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STC P - 2019 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee Precision Engineering and Metrology (STC P) had two meetings in 2019 - on February 21st, 2019 in Paris and on August 23rd, 2019 in Birmingham, UK. The STC P meetings were attended by 71 members and 5 invited guests in Paris and 61 members and 14 invited guests in Birmingham.

At the February 21st Paris meeting, STC P discussed status of the future keynote papers, a new idea for future keynote paper, “Machine Learning in Production Metrology,” and the updates on the two relevant ISO standards: “Geometric Product Specifications” and “Machine Tools.” STC P also discussed the activities of the Collaborative Working Group on Additive Manufacturing and potential STC P contributions.

Seven short technical presentations were given followed by short discussions:
1. “Automatic thickness measurement system for a partly sloped plate,” by M. Okamoto (University of Tokyo)
2. “Air volume reference workpieces for X-ray computed tomography for dimensional metrology,” by A. Wozniak (Warsaw University of Technology)
3. “Dimensional measurements of threaded parts performed by X-ray computed tomography,” by F. Zanini (University of Padua)
4. “A tentative first step towards calibration in industrial X-ray computed tomography,” by R. Leach (University of Nottingham)
5. “A new framework for thermo-mechanical models of machine tools,” by P. Hernandez-Becerro (Inspire AG)
6. “EUCoM - Evaluating the Uncertainty in Coordinate Metrology: an EMPIR (EU) project,” by A. Balsamo (INRIM)
7. “Function-Oriented Measurement Evaluation for Intelligent Quality Control Cycles,” by B. Haefner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

STC P approved the sponsorship of the 15th China-Japan International Conference on Ultra-Precision Machining Process (CJUMP) 2019.

At the August 23rd Birmingham meeting, STC P discussed status of the future keynote papers and new ideas for the future keynote papers. Final decision on the new keynote papers will be made in the 2020 Winter meeting in Paris. STC P contributions to newly proposed CWG AM Keynote paper were invited. There was a lively discussion about STC P contributions towards CIRP’s vision of sustainability. One common view was that STC P works toward improving the accuracy of machines and products which results in improved energy efficiency.

Five short technical presentations were given followed by short discussions:
1. “Fringe pattern of retroreflecting lateral targets,” by A. Balsamo (INRIM)
2. “Smart photogrammetric coordinate metrology with machine learning,” by D. Sims-Waterhouse (University of Nottingham)
3. “Judgement risk in volumetric verification of geometric tolerances,” by G. Moroni (Politecnico di Milano)
4. “How good can we characterize a measurement task – the role of measurement parameter definition,” by O.Tan (Polytec)
5. “Performance of probing system for on-machine measurement,” by A. Wozniak (Warsaw University of Technology)

R. K. Leach, D. Bourell, S. Carmignato, A. Donmez, N. Senin, W. Dewulf were the authors of the 2019 STC P Keynote paper, entitled “Geometrical metrology for metal additive manufacturing.” The paper was presented by R. Leach during the CIRP Plenary Session on August 19th in Birmingham. STC P thanked the authors of the keynote paper for their efforts.

STC P paper session was held on August 21st. It included 15 technical presentations covering a broad range of precision engineering and metrology topics, including in-process and post-process workpiece metrology, uncertainty assessment of various metrology methods and instruments, and recent advances in machine tool performance characterization methods and instruments.

A. Donmez