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STC Dn - 2017 Annual Report

Meetings held

The Scientific Technical Committee Design (STC Dn) had two meetings in 2017 in Paris on February 17 with 88 attendees and in Lugano, Switzerland, during the General Assembly on August 24 with 87 attendees, respectively. Additionally, STC Dn members actively attended and supported the collaborative working group meetings as well as the cross-STC group meetings.


During the meetings, the following CIRP-owned conferences were reported or discussed.
• 27th CIRP Design Conference 2017 (Cranfield, UK)
• 28th CIRP Design Conference 2018 (Nantes, France)
• 29th CIRP Design Conference 2019 (Povoa de Varzim, Portugal)
• Proposal: 30th CIRP Design Conference 2020 (South Africa)
• CIRP CAT Conference 2018 (Milano, Italy)
• CIRP CAT Conference 2020 (Charlotte, USA)


STC Dn has been working on, or is preparing the following keynote papers. STC Dn members gave them comments to upcoming keynote papers:
• 2017 – “Design for reduction of energy use consumption” J. Shu, et al.
• 2018 – “Tolerancing and Design under Uncertainty”, E. Morse, et al.
• 2019 – “Development Capabilities for Smart Products,” T. Tomiyama, et al.
• 2020 – “Design for Additive Manufacturing, Tools and Methods,” T. Vaneker, et al.


Dn Publications

At the 66th CIRP General Assembly in Lugano, 12 Dn papers were presented and discussed, which is one paper fewer than the previous year.
In-Depth Presentation/Discussion
At the February (Paris) meeting, in-depth discussion took place to explore future keynote topics (beyond 2020). Prof. Morse (NCU, USA) gave the initial presentation.
At the Lugano meeting, as in-depth discussion, design education was discussed. Prof. Metternich (Darmstadt, D) and Dr. Damgrave (Twente, NL) gave the initial presentations.

Design Discussions

At the February (Paris) meeting, the following “design discussions” took place (instead of technical presentation).
• Testbed for Design Research
• Core Competences of STC Dn
At the Lugano meeting, the STC continued the discussion on “Testbed for Design Research”.


Other Business



• Chair: E. Lutters
• Vice Chair: R. Stark
• Secretary: T. Tomiyama