Computer-aided planning of flexible automated assembly process
J. Milberg, H. Diess   / H.J. Warnecke (1)
STC A,  36/1/1987,  P.1
Keywords: Situation Analysis, Planning Tasks, Planning Methods, Assembly Oriented Design, Offline Programming, Cell Design, Movement Optimization
Abstract :
Assembly of non-rigid parts, problems and solutions
H.J. Warnecke (1), R.D. Schraft, G.E. Fischer  
STC A,  36/1/1987,  P.5
Keywords: Assembly Automation, Non-Rigid-Parts, O-Ring, Robotic Tool, Non-Circular Groove, Model-Mix, Roller, Defined Slip, Assembly Strategy, Handling
Abstract :
An investigation of the insertability of connectors in printed circuit boards
L.S. Hu, p. Dewhurst (2)  
STC A,  36/1/1987,  P.9
Abstract :


Influence of the microstructure of composite ceramic tools on their performance when machining nickel alloys
J. Vigneau, p. Bordel   / R. Geslot (1)
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.13
Keywords: Composite Ceramic Tools, INCONEL 718, Mechanical Properties, Microstrucure, Turning, Wear
Abstract :
Diamond turning of an aluminum alloy for mirror
T. Sugano, K. Takeuchi, T. Goto, Y. Yoshida   / N. Ikawa (1)
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.17
Keywords: Diamond Turning, Single Crystal Diamond Tool, Surface Roughness, Residual Stress, Metal Mirror
Abstract :
A method for drilling parameters evaluation, applied for drill point development
J. Rotberg, A. Ber (1)  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.21
Keywords: Machining, Drilling, Tools, Drills, Polycrystalline Diamond Drills, Tool Testing, Tool Design
Abstract :
Tooth chipping during power hack sawing and the rol of saw material characteristics
H. Chandrasekaran (2), S. Svensson, M. Nissle  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.27
Keywords: Sawing, Chipping, Tool Fracture, High Speed Steel, Stainless Steel
Abstract :
Burr formation in metal cutting
K. Nakayama (1), M. Arai  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.33
Keywords: Machining Burrs, Classification, Brass, Cutting Conditions, Cutting Tool Geometry, Burr Size
Abstract :
Hot machining with cooled cutting tools
T. Akasawa, H. Takeshita, K. Uehara (1)  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.37
Keywords: Hot Machining, Tool Oxidation, Cermet Tools, Tool Life Test, Tool Cooling, Pattern of Tool Wear, Air Cooled Tool, Choice of Tool Material
Abstract :
On line sensing of flank and crater wear of cutting tools
F. Giusti (1), M. Santochi (2), G. Tantussi  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.41
Keywords: Tool Wear, Sensor, Image Analysis, Wear Morphology
Abstract :
In-process monitoring of tool wear stage by the frequency range-energy method
C.Y. Jiang, Y.Z. Zhang (1)  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.45
Keywords: Tool Wear, Vibration, In-Process Monitoring, Microcomputer, Data Processing
Abstract :
Tool beakage monitoring by means of fluctuations in spindle rotational speed
S. Takata, T. Nakajima, J.H. Ahn, T. Sata (1)  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.49
Keywords: Monitoring, Failure Detection, Tool Breakage, Multi-Edge Tool, Spindle Rotational Speed, Pattern Matching
Abstract :
Effect of applied tension on quality of brass strip manufactured by extrusion cutting
F. Zhang, L. De Chiffre (2)  
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.53
Keywords: Extrusion, Cutting, Strip Manufacture, Alternative Process
Abstract :
Tool monitoring with acoustic emission. Industrial results and future prospects
P. Souquet, N. Gsib, M. Deschamps, J. Roget, J.C. Tanguy   / R. Geslot
STC C,  36/1/1987,  P.57
Keywords: Tool Failure, Tool Wear, Acoustic Emission, Monitoring System, Turning, Milling, Drilling
Abstract :

 STC Dn 

A CAD/CAM system for typical component in mechanical structure design
Q.Q. Chu, G.Q. Yao, D.L. Li, R.J. Zhao   / A.E. De Barr (1)
STC Dn,  36/1/1987,  P.61
Keywords: Machine Parts, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing
Abstract :
Variational geometry based on logical constraints and its applications to product modelling
F. Kimura (2), H. Suzuki, H. Ando, T. Sato, A. Kinosada  
STC Dn,  36/1/1987,  P.65
Keywords: Geometric Modelling, Solid Modelling, Product Modelling, Parametric Design, CAD/CAM, CIM, Geometric Constraint, Process Planning
Abstract :
Intelligent CAD of shefts, sleeves and cylindrical gears by micro personal computer
X.A. Feng, X.Y. Li   / E. Matthias (1)
STC Dn,  36/1/1987,  P.69
Keywords: Computer Aided Design, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Application
Abstract :
Switching functions based geometric modeling languages and its application to numerical control program verification
M. Shpitalni (2), G. Maayan, A. Litan  
STC Dn,  36/1/1987,  P.73
Keywords: Geometrical Modeling Language, Geometrical Modelers, Switching Functions, NC Program Verification, Constructive Solid Geometry
Abstract :
Intelligent CAD in manufacturing
H. Yoshikawa (1), K. Ando  
STC Dn,  36/1/1987,  P.77
Keywords: CAD, CAM, AL, CAD/CAM Integration, CIM, Process Planning
Abstract :
Application of CAD modeling for information enhancement in experimental flow pattern studies
L. Kops (1), L. Lichten, M.A. Melkanoff  
STC Dn,  36/1/1987,  P.81
Keywords: CAD Geometric Modeling, Interactive Computer Graphics, Modeling of Physical Experiment, Flow Visualization, Information Enhancement, Graphic Solution
Abstract :
Expert system for inspection planning
H.A. ElMaraghy, P.H. Gu   / J. Bollinger
STC Dn,  36/1/1987,  P.85
Keywords: Expert System, Inspection Planning, Feature-Oriented Modelling, Geometric Tolerancing, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Syntatic Pattern Recognition, Knowledge Based Planning and Inferencing, PROLOG
Abstract :


Three-dimensional photochemical machining
D.M. Allen, J.R.C. Brightman, P.J. Gillbanks, P.M. Smith   / J.R. Crookall (1)
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.91
Keywords: Photochemical Machining, 3-D Surface Etching
Abstract :
Beam defocus effect in electron beam machining of green ceramic sheet
K. Horio, T. Terabayashi   / N. Taniguchi (1)
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.95
Abstract :
Low temperature vapour phase coating processes for wear resistant coatings on high duty tools
H. Freller, K.G. Günther (1)  
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.99
Abstract :
Equeous solutions of organic compounds as dielectrics for EDM sinking
W. König (1), L. Jörres  
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.105
Abstract :
A new approach for contamination measurements for EDM dielectrics
C. Frei, C. Hirt, R. Giardin, D.F. Dauw (2)  
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.111
Keywords: EDM, Spark Erosion, Contamination, Dielectric Liquid, Ignition Delay
Abstract :
On-machine trueing/dressing of metal bond grinding wheels with electro-discharge machining
K. Suzuki, T. Uetmatsu, T. Nakagawa (1)  
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.115
Keywords: Grinding of Ceramics, Trueing, Dressing, Metal Bond Grinding Wheel, Cast Iron Fiber Bond Diamond Wheel, Profiled Wheel, Electro-Discharge Machining, On-Machine Electro-Discharge Trueing/Dressing, Grinding Center, Machining Center
Abstract :
Study on wire-EDM : accuracy in taper-cut
N. Kinoshita (1), M. Fukui, T. Fujii  
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.119
Keywords: Wire-EDM, Electrode-Wire, Incurvation, Die-Guide, Taper-Cut, Discharge, Friction at Wire-Guide
Abstract :
Quick finishing of WEDM products by ECM using a mate-electrode
T. Masuzawa (2), S. Sakai  
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.123
Keywords: EDM, WEDM, ECM, Finishing, Surface Roughness, Mate-Electrode, Mold, Die
Abstract :
Development of a laminated broaching tool manufactured by wire EDM
Y. Yokoi, H. Hiraoka, H.V. Mendes, I. Misumi   / K. Uehara (1)
STC E,  36/1/1987,  P.127
Keywords: Broach, Laminated Broach, Wire EDM, Flexible Manufacturing
Abstract :


A new numerical method for axisymmetrical forming processes
N. Alberti (1), L. Cannizzaro, R. Riccobono  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.131
Keywords: Forming, Numerical, Axisymmetrical
Abstract :
Computer aided forging design
A.N. Bramley   / A.W.J. Chisholm (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.135
Keywords: Forging, Upper Bound
Abstract :
Die system for precision forging
E. Doege (1), G. Hartke, B. Adams  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.139
Keywords: Precision Forging, Die System, Die Guide Frame, Guide Adjustment, Die Decoupling, Die Quick Change, Process Control, Finite Element Method
Abstract :
Computer aided design of muti-stage cold forging process : load peaks and strain distribution evaluation
P. Bariani, E. Benuzzi, W.A. Knight (2)   / F. Jovane (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.145
Keywords: CAD, CAPP, Cold Forging, Forging Sequence
Abstract :
Application of the rigid-triangle velocity field o plane-strain wedge indentation into strain-hardening materials
S. Matsubara, H. Kudo (1)  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.149
Keywords: Wedge Indentation, Plane Strain, Rigid Triangle Field, Strain Hardening Material, Minimum Power Criterion
Abstract :
Tool life in solid forward extrusion
W. Reiss   / K. Lange (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.155
Keywords: Tool Steel, Fracture Behaviour, Tool Life Tests, Tool Failure, Tool Monitoring
Abstract :
Backward extrusion. Residual deformability of resulphurized mid-hard steels
X.B. Zhou, T. Vinh (1), B. Criqui  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.161
Keywords: Backward Extrusion, Residual Deformability, Mid-Hard Steel, Ductile Fracture, Sulphide Inclusion, Anisotropy, Short Tube Compression, Ring Expansion
Abstract :
The prediction of surface craking based on the model material technique
F. Yoshida, T. Wanheim (1)  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.165
Keywords: Model Material, 3-D non-Steady Problem, Stress Analysis, Surface Cracking, Block Upsetting
Abstract :
Investigation into lubricated extrusion of round tubes through streamlined dies considering the plastic flow
D.Y. Yang, H.S. Kim, C.M. Lee   / I. Ham (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.169
Abstract :
Application of mashy-stage working processes to production of metal-ceramics composites
M. Kiuchi (2)  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.173
Keywords: Mashy-State Working Processes, Metal-Ceramics Compounds, Particle Reinforced Metals, Multi-Layers Cladding Metals, Composite Materials
Abstract :
Real-time control of twist deformation
D.E. Hardt (2), T. Jenne, M. Domroese, R. Farra  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.177
Abstract :
Influence of various surface microstructures on the tribology in aluminium sheet metal
R. Balbach   / K. Lange (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.181
Keywords: Surface Microstructures, Strip Drawing Test, Tribology, Aluminium Sheet, Deep Drawing
Abstract :
On the Yoshida buckling test of high strength and coated steels
A.G. Mamalis, L.P. Hatzikonstantis   / Z. Marciniak (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.185
Keywords: Sheet Metal Forming, Formability, Shape Fixability, Buckling, Plastic Deflection, Buckle Removal, Material Testing
Abstract :
Sheet metal forming with hydraulic counter pressure in Japan
K. Nakamura   / T. Nakagawa (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.191
Keywords: Forming, Deep Drawing, Hydraulic Forming, Hydroform, Hydro-Mechanical Drawing, Hydraulic Counter Pressure, Sheet Metal, Press
Abstract :
Determination of the forming limit stress curve for anisotropic sheets
R. Arrieux, M. Boivin   / F. Le Maître (1)
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.195
Keywords: Plastic Anisotropy, Orthotropy, Forming Limit Diagrams, Forming Limit Stress Diagrams, Titanium Sheet, Anisotropic Sheet
Abstract :
Computer-aided dreep-drawing of two-part cans
J. Reissner (1), R. Ehrismann  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.199
Keywords: Process Simulation, Finite Difference Method, Two-Part Cans, Failure Criterion, Tool Behaviour Simulation
Abstract :
Analysis of rolling
J.S. Gunasekera (2), J.M. Alexander (1)  
STC F,  36/1/1987,  P.203
Keywords: Rolling Slab Method, Mathematical Modelling of Manufacturing Processes, Material Behaviour, Materials Information Systems, Strain-Rate and Temperature Effects, Material Stability Criteria
Abstract :


Improvements in centreless grinding machine design
W.B. Rowe, S. Spraggett, R. Gill   / B.J. Davies (1)
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.207
Keywords: Grinding, Centreless Grinding, Machine Tool Design, Grinding Tests
Abstract :
Ultra-precision float polishing machine
Y. Namba, H. Tsuwa; R. Wada   / N. Ikawa (1)
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.211
Keywords: Float Polishing, Ultra-Precision Machining, Flatness, Surface Roughness, Temperature Control, Clean Air, Diamond Turning, Glass
Abstract :
Development of a flexible grinding system with six axis force sensor for curve surfaces
T. Nagao, Y. Hatamura   / H. Sato (1)
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.215
Keywords: Flexible Grinding System, Six-Axis Force Sensor, Curved Surface, Die Finishing, Casting Finishing, Weld Bead Removing
Abstract :
ID cut-off grinding of brittle materials
E. Brinksmeier, W. Von Schmieden   / H. Trumpold (1)
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.219
Keywords: Diamond Tool, Cut-Off Grinding, Silicon Wafer, Electromagnetic Stress Measurement, Finite Element Calculation
Abstract :
Fluid film boiling in shallow cut grinding
T.D. Howes, K. Neailey, A.J. Harrison   / P.A. McKeown (1)
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.223
Keywords: Fluid Film Boiling, Shallow-cut Grinding, Thermal Partitioning, Burn Criteria, Grinding Force, Grinding Temperature, Stock Removal Rate
Abstract :
Creep-feed grinding with continuous dressing
I. Inasaki (2)  
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.227
Keywords: Creep-Feed Grinding, Continuous Dressing, Adaptive Control, Difficult-to-Machine Materials, Grinding Burn
Abstract :
Curvature in surface grinding of thin workpieces with superabrasive wheels
T. Matsuo (2), H. Shibahara, Y. Ohbuchi  
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.231
Keywords: Surface Grinding, Superabrasive Wheel, Steel and Brittle Materials, Thin Plate, Curvature, Grinding Force, Residual Stress, Affected Layer
Abstract :
Process-optimization in honing of automotive cylinders
E. Saljé (1), M. Von See  
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.235
Keywords: Honing Process, Honing Stone Topography, Model Tests, Tangential Force Measurement, Supervizing, Controlling, Roughness Sensor, Higher Cutting Speed
Abstract :
A study on mechanism of high speed heavy snagging
H.W. Zheng, G.Q. Cai   / R. Snoeys (1)
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.241
Keywords: Heavy Steel Snagging, Geometrical Grinding Model, Metal Removal Rate, Wheel Wear, Grinding Angle, Grinding Power, Specific Energy, Grinding Force Ratio, Thermal Model, Grinding Temperature
Abstract :
What grinding swarf reveals ?
S. Ramanath, T.C. Ramaraj, M.C. Shaw (1)  
STC G,  36/1/1987,  P.245
Keywords: Grinding, Cubic Boron Nitride, Aluminum Oxide Chips, Wear Particles
Abstract :


Mechanical signature analysis in interrupted cutting
J. Rotberg, E. Lenz, (1), S. Braun  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.249
Keywords: Interrupted Cutting, Tool Wear Monitoring, Signature Analysis
Abstract :
A generalized geometric error model for multi-axis machines
K.F. Eman, B.T. Wu, M.F. De Vries (1)  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.253
Keywords: Machine, Tools, Machine Accuracy, Error Models, Multi-Axis Machines
Abstract :
An examination technique to determine static weakpoints of machine tools
M. Weck (1), R. Eckstein  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.257
Keywords: Machine Tools, Static Behaviour, Static Weakpoint-Measurement
Abstract :
Development of hybrid bearing for wide speed range, quill type spindle unit
Y. Furukawa (2)  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.263
Abstract :
High speed high poxer spindles with roller bearings
J. Tlusty (1), I. Hernandez, S. Smith, C. Zamudio  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.267
Keywords: Machine Tools, Spindles
Abstract :
Drafting and optimizing a tool drive for the mill-drilling process and its suspension in the boring bar shaft
K. Tuffentsammer (1), A. Koster, J. Koch  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.273
Keywords: Milling, Drilling, Mill-Drilling, Deep Hole Drilling, Vibrations, Dynamic Tool Load, Chip Removal, Cutting Speed Distribution, Elastic Tool Drive
Abstract :
A mini CIM system for turning
J.M. Shyu, Y.W. Chen   / K.K. Wang (1)
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.277
Keywords: ICON, Pop-Up, CAD, CAM, CAPP, CIM, Tool Monitor, Form Feature, Post-Processor, CNC
Abstract :
Developments for electric underwater handling-systems
H.K. Tönshoff (1), G. Jäckel, H. Janocha  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.281
Keywords: Underwater Hanling Systems, Sealings for Shafts in Sea Water, Pressure-Compensated Electric Robot Drives, Underwater Tool Changing
Abstract :
Development of flexible actuator controller for advanced machine tool and robot control
K. Yamazaki, F. De Schepper, M. Kamiyama   / T. Hoshi (1)
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.285
Keywords: Servomotor, Control, Microprocessor, Software Servo, Mechatronics
Abstract :
End-effector guidance of robot arms
Y. Koren (1), M. Shoham  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.289
Keywords: Robot, Flexible Arm, Manipulator Remote-Guidance
Abstract :
Automation of deburring operations by means of color information
Y. Takeuchi, M. Sakamoto, K. Kouda   / T. Sata (1)
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.293
Keywords: Deburring Robot, Color Sensor, Burrs, Sculptured Surface, Recognition, Gap Sensor, Personal Computer
Abstract :
LOLA, an advanced end-point level off-line robot programming system
H. Van Brussel (1), L. Van Aken, J. De Schutter  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.297
Keywords: Robotics, Off-Line Programming, data Base, Trajectory Generation, Compliant Motion
Abstract :
Active controls of the dynamic machining accuracy
C.R. Zhang, M. Querry, C. Bedrin (2), C. Marty   / M. Véron
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.301
Keywords: Dynamic Machining Accuracy, Active Controls, Machine Tools, Manufacturing System, Compensation Function, State Equations, Digital Simulation
Abstract :
Effect of mechanical compliance on deflection of robot manipulators
M.C. Leu, V. Dukovski, K.K. Wang (1)  
STC M,  36/1/1987,  P.305
Keywords: Robot, Accuracy, Deflection, Compliance
Abstract :


Matching AI tools to engineering requirements
A. Markus, J. Hatvany (1)  
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.311
Keywords: Manufacturing Problem Domains, Artificial Intelligence Tools
Abstract :
Knowledge based flexible part classification system for CAD/CAM
K. Iwata (1), N. Sugimura, Y. Fukuda  
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.317
Keywords: Part Classification System, Rough Shapes of Parts, CAD/CAM, CIM, Production Planning, Predicate Logic
Abstract :
Structure and application of a universal company independent data bank for tools
W. Eversheim (1), S. Jacobs, L. Wienand  
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.321
Keywords: Cutting Tools, Tool Selection, Tool Modules, Combination Rules, Tool Data Bank, Tool Data Structure
Abstract :
A model-based vision system using a small computer
D.S. Milutinovic, V.R. Milacic (1)  
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.327
Keywords: Robot, Vision, Solid Modelling, Model Based Vision
Abstract :
Hierarchically structured multisensor system for an intelligent mobile robot
J. Borenstein, Y. Koren (1), R. Weill (1)  
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.331
Keywords: Mobile Robot, Hierarchical Multisensor System
Abstract :
Double-loop model following adaptive control system of robot manipulator
J.Z. Tang, G.P. Yang, H.H. Yang (1), G.Q. Yao  
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.335
Keywords: Adaptive Control, Linear Model Following Adaptive Control System, Hyperstability, Discrete Time-Domain Double-Loop Control Algorithm
Abstract :
A new procedure for the economic programming of tooling robots in the case of small batches
G. Pritschow   / K. Tuffentsammer (1)
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.339
Keywords: Robot Programming, Manually Guided Industrial Robot, Sensor Control Loops, Tooling of Small Batches woth Industrial Robots, Automated Path-Weling
Abstract :
The scheduling of flexible manufacturing systems
Z. Doulgeri, R.D. Hibberd, T.M. Hushand   / A. Chisholm (1)
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.343
Keywords: Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Scheduling, Simulation, Heuristic Algorithms
Abstract :
Tool automatic choice : a step to elaborate automatically process planning
L. Mathieu, p. Bourdet (2)   / F. Le Maître (1)
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.347
Keywords: Tool Choice, Tool Definition Parameters, Machining Optimisation, Process Planning
Abstract :
An expert system of the part classification
J.Y. Zhu   / Y.Z. Zhang (1)
STC O,  36/1/1987,  P.351
Keywords: Expert System, Part Classification, Group Technology, Fuzzy Equivalent Relation Method, Fuzzy Pattern Recognition, Clustering Analysis
Abstract :

 STC P(Q) 

Error diagnosis and compensation using kinematic models and position error data
N.A. Duffie (2), S.J. Malmberg  
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.355
Keywords: Accuracy, Error Compensation, Kinematic Modeling, Kinematic Errors
Abstract :
Coordinate measuring machines and machine tools selfcalibration and error correction
G. Belforte, B. Bona, E. Anuto, F. Donati, F. Ferraris, I. Gorini, M. Morei, M. Peisino, S. Sartori   / R. Levi (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.359
Keywords: Dimensional Metrology, Calibration, Measuring Machines, Machine Tools, Automatic Error Correction, Identification, Simulation
Abstract :
Error budgeting - applied to the calculation and optimization of the volumetric error field of multiaxis systems
T. Treib   / E. Matthias (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.365
Keywords: Stiffness Chart, Guideway-Measuring and Analyzing System (GMAS), Guideway Kinematic Test, ASH Analysis (Error Sigma Hysteresis), Interface Center, Standard Test, Kinematic Load Case, Machine-Geometry Compensation
Abstract :
Application of a 3dimensional coordinate measuring machines for problem investigation and upstream quality assurance
H.H. Danzer   / H. Kunzmann (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.369
Keywords: 3Dimensional Coordinate Measuring, Upstream Quality Assurance, Function-Oriented Evaluation
Abstract :
Analysis of the random component of multicoordinate measuring machines and metrological robots position error
L. Nawara (1), M. Kowalski  
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.373
Keywords: Multicoordinate Measuring Machine, Metrological Robot, Measurement Accuracy, Position Error, Systematic Error, Random Error, Error Distribution
Abstract :
The measurement of motion errors of NC machine tools and diagnosis of their origins by using telescoping magnetic ball bar method
Y. Kakino, Y. Ihara, Y. Nakatsu   / K. Okamura (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.377
Keywords: NC Machine Tools, Telescoping Magnetic Ball Bar Method, Motion Error, Accuracy, Diagnosis
Abstract :
A new method for evaluating error motion of ultra precision spindle
H. Shinno, K. Mitsui, Y. Tatsue, N. Tanaka, T. Omino, T. Tabata   / K. Nakayama (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.381
Keywords: Measuring Method, Spindle Rotational Accuracy, Three Points Method, Radial Error Motion, Face Error Motion
Abstract :
A laminar flow motor for precision machining
C.J. Chen, D.B. De Bra (2)  
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.385
Keywords: Hydraulics, Motor, Ultra Precision, Actuator
Abstract :
Automatic recognition system for relative position of required shape in workpiece space
T. Kishinami, S. Kanai, H. Yokouchi, H. Nomura, T. Hayakawa   / H. Takeyama (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.391
Keywords: Automatic Shape Measuring, Five-Direction Measuring, Noncontact Measuring, Automatic Pattern Recognition, Automatic Marking System, Setup for Forgings and Castings, CAD/CAM, Computer-Aided Testing
Abstract :
A laser interferometric system for measuring arbitrary angles
Q. Zhang, C. Wang, X. Hu, F. Jing   / R. Hocken (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.395
Keywords: Inspection, Image Processing, Mounting Error, Chip Part,
Abstract :
Automatic inspection system for chip electronic parts on a printed circuit board
T. Komatsu, S. Uno, M. Inoue, S. Sekiguchi   / A. Kobayashi (1)
STC P(Q),  36/1/1987,  P.399
Keywords: Inspection, Image Processing, Mounting Error, Chip Part, Printed Circuit Board
Abstract :


Surface engineering
N.P. Suh (1), N. Saka  
STC S,  36/1/1987,  P.403
Keywords: Friction Space, Undulated Surfaces, Plowing, Delamination, Lubricated Sliding
Abstract :
Residual stresses as essential criteria for the evaluation of production processes
P. Leskovar (1), D. Ferlan, M. Kovac  
STC S,  36/1/1987,  P.409
Keywords: Residual Stresses, Surface Integrity, Induction Hardening, Grinding, AISI 4140, Crankshaft, Spring Steel
Abstract :
An improved mathematical model to predict residual stresses in surface plung grinding
E. Vansevenant   / J. Peters (1)
STC S,  36/1/1987,  P.413
Keywords: Surface Grinding, Residual Stress, Workpiece Temperatures, Phase Transformations, Contact Length, Heat Convection
Abstract :
Quantitative evaluation of heat damaged layer on ground surface
T. Semba, Y. Tani, H. Sato (1)  
STC S,  36/1/1987,  P.417
Keywords: Surface Integrity, Evaluation, Acoustic Microscope, Creep Feed Grinding, Carbon Steel, Heat Damage, V(z) Characteristic, Rayleigh Wave, Reflection Power, Waveform Analysis
Abstract :
Surface-technological analysis of metal adhesion on tungsten carbide tool and prevention of brittle fracture due to adhesion
H. Takeyama (1), N. Iijima, Y. Yamamoto  
STC S,  36/1/1987,  P.421
Keywords: Surface-Technological Analysis of Tool, Metal Adhesion on Tool, Adhesive Fracture of Tool, Adhesive Activity of Tool, Surface Treatments of Tool
Abstract :
An in-process measurement technique using laser for non-contact monitoring of surface roughness and form accuracy of ground surfaces
C.S. Lee, S.W. Kim, D.Y. Yim   / H.K. Tönshoff (1)
STC S,  36/1/1987,  P.425
Keywords: In-Process Optical Measurement, Ground Surface, Form Accuracy, Surface Roughness, Laser Optics, Opto-Electronics, CCD Photodiode Array, Optical Fiber, Adaptive Control
Abstract :