STC S - Annual Report 2013


The Scientific Technical Committee Surfaces (STC S) had two meetings in 2013 - in Paris on January 24 and in Copenhagen on August 22. The STC S meetings were attended by 107 participants in Paris and 70 participants in Copenhagen.

During the STC S meetings future keynote papers and cooperative work was discussed. In particular Vice-chairman H. Haitjema presented the status on a round robin related to optical measurement of polymer surfaces.

In January, 8 short technical presentations were given:
1. Broad-band fabrication of functional surfaces (H. Ohmori)
2. A simple method to determine the lateral resolution and period limit for surface topography measuring instruments (R. Leach)
3. Finite element modeling of tribological systems (M.K. Thompson)
4. A simple model linking surface roughness with friction coefficient and manufacturing costs – experimental investigation (L. De Chiffre)
5. Burr reduction method in microdrilling of metal sheets by Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) coating (L.Giorleo, E. Ceretti (2), C. Giardini)
6. Manufacturing of coated net-shape workpieces by composite pressure die casting (A. Peuker, P. Kersting, D. Biermann)
7. Growth of nanocrystalline diamond films on quartz by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition (H.Y. Tsai, K.H. Yu)
8. Impact test on the cutting edge, applied as a novel tool for assessing fatigue behavior of uncoated and coated cemented carbide inserts, (K.-D. Bouzakis, M. Batsiolas, G. Skordaris, F. Stergioudi, N. Michailidis)

In August, 9 short technical presentations were given followed by a lively discussion:
1. Interactions of metal surfaces with additives in metalworking fluids- Findings from tribological tests (D. Meyer, A.-G. Huesmann, J. Schulz, E. Brinksmeier))
2. Nanostructured Surface by Nano Particle Deposition System: Method and Mechanism (S.-H. Ahn, C.-S. Kima, G.-Y. Leea, D.-M. Chunb, C. S. Leec, J. Jeongd and D.-Y. Jange)
3. Effects of micropeening on surface layers and fatigue properties of AISI 4140 (V. Schulze, J. Hoffmeister, R. Weingärtner)
4. Surface defect analysis thru automated visual inspection (M. Bauza)
5. Limitations and Applications of Nanoindentation Technique for Measurement of Thin Film Hardness (D.-E. Kim)
6. Measurements of large surfaces’ morphology and color by laser scanning at high accuracy, demonstrated in the case of Parthenon frieze Measurements of large surfaces’ morphology and color by laser scanning at high accuracy, demonstrated in the case of Parthenon frieze (K.-D. Bouzakis et al)
7. Effect of geometry of molded surface structure on polymer for mass production of super-hydrophobic surface (D.-M. Chun)
8. Replication quality control of metal and polymer micro structured optical surfaces (G. Tosello, H.N. Hansen, S. Gasparin)
9. Implementation of in-process monitoring of surface generation in Robot Assisted Polishing (G. Bissacco, L. Pilny, L. De Chiffre)

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2013 STC S meetings can be found in the complete minutes of these meetings, produced by professor E. Savio, technical secretary of STC S. The minutes including annexes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

The 2013 keynote paper of STC S entitled “Bio-inspired Functional Surfaces for Advanced Applications” was presented by A.P. Malshe during the opening session of the General Assembly in Copenhagen. A.P. Malshe coordinated this paper with K. Rajurkar, A. Samant, H.N. Hansen, S. Bapat and W. Jiang. The paper was well received by the assembly and the STC S.

The paper session of STC S was taking place August 19 and 20. A total of 11 high quality papers were presented and good discussions followed all papers.

At the end of the August meeting, the election of new technical officers took place. The Chairman proposed to elect B. Mullany as new Technical Secretary, H. Haitjema as Chairman and E. Savio and Vice-Chairman. This was accepted unanimously. H. Haitjema thanked prof. H.N. Hansen in the name of the STS S for his work and his contributions, showing his excellent leadership qualities in a 9-years career as STC-S officer.

H. Haitjema, Chairman STC S