STC S - Annual Report 2011

The Scientific Technical Committee Surfaces (STC S) had two meetings in 2011 - in Paris on January 27 and in Budapest on August 25. The STC S meetings were attended by 81 participants in Paris and 92 participants in Budapest.

During the STC S meetings future keynote papers and cooperative work was discussed. In particular Vice-chairman H. Haitjema presented the initial thoughts on a round robin related to optical measurement of polymer surfaces.

In January, 7 short technical presentations were given:
1.    Technological Shifts in Surface Metrology towards Scale specific Correlation and Discrimination (C.A. Brown)    
2.    Functional characterization of structured surfaces for tribological applications (A. Bruzzone, H.L. Costa)
3.    Integration of a stable AFM with the Sub Atomic  Measuring Machine (R.J. Hocken, J. Overcash, C. Stroup, T. Lemmons)
4.    A New Strategy for Adjusting Process Variables to Achieve Multiple Double Sided Texture Specifications  (C.A. Brown)    
5.    Finite Element Modeling using Surface Metrology Data (M.K. Thompson)
6.    Development of a MEMS-based nano tensile test and first results (K. Herman, D. Lucca)
7.    Diffusion phenomena at elevated temperatures and nano hardness in the contact area between hardened steel and various PVD coatings (K.-D. Bouzakis, M. Batsiolas, D. Sagris, E. Pavlidou, N. Michailidis)

In August, 6 short technical presentations were given followed by a lively discussion:
1.    From experience based to knowledge based process design: An energy approach (E. Brinksmeier, F. Klocke, R. Gläbe)
2.    Application of the 3D structure function for surface representation  (C. Evans)
3.    Determination of radius as a function of scale and position on a measured profile (M. Gleason, C.A. Brown)
4.    Development of standards for repeatability and reproducibility in surface metrology (C.A. Brown, T.S. Bergstrom)
5.    Polymer and metal surface sub-micro structures manufacture using batch chemical processing methods and injection moulding (G. Tosello, H.N. Hansen)
6.    Nano-impact test on a TiAlN PVD coating and correlation between experimental and FEM results (K.-D. Bouzakis, S. Gerardis, G. Skordaris, E. Bouzakis)

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2011 STC S meetings can be found in the complete minutes of these meetings, produced by professor E. Savio, technical secretary of STC S. The minutes including annexes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

The 2011 keynote paper of STC S entitled “Replication of micro and nano surface geometries” was presented by H.N. Hansen during the opening session of the General Assembly in Budapest. H.N. Hansen coordinated this paper with R.J. Hocken and G. Tosello. The paper was well received by the assembly and the STC S.

The paper session of STC S was taking place August 22 and 23. A total of 11 high quality papers were presented and good discussions followed all papers.

H.N. Hansen, Chairman STC S