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Professor Peter Oxley

8 January 1930 (UK) - 15 Octobre 1999 - Australia

Affiliation with CIRP

1964 F.W. Taylor Medal
1966 Active Member
Contributed to STC-C and STC-M


  • Taylor Medal

  • Thomas Bernard Hall Prize of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

  • Life Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.


Peter Oxley started his engineering career from a practical base, as an apprentice with the Royal Ordnance Factory in Leeds, UK. With strong dedication he studied at the Leeds Technical College, leading to a BSc, followed by a PhD in 1957 from Leeds University for his studies on the plastic flow in machining.

He worked as a Scientific Officer with the UK Atomic Energy Authority, followed by academic posts at Manchester and Cranfield. In 1965 he moved to Australia, being appointed Foundation Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of New South Wales, and in 1970 he was appointed to the Sir James Kirby Chair of Production Engineering at that university.

His work on plasticity in metal-working and the analysis of the metal cutting shear zone using a slip line field incorporating a work-hardening term in the plastic flow was well known internationally and applied by researchers and industry world-wide.