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STC O - 2015 Annual Report

The meetings of the Scientific Technical Committee O were held on 19th February 2015 in Paris (81 members, 19 research affiliates, 31 guests), and on 28th August 2015 in Cape Town (44 members, 13 research affiliates, 18 guests).

The major activities of STC O were the following:

Manufacturing Systems Conferences

Proposals were approved to have:
• the 51th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS) to be held on 16th-18th May 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden with conference chairmen: L. Wang.

Keynote Papers

At the Winter Meeting, it was approved that the
• 2017 Keynote Paper will be “Learning Factories for Future Oriented Research and Education in Manufacturing”, co-ordinated by E. Abele and co-authored by G. Chryssolouris, W. Sihn, J. Metternich, H. ElMaraghy, G. Seliger, G. Sivard, W. ElMaraghy, V. Hummel, M. Tisch, S. Seifermann.
At the GA August Meeting, a proposal for the 2018 Keynote Paper was renewed (the final decision will be made during the 2016 Winter Meeting in Paris):
• “Value Creation in Production: Reconsideration from Interdisciplinary Approaches”(formerly entitled “Social Science Perspective of Manufacturing”) co-ordinated by T. Kaihara and co-authored by N. Nishino, K. Ueda. M. Tseng, J. Váncza, P. Schönsleben.

Moreover, during the GA August Meeting, two new Keynote Paper proposals were presented:
• 2019 STC O Keynote, “Global Production Networks” (G. Lanza, …)
• Cross-STC Keynote, for presentation as early as possible according to the decision of the Cross-STC Board, “Design, Management and Control of Demanufacturing / Remanufacturing Systems” (T. Tolio, A. Bernard, M. Colledani, S. Kara, G. Seliger, …)
Paper Presentations and Technical Reports
During the STC O Paper Session at the General Assembly in Cape Town, one keynote paper (by R. Gao) and 21 session papers were presented and discussed.
At the two STC O Meetings in 2015, a total of 13 technical presentations (6 in February, and 7 in August) were delivered and discussed.

Corporate Members' Activities and Issues

During the Paris Winter Meeting and the GA Meeting in August, STC O Vice-Chairman J. Váncza reported on the CMAG meetings and the aim of CIRP to encourage paper presentations of Corporate Members.

Election of STC O officers

There were no elections in 2015.