prof. S. Kara

New officers were elected at the STC A meeting in Pisa:

Chair: Prof. Prof. J. Hu,
Vice-chair: Prof. S. Kara,
Secretary: Prof. J. Sutherland

For further details on the activities of STC A please consult the minutes from the meetings in Paris and Pisa.

M. Hauschild