Computer-aided product analysis in assembly-planning
H. Weule, T. Friedmann   / W. Eversheim (1)
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.1
Keywords: Assembly-Planning, Product-Analysis, Disassembly, Precedence-Graph, Flexibility Analysis
Abstract :
Model generation for sensor : guided flexible assembly systems
N. Roth, K.G. Günther (1), P. Rummel, W. Beutel  
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.5
Keywords: Model Generation, Vision System, Model-Based System, Knowledge-Based System, CAD-System, Sensor Fusion, Workpiece Recognition, Flexible Assembly System
Abstract :
An automatic adjustment system for VCR magnetic heads on cylinder units
T. Kotmasu (2), S. Nagashima, H. Tsukada  
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.9
Keywords: Adjustment System, VCR, Magnetic Heads, Cylinder unit, Image Processing, Algorithms, Adjustment Mechanisms
Abstract :
Design for assembly analysis : extraction of geometric features from a CAD system data base
L.M. Rosario, W.A. Knight (2)  
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.13
Keywords: Design for Assembly, Geometric Modelling, CAD Systems, Design for Manufacture
Abstract :
Analysis of part insertion with complicated shapes
T. Arai   / N. Makino (1)
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.17
Keywords: Automatic Assembly, Peg-and-Hole Problem, Insertion, Contact Problem
Abstract :
Assembly simulation - an efficient tool for assembly-oriented design
J. Milberg (1), H. Diess  
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.21
Keywords: Assembly-Oriented Design, Process Simulation, Hierarchical Simulation Models
Abstract :
Automatic assembly of 3-D structures via connectivity graphs
M. Shpitalni (2), G. Elber, E. Lenz (1)  
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.25
Keywords: Automatic Asembly, Geometrical Languages, Geometric Solid Modelling
Abstract :
Assembly of PIH-devices with robots
H. Janocha, E. Menzel   / H.K. Tönshoff (1)
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.29
Keywords: Assembly, Robotics, Kinematics
Abstract :
Hierarchical control of a generic flexible assembly cell
H. Van Brussel (1), P. Valckenaers  
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.33
Keywords: Assembly, Hierarchical Control, Off-Line Scheduling
Abstract :
The use of heuristics in assembly sequence planning
C.J.M. Heemskerk   / C.A. Van Luttervelt (1)
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.37
Keywords: Assembly Sequence, Sequence Planning
Abstract :
Assembly by industrial robots with CAD/CAM and vision control periphery
H.J. Warnecke (1), M.E. Domm  
STC A,  38/1/1989,  P.41
Keywords: Assembly Automation, pcb Assembly, CAD/CAM, Vision System, Production Unit of 1
Abstract :


Computerized predictive cutting models for forces in end-milling including eccentricity effects
E.J.A. Armarego (1), N.P. Deshpande  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.45
Keywords: Milling, Eccentricity, Forces
Abstract :
Aspects on cutting mechanism in high speed cutting
H. Schulz   / G. Spur (1)
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.51
Keywords: Cutting, Mechanism, Speed
Abstract :
On the stress distribution between the chip and tool during metal turning
T.H.C. Childs, W.I. Mahdi   / G. Barrow (1)
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.55
Keywords: Metal Machining, Contact Stress Distribution, Split-Tool Dynamometer, Friction, Brass, Aluminium, Steel
Abstract :
Brittle fracture of cutting tools
M.C. Shaw (1), T.C. Ramaraj  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.59
Keywords: Cutting Tools, Fracture, Material Removal, Processing
Abstract :
Thermostrength of carbide tools
V.A. Ostafiev (1), A.N. Noshchenko  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.65
Keywords: Tool, Strength, FEM
Abstract :
The influence of temperature gradient on cutting tool's life
A. Ber (1), M. Goldblatt  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.69
Keywords: Tool, Life, Failure
Abstract :
Characteristic parameters of chip control in turning operations with indexable inserts and three-dimensionally shape chip formers
C. Nedess, W. Hintze   / C.A. Van Luttervelt (1)
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.75
Keywords: Chip, Control, Flow
Abstract :
Investigation of turning systems where controlled elasticity improves machining performance
R. Wertheim (1), J. Rotberg, A. Ber (1)  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.81
Keywords: Turning, Tools, Roughness
Abstract :
Study of a high performance drill geometry
T. Hoshi (1), H. Zhao, T. Hosoi  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.87
Keywords: Twist Drills, Drill Point Geometries, Cutting Force, Tool Life, Chip Fracture Mechanism, TIN Coating, Wide-Webbed Drill, Plain Steel Machining, High Speed Steel Drill
Abstract :
Method for increasing tool life in hobbing (MITL-Hobbing)
E. Kuljanic (1)  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.91
Keywords: Hobbing, Gear, Tool-Life, Method, Milling
Abstract :
Prognostication of the chipping of cutting tools
K. Uehara (1), H. Takeshita  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.95
Keywords: Chipping, Detection, Tool
Abstract :
Tool wear monitoring through acoustic emission
R. Teti   / G.F. Micheletti (1)
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.99
Keywords: In-Process Monitoring, Tool Wear, Acoustic Emission
Abstract :
Cutting data field analysis and predictions - Part 1. Straight Taylor slopes
B. Lindström (1)  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.103
Keywords: Optimization, Cutting Data, Machining Economics, Adaptive Control Optimization
Abstract :
Principal component analysis in technology
G. Lorenz (1)  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.107
Keywords: Tapping, Steel, Optimization
Abstract :
A study on diamond turning of Al-Mg alloy - Generation mechanism of surface machined with worn tool
M. Masuda, Y. Maeda, T. Nishiguchi, M. Sawa, R. Ito   / N. Ikawa (1)
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.111
Keywords: Diamond, Turning, Roughness
Abstract :
Machinability of copper in ultra-precision micro diamond cutting
T. Moriwaki (2), K. Okuda  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.115
Keywords: Diamond, Cutting, Copper
Abstract :
Quality definition and assessment in drilling of fibre reinforced thermosets
W. König (1), P. Grass  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.119
Keywords: Drilling, Plastics, Roughness
Abstract :
Cut welding
L. De Chiffre (2)  
STC C,  38/1/1989,  P.125
Keywords: Welding, Shaving, Surface
Abstract :

 STC Dn 

Functional models and design solutions
H. Schmekel   / G. Sohlenius (1)
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.129
Keywords: Intelligent CAD, Artificial Intelligence, Functional Models, Design Solutions
Abstract :
Generation of manufacturing information in intelligent CAD
K. Ando, H. Yoshikawa (1)  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.133
Keywords: Intelligent CAD, Intermediate Manufacturing Planning, CAD/CAM Integration, Designer's Intention, Process Planning
Abstract :
A computer aided conceptual design system of machine
K. Iwata (1), M. Onosato  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.137
Keywords: Conceptual Design, CAD System, Conceptual Dependency, State Modeling, Functional Structure, Design Process Model
Abstract :
Designer's thinking pattern in the basic layout design procedure of machine tool - validity evaluation of thinking block
Y. Ito (2), H. Shinno, S. Nakanishi  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.141
Keywords: Designer's Thinking Pattern, Thinking Block, Basic Layout Design, Information Flow, Cluster Analysis, CAD, Machine Tool Design
Abstract :
Causal reasoning and data abstraction in component design
S.R. Kumara, I. Ham (1), M. Al-Hamando, K. Goodnow  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.145
Keywords: Design, Al, Methodology
Abstract :
A CAD system for efficient product design based on design intent
F. Kimura (2), H. Suzuki  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.149
Keywords: Design Intent, Product Modelling, CAD/CAM Integration, Geometric Reasoning, Concurrent Engineering, CIM
Abstract :
Intelligent support systems for product design
T. Lenau, L. Alting (1)  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.153
Keywords: Design Support Systems, Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Abstract :
Estimating the cost of machined components during the conceptual design of a product
G. Boothroyd (1), P. Radovanovic  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.157
Keywords: Design for Manufacture, Machining, Cost Estimating
Abstract :
Supporting analyses for the economic assessment diecasting in product design
P. Dewhurst (2), C. Blum  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.161
Abstract :
Locating point synthesis in fixture design
R.J. Menassa, W.R. De Vries (2)  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.165
Keywords: Fixture, 3-2-1 Locating Principle, Kinematic Synthesis, Heuristics, Design, CAD
Abstract :
Dynamic load and root stress analysis of spur gears
M.A. Arikan, B. Kaftanoglu (1)  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.171
Keywords: Gear Design, Spur Gears, Dear Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis of Gears, Fatigue Failure
Abstract :
Design philosophy in filament winding
M. Lossie, J. Peters (1), H. Van Brussel (1)  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.175
Keywords: Design, Methodology
Abstract :
The elementary machine : an atomic model to analyse and devise production systems
F. Jovane (1), L. Carlesi  
STC Dn,  38/1/1989,  P.179
Abstract :


A new model reference adaptive control of EDM
K.P. Rajurkar, W.M. Wang   / R.P. Lindsay (1)
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.183
Keywords: EDM, Adaptive Control, Model Reference Strategy, Servo Interface Circuit
Abstract :
A computer integrated machining strategy for planetary EDM
F. Staelens, J.P. Kruth (2)  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.187
Keywords: EDM, Planetary Motion, Process Planning, Online Optimization
Abstract :
Wire analysis and control for precision EM cutting
D.F. Dauw (2), H. Sthioul, R. Delpretti, C. Tricarico  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.191
Keywords: EM, Wire cutting, Accuracy, Precision, Wire Position, Frequency, Vibration
Abstract :
Drilling of deep microholes by EDM
T. Masuzawa (2), J. Tsukamoto, M. Fujino  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.195
Keywords: Micro-EDM, Microhole, Horizontal EDM, Water, WEDG, Deep Hole
Abstract :
Effects of ultrasonic vibrations on the performances in EDM
D. Kremer, J.L. Lebrun, B. Hosari, A. Moisan (1)  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.199
Abstract :
Developing a "mole" electric discharge digging machining
M. Fukui, N. Kinoshita (1)  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.203
Keywords: Electric Discharge Machining, "Mole" Electric Discharge Machining, Faciliting Electric Discharge, Twisting Tunnel
Abstract :
The mathematical model of the ECM with magnetic field
S. Enache (1), C. Opran  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.207
Keywords: Electrochemical Machining, Magnetic Field, Mathematical Model, Machining Accuracy, Machining Productivity
Abstract :
Computer simulation of anisotropic etching process of single crystal silicon
Y. Furukawa (1)  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.211
Abstract :
Cutting front formation in laser cutting
F.O. Olsen   / L. Alting (1)
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.215
Keywords: Laser Cutting, Cut Front Formation, Melt Film Estimation, Cut Front Temperature
Abstract :
Laser cutting of advanced ceramics
H.K. Tönshoff (1), C. Emmelmann  
STC E,  38/1/1989,  P.219
Keywords: Laser Cutting, Ceramics, Cut Quality, Crack Damage
Abstract :


A new approach to the torsion test for determining flow curves
A. Gräber, K. Pöhlandt   / K. Lange (1)
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.223
Keywords: Torsion test, Tubular and Short Specimens, Flow Curve, Formability, Upsetting Test
Abstract :
Improvement of the plane-strain compression test for deterining flow curves
H. Becker, K. Pöhlandt   / LK. Lange (1)
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.227
Keywords: Plane-Strain, Elementary Plastomechanics, Upper Bound, Friction, Shear Deformation
Abstract :
Determination of wear resistance of hot work die materials
A.N. Bramley, J.D. Lord   / B.J. Davies (1)
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.231
Keywords: Wear Testing, Forging Dies
Abstract :
Technological implication of high speed forming processes
J. Tirosh (1), D. Iddan  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.235
Keywords: Deep Drawing, Extrusion, Wire Drawing, Rolling, Upper Bound, Lower Bound, Separation, Rupture, Limit Drawing Ration( LDR), Maximum Reduction (MR)
Abstract :
Computer-aided simulation of die filling processes
N. Alberti (1), L. Cannizzaro, L. D'Acquisto, E. Lo Valvo, F. Micari  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.239
Keywords: Die Filling, Computer Aide Simulation
Abstract :
Investigation of defect formation in a 3-station closed-die forging operation
B.L. Jenkins, S.I. Oh (2), T. Altan (1)  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.243
Keywords: FEM Simulation, Metal Flow, Forging, Gear Blank
Abstract :
Analytical and physical modeling of the buckling behaviour of high aspect ratio billets
J.S. Gunasekera (2), E.J. Chitty, V.S. Kiridena  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.249
Keywords: Buckling, Forging,Upsetting, Analytical Modeling, Physical Modeling, Finite Element Methods
Abstract :
Further investigation of cold lateral extrusion to form staggered branches from a cylindrical billet
F. Shinozaki, H. Kudo (1)  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.253
Keywords: Lateral Extrusion, Staggered Branches, Upper Bound Approach, Cold Extrusion, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Extrusion Pressure, Metal Flow Control, Material Fracture
Abstract :
Optimization of pass schedule from the view point of shape and profile of cold rolled strip
T. Ishikawa, N. Yukawa, Y. Tozawa (1)  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.257
Keywords: Strip Rolling, Analytical Simulation, Flatness Defect, Profile of Rolled Strip, Pass Schedule
Abstract :
Theoretical determination of the forming limit stress curve for isotropic sheet materials
R. Arrieux (2), M. Boivin  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.261
Keywords: Plasticity, Sheet Metal Forming, Forming Limits, Stress Diagrams, Necking Band Analysis, Isotropic Sheets
Abstract :
Analysis of stretch forming process - simulation and experiment
E. Doege (1), B. Breidohr  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.265
Keywords: Stretch Forming, Computer Aided Design, Prediction of Failure, Calculation of Punch Forces, Drawing Tools, Stretchability of Sheet Metal
Abstract :
Computer modeling of sheet metal forming by the finite element method
J.C. Gelin, J.L. Daniel   / A. Moisan (1)
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.271
Keywords: Sheet Metal Forming, Finite Elements, Plane Strain, Axisymmetric Shell, Membrane, Bending, Elasto-Plasticity, Anisotropy, Unilateral Contact, Friction
Abstract :
Analytical description and FE simulation of the tube inverse pressing
D. Schmoeckel (1), A. Skiadas, p. Mazilu  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.275
Keywords: Inside-Out Tube Inversion, Analytical Considerations, FE-Simulation
Abstract :
Simulation of sheet bending pocesses by Elastic-Plastic finite element method
A. Makinouchi, H. Ogawa   / Y. Tozawa (1)
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.279
Keywords: Finite Element Metod, Numerical Simulation, Contact Problem, Sheet Bending, UO-Bending, Laminate Sheet
Abstract :
CAD system for cold roll-forming
M. Kiuchi (2)  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.283
Keywords: Roll-Forming, Theoretical Simulation, Roll Profile, Pass-Schedule, Computer Aided Design
Abstract :
Deep drawing of shells having slopes in the base
T. Kuwabara, T. Jimma, I. Matsuoka   / H. Kudo (1)
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.287
Keywords: Three-Dimensional Sheet Forming, Parts with Inclined Side Walls, Wrinkling, Strain Distribution, Beading, Energy Method, Numerical Simulation
Abstract :
Stamping - laser combination in sheet processing
A. Kaggenbass, J.S. Reissner (1)  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.291
Keywords: Stamping, Laser, Stamping-Laser Combination, Geometry Interpretation, Collision, Path Optimisation, Universality, Expert System
Abstract :
CAD/CAM integration of prefabrication and prefab design
L.G. Cser   / J. Prohaska (1)
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.295
Keywords: Forging Die, CAD/CAM Integration, Casting Pattern, CSG
Abstract :
The shock wave compaction of high temperature superconducting powders into cylindrical components
A.G. Mamalis (1), G.N. Gioftsidis, A. Szalay, O. Boday  
STC F,  38/1/1989,  P.297
Keywords: Superconductivity, Powder Metallurgy, Powder Forming, Isodynamic Compaction, Explosive Compaction, Sintering, Compact, Fracture, Macroscopic Defects, Microstructural Defects, Shock Waves in Powders
Abstract :


Grinding of cylindrical blanks with controlled workspeed
E. Saljé (1), W. Hörsemann, M. Klyk  
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.303
Keywords: Grinding Process, Plunge Grinding, Creep-Feed Grining, Approach Motion, Roughing, Finishing, Wheel Topography, Cast Blanks, Workpiece Contour, Workpiece-Diameter Gauge, Workpiece Quality, Grinding Normal Force, Material Removal Rate
Abstract :
The effect of grinding wheel flexibility on chatter
R.J. Baylis, B.J. Stone (1)  
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.307
Keywords: Vibration, Grinding, Flexible Wheels, Decay
Abstract :
Coping with compliance in the control of grinding processes
D.R. Allanson, S. Kelly, S. Terry, J.L. Moruzzi, W.B. Rowe (1)  
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.311
Keywords: Grinding, Adaptive Controlled Grinding, Compliance of Grinding Systems
Abstract :
Dressing of resincid bonded diamond grinding wheels
I. Inasaki (2)  
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.315
Keywords: Grinding, Advanced Ceramics, Dressing, Diamond Wheel, Dressing Force, Wheel Life
Abstract :
The effect of diamond powder grain size on the rate of polishing diamond crystallographic planes
R. Porat (2), Y. Yarnitsky  
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.319
Abstract :
Effect of grain shape on cutting force in superabrasive single-grit tests
T. Matsuo (2), S. Toyoura, E. Oshima, Y. Ohbuchi  
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.323
Keywords: Single-Grit, Microcutting, Scratching Test, Superabrasive Grains, Grain Shape Effect, Cutting Force, Pile-Up
Abstract :
Newly developed dressing technology for cutting-off sialon (Si-AI-O-N) ceramics
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.327
Keywords: Dressing, Dresser, Grinding Wheel, Cutting-Off, Sialon Ceramics
Abstract :
Ultra-precision surface grinder having a glass-ceramic spindle of sero-thermal expansion
Y. Namba, R. Wada, K. Unno, A. Tsuboi   / K. Okumara (1)
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.331
Keywords: Ultra-Precision Machining, Grinding, Glass-Ceramic Spindle, Zero-Thermal Expansion, Flatness, Surface Roughness, Single Crystal, Glass
Abstract :
An experimental study on mechanism of cermet grinding
H.W. Zheng (1), G.G. Cai, S.L. Wang, S.X. Yuan  
STC G,  38/1/1989,  P.335
Keywords: Cermet, Grinding Energy
Abstract :


Improvement of productivity with predictive control in speed and position
P. Boucher, D. Dumur, Z. Kapusta   / P.J. Duchaine (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.339
Keywords: Computer Control, Predictive Control, Identification, Model-Reference Control, Modelling, Correlation Methods, Simulation
Abstract :
Development of a force controlled automatic grinding system for actual NC machining centers
Y. Hatamura, T. Nagao, M. MItsuishi, H. Tanaka   / K. Iwata (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.343
Keywords: Automatic Grinding System, Force Control, 6-Axis Force Sensor, Compliance Mechanism, Fail Safe Mechanism, Die Finishing
Abstract :
Monitoring and adaptive control of cutting process by means of motor power and current measurements
M. A. Mannan, S. Broms   / B. Lindström (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.347
Keywords: Adaptive Control, Cutting Force Monitoring, Electric Motors, Curren Monitoring, Adaptive Feed Control, Tool Breakage Monitoring
Abstract :
Extension of typical CNC systems by external controllers
M. Szafarczyk (1), B. Klein, W. Szala  
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.351
Abstract :
Development of an ASIC performing high speed current loop processing of servo motor control for mechatronics applications
E. De Schepper, K. Yamazaki, T. Shigemura, M. Imai   / T. Hoshi (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.355
Keywords: Servomotor, Control, ASIC, Standard Cell, Software Servo, Mechatronics
Abstract :
Optimical trajectory control of a linear robotarm by a state space method
P.C. Mulders (2), J. Jansen, J.M.L. Fijls  
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.359
Keywords: Actuator, State Space, Optimal Algorithm, Matrix Ricatti, Microprocessor
Abstract :
An efficient inverse kinematic solution with a closed form for five-degree-of-freedom robot manipulators with a non-spherical wrist
K. Wang, O. Bjorke (1)  
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.365
Keywords: Inverse Kinematics, Robot Control, Robot Manipulator, Robotics
Abstract :
An off-line planning and simulation system for the programming of coating robots
G. Duelen (1), H.D. Stahlmann, X. Liu  
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.369
Abstract :
Computation of nominal path values to generate various special curves for machine tools
R. Stadelmann   / P.E. Gygax (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.373
Abstract :
Improving dynamic performance of cantilever boring bars
E.I. Rivin, H.L. Kang   / L. Kops (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.377
Abstract :
The originating mechanisms of wheel regenerative grinding vibrations
M. Weck (1), J. Alldieck  
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.381
Keywords: Machine Chatter, Grinding, Wheel Regeneration
Abstract :
A study on the deviation of shape of a turne workpiece clamped by multiple jaws
M. Rahman (2)  
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.385
Keywords: Turning, Multiple-Jaw Clamping, Roundness, Shape Deviation
Abstract :
Behaviour of covering materials for guideways
M. Zatarain   / F. Lemaître (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.389
Abstract :
Increaning availability and efficiency by monitoring the cutting process in a lathe during production with limited manpower
H. Hädeby   / G. Sohlenius (1)
STC M,  38/1/1989,  P.393
Keywords: Monitoring, Cutting Process, Tool Wear, DC Motors, Current Measurement, Availability, Limited Manpower
Abstract :


Fixture design with FIXES : the automatic selection of positioning, clamping and support features for prismatic parts
J.R. Boerma, H.J.J. Kals (1)  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.399
Keywords: Jigs and Fictures, Set-Up, Positioning, Design, Process Planning, CAPP, CAM
Abstract :
Operational dimensions and tolerances calculation in CAPP systems for precision manufacturing
J.K. Li, C. Zhang   / Y.Z. Zhang (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.403
Keywords: Part Design Dimension, Operational Dimension, Design Dimensional Tree, Process Dimensional Tree, Dimensional Chain, Operational Tolerance, Allowance for Operation, Variation of Allowance, Type of Face, Nominal Operational Dimension, Operational Reference,
Abstract :
Contribution to development of a generative CAPP system based on manufacturing process topology
J. Peklenik (1), A. Sluga  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.407
Keywords: Generative Process Planning, Manufacturing Process Topology, Expert System, Surface Interface, Kinematics of Surface Generation, Integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM
Abstract :
Modelling and simulation of manufacturing systems
E. Ramsli   / F.O. Rasch (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.413
Abstract :
A cutting simulation system for machininability evaluation using a workpiece model
S. Takata (2), M.D. Tsai, M. Inui, T. Sata (1)  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.417
Keywords: Cutting Simulation, Extended Z Buffer Model, Cutting Force Model, Tool Deflection, Machining Error
Abstract :
Problemneutrales Verfahren zur Simulation, Steuerung und Diagnose von Productionanlagen
W. Massberg   / M. Weck (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.421
Keywords: Petrinet, Simulation, Control, Diagnosis
Abstract :
An experimental study of strategies for integrating sensor information in machining
G. Chryssolouris (2), M. Domroese  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.425
Abstract :
Development of a personal CAD/CAM system for mold manufacture based on solid modeling techniques
Y. Takeuchi, M. Sakamoto, Y. Abe, R. Orita   / T. Sata (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.429
Keywords: CAD/CAM, Mold Manufacture, 16-Bit Microcomputer, Solid Model, Modified Spatial Array, Z-Map, The Inverse Offset Method, Simplified Fillet Processing
Abstract :
On the formulation of numerical control algorithms using computational geometry
K.T. Yap   / V.C. Venkatesh (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.433
Keywords: Computational Geometry, Intersections, NC, Tool-Path Generation
Abstract :
Automatic scanning ad interpretation of engineering drawings for CAD processes
F.L. Krause, H. Jansen, G. Grossmann   / G. Spur (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.437
Keywords: Scanning, Automatic Digitizing, Drawing Interpretation, Pattern Recognition, Vectorizing, Thinning, Segmentation, Image Processing, Knowledge Processing
Abstract :
Requirements on interfaces and data models for NC-data transfer in view of computer integrated manufacturing
W. Eversheim (1), H. Rozenfeld, G. Marczinski  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.443
Keywords: NC-Programming, Interface, Model Representation, CNC, CAD, CAP
Abstract :
A digital link for adaptive control and on-line FMS-applications
A. Novak, G. Ossbahr, p. Wikström   / N. Märtensson (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.447
Abstract :
Recognition of cellular manufacturing under management constraints
B. Mutel, R. De Guio   / A. Clément (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.451
Keywords: Group Technology, Computer Integrated Manufactuing, Manufacturing Cells
Abstract :
Machine learning techniques for group technology applications
S.C.Y. Lu   / I. Ham (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.455
Keywords: Group Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Conceptual Clustering, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Abstract :
A human-centred approach to the design of advanced manufacturing systems
R.R. Slatter, T.M. Husband (1), C.B. Besant, M.R. Ristic  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.461
Keywords: Human Factors, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Turning Cells, Ergonomics
Abstract :
Dynamic behaviour of fundamental manufacturing system design strategies
J.S. Edghill, D.R. Towill   / T.M. Husband (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.465
Abstract :
Free-ranging vehicles with minimal space expense as high flexible transport systems
G. Pritschow (1), M. Jantzer  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.469
Keywords: Automated Guided Vehicles, Mobile Robots, Omnidirectional Movements, Sensor-Guided Positioning, Virtual Guide-Line, Free-Ranging Movement, Hybrid Programming, Optimization
Abstract :
Variable structure model reference adaptive control system with application in robots
S.D. Sun, J.Y. Zhu(1)  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.475
Keywords: Robot Control, Variable Structure Control
Abstract :
KAPLAN : a knowledge-based approach to process planning of rotational parts
F. Giusti (1), M. Santochi (2), G. Dini  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.481
Keywords: CAD, CAM, CAPP, Expert System, Knowledge-Based System, Turning Operations, Machining Plan
Abstract :
Pattern recognition and process planning of prismatic workpiece by knowledge based approach
K.I. Lee, J.W. Lee, J.M. Lee (2)  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.485
Keywords: CAPP,CAD/DAM Integration, Feature Recognition, Knowledge-Based System, DEDS, AAG, Axiom
Abstract :
An expert system for diagnosis and maintenance in FMS
V. Majstorovic, V. Milacic (1)  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.489
Keywords: Diagnosis, Expert Systems, FMS, Maintenance
Abstract :
The development of the intelligent machining cell
S. Kanai, M. Sugawara, K. Saito   / K. Okamura (1)
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.493
Keywords: Intelligent Manufacturing System, Machining Cell, Process Planning, CAD/CAM, Non-Contact Measuring, Vision System, Workpiece Shape Recognition
Abstract :
Knowledge engineering rules for manufacturing system design (KERMAS) : specify and justify FMS incremental implementations
A. Villa (2)  
STC O,  38/1/1989,  P.497
Abstract :

 STC P(Q) 

The design of an ultra-precision CNC measuring machine
D.C. Thompson   / P.A. McKeown (1)
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.501
Keywords: CNC Measuring Machines, Machine Design, Error Budgetting, Machine Accuracy, Measurement Accuracy, Finite Element Modelling
Abstract :
A general method for error description of CMMs using polynominal fitting procedures
J.W.M.C. Teewsen, J.A. Soons, P.H.J. Schellekens (2)   / A.C.H. Van Der Wolf (1)
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.505
Keywords: Coordinate Measuring Machine, Volumetric Measuring Accuracy, Non Rigid Body Effects, Thermal Behaviour, and Polynomial Fitting Procedures
Abstract :
The influence of kinematic errors on the profile shapes by means of CMM
L. Nawara (1), M. Kowalski, J. Sladek  
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.511
Keywords: Multicoordinate Measuring Machine, Kinematic Errors, Measuring Accuracy
Abstract :
A new method for detecting the contact point between a touch probe and a surface
H. Aoyama, M. Kawai, T. Kishinami   / N. Taniguchi (1)
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.517
Keywords: Coordinate Measuring Machine, Probe, Contact Measurement, Three-Dimensional Geometry, Contact Point, Normal Vector
Abstract :
Creating a standards infrastructure for co-ordinate measurement technology in the UK
G.N. Peggs   / P.A. McKeown (1)
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.521
Keywords: Calibration, Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines, Dimensional Metrology, Performance Verification, Software, Specification Standards
Abstract :
A study on the Abbe principle and Abbe error
G.X. Zhang (1)  
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.525
Keywords: Abbe Principle, Abbe Offset, Abbe Angle, Abbe Error, Reference Point, Sensing Point, Sensitive Direction
Abstract :
The design and manufacture of a large CNC grinding machine for off-axis mirror segments
W.J. Wills-Moren (2), T. Wilson  
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.529
Keywords: Glass, Mirror, Off-Axis Optics, Grinding, Metrology Frame, Laser Interferometer, Air Bearing, Hydrostatic, Granitan
Abstract :
Precision machining without precise machinery
S.M. Wu (2), V. Ni  
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.533
Keywords: Compensatory Control, Precision Machining, Stochastic Modeling
Abstract :
Using compensated HOE in optical head
B.H. Zhuang, C.S. Ih, L.Q. Xiang, C.W. Yang, K.Q. Lu, Y. Shen, R.S. Tian   / G.X. Zhang (1)
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.537
Keywords: Optical Head, Holographic Optical Element, Wavelength Compensation, Beam Shape Correction, CGH, Holographic Optical Head
Abstract :
In-process measurement system for radiation spectrum in laser welding
Y. Yamauchi, G.I. Yasuda, K. Tachibana   / H. Yoshikawa (1)
STC P(Q),  38/1/1989,  P.541
Keywords: Laser Weling, In-Process Measurement, Spectrophotometry, Plasma Spectrum, Adaptive Process Control
Abstract :


The analysis of the three dimensional topography of the grinding process
K.J. Stout, P.J. Sullivan   / W.B. Rowe (1)
STC S,  38/1/1989,  P.545
Abstract :
Thickness measurement of metallurgically damaged layer on a ground surface using an acoustic microscope
T. Semba, K. Sakuma, Y. Tani, H. Sato (1)  
STC S,  38/1/1989,  P.549
Keywords: Surface Integrity, Thickness Measurement, Damaged Layer, Acoustic Microscope, Heat Damage, Grinding, Rayleigh Wave, V(z) Curve, Acoustic Velocity, Reflection Power, Carbon Steel
Abstract :
Surface integrity of grinding of bearing steel GCr15 with CBN wheels
Z.J. Yuan, Z.G. Hu   / A. Kobayashi (1)
STC S,  38/1/1989,  P.553
Keywords: Surface Integrity, CBN Wheel Dressing, Residual Stress, CNB Grinding, Bearing Steel, Wear-Resistance, Surface Analysis
Abstract :
Thermal aspects of grinding with CBN wheels
A.S. Lavine, S. Malkin (1), T.C. Jen  
STC S,  38/1/1989,  P.557
Keywords: Grinding, Thermal Damage, CBN Abrasives, Workpiece Burn, Grinding Energy, Critical Removal Rate, Heat Conduction
Abstract :
Generation of regular patterns on ground surfaces
P. Stepien   / M. Szafarczyk (1)
STC S,  38/1/1989,  P.561
Abstract :
Metal structures by friction in mechanical working processes
J.H. Dautzenberg (2), J.A.B. Van Dijck, J.A.G. Kals (1)  
STC S,  38/1/1989,  P.567
Keywords: Metal Structures, Plastic Deformation, Dry Sliding Friction, Mechanical Working Processes, Thin Foils, Contact Surface, Electron Microscopy
Abstract :
Influence of surface roughness parameters on the mechanical strength in metal gluing
P.M. Lonardo (2), A.A.G. Bruzzone  
STC S,  38/1/1989,  P.571
Keywords: Metal Gluing, Surface Roughness, Single Lap Joint, Shear Strength
Abstract :