Mr. Maurice James Puttock

6 March 1921 (UK) - 1985 - Australia

Affiliation to CIRP

1979 – 1983 Fellow


Strongly supported CIRP and contributed to STC-P.


  • BSc (Eng), AAIP, AInstP, CEng, AMIMechE

  • Leader of the Length Group, CSIRO National Standards Laboratory (NSL), later National Measurement Laboratory (NML), 1953-1982

  • President of Royal Society of NSW 1972

  • Medal of Royal Society of NSW awarded 1978

  • Commissioner, Australian Government National Standards Commission


Best known for his pioneering work in large-scale metrology applied to the geometry of the CSIRO Radio Physics Parks 210 ft parabolic radio telescope and the 1968 publication, with E G Thwaite, of Elastic compression of spheres and cylinders at point and line contact (NSL Technical Paper No 25, pp64 Monograph).

Trained under the guidance of F H Rolt and H Barrell at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington UK, pre and post World War II- serving in both the RAF and RN during that conflict. Migrated with his family to Australia in 1953 where he joined the CSIRO National Standards Laboratory - working there on dimensionally related problems until his retirement in 1984.

He was active in the work of the Australian Standards Association (ASA) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) as a committee member and chairman of committees. He was also a Commissioner of the National Standards Commission and involved as and assessor and member of the governing body of the National Association of Testing Laboratories (NATA).

His text Notes on Engineering Metrology, addressed to the training of engineering metrology technicians, was widely used throughout technical colleges in Australia.