Innovative assembly management
W. Eversheim (1), M. Gross, F. Lehmann  
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.1
Keywords: Assembly, Network, Product Structure, Assembly Control, Disturbance Management, Decision Support
Abstract :
Flexible assembly systems - Opportunities and challenge for economic production
J. Milberg (1), M. Schmidt  
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.5
Keywords: Flexible Assembly Systems, Flexible Pilot Assembly Cell, Planning Strategies, Simulation Systems
Abstract :
Knowledge based diagnosis in flexible automated assembly
G. Seliger, O. Bollmann, W. Kaase   / G. Spur (1)
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.9
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Based Systems, Automated Assembly, Modelling Assembly Structures, Diagnosis, Inference Strategies
Abstract :
Versality index - An indicator for assembly system selection
H. Makino (1)  
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.15
Keywords: Versatility, Flexibility, Flexible Assembly System, System Selection
Abstract :
SESFAC : a scheduling expert system for a flexible assembly cell
H. Van Brussel (1), F. Cottrez  
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.19
Keywords: Operation Scheduling, Knowledge Based System Design, Disruption Integration, Rescheduling, Assembly Cell
Abstract :
A concept for computer aided process planning of flexible assembly
C.J.M. Heemskerk, L.N. Reijers   / H.J.J. Kals (1)
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.25
Keywords: Assembly, Process Planning
Abstract :
An integrated and flexible system for automatic tool assembly and disassembly
F. Giusti (1), M. Santochi (2), G. Dini  
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.29
Keywords: CAPP, Automatic Assembly, Assembly Planning, Tool-Room
Abstract :
An approach to the automatic assembly planning problem
E. Zussman, E. Lenz (1), M. Shpitalni (2)  
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.33
Keywords: Assembly Analysis, Feature Matching, Assembly Graph
Abstract :
Assembly of suspended heavy works
T. Arai, H. Ohsumi   / H. Makino (1)
STC A,  39/1/1990,  P.37
Keywords: Automatic Assembly, Heavy Product, Crane, Robot, Suspended Work, Vibration Control, Coordinated Control
Abstract :


Four plane facet point drills - Basic design and cutting model predictions
E.J.A. Armarego (1), A.J.R. Smith, Z.J. Gong  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.41
Keywords: Facet Point, Drill Design, Force Prediction, Point Geometry, Drilling CAD/CAM
Abstract :
On the controllability of chip breaking cycles and modes of chip breaking in metal machining
I.S. Jawahir (2)  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.47
Keywords: Chip Curl, Chip Breaking, Chip Groove, Chip Streaming, High Speed Filming
Abstract :
A criterion to optimize cutting tool geometry
S. Kaldor (2), A. Ber (1)  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.53
Keywords: Cutting Tools, Tool Geometry, Tool Wear, Tool Breakage
Abstract :
Comprehensive tool wear estimation in finish machining via multivariate time-series analysis of 3D cutting forces
Y. Yao, X.D. Fang, G. Arndt (1)  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.57
Keywords: Multivariate Time-Series, Tool Wear, Dispersion Analysis, Finish-Machining, Minor Flank Wear, Nose Wear
Abstract :
Machining hard materials with geometrically defined cutting edges - Field of applications and limitations
W. König (1), M. Klinger, R. Link  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.61
Keywords: Hard Machining, CBN, Carbides, Ceramics
Abstract :
Role of tool microstructure and stress-state upon the wear mechanisms in milling
H. Chandrasekaran (2), A. Nordgren  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.65
Keywords: Milling, Cemented Carbides, Microstructure, Chipping, Wear
Abstract :
New approach of cutting tool materials - Cermet (titanium carbonitride based material) for machining steels
R. Porat (2), A. Ber (1)  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.71
Keywords: Tool Materials, CERMET, TiCN, Cutting Tools, Turning, Milling, Grooving
Abstract :
Tool wear of coated tools when machining a high nickel alloy
S. Hanasaki, J. Fujiwara, M. Touge, Y. Hasegawa   / K. Uehara (1)
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.77
Keywords: Cutting, High Nickel Alloy, Coated Tool, Turning, Tool Wear
Abstract :
Effect of cutting heat on machining accuracy in ultra precision diamond turning
T. Moriwaki (2), A. Horiuchi, K. Obuda  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.81
Keywords: Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning, FEM Simulation, Temperature Distribution Thermal Deformation
Abstract :
Measuring the very small cutting edge radius for a diamond tool using a new type of SEM having two detectors
S. Asai, Y. Taguchi, K. Horio, T. Kasai, A. Kobayashi (1)  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.85
Keywords: Cutting Edge Radius, SEM, Ultra-Precision Diamond Machining, Diamond Tool Sharpness, Sharpness Measurement
Abstract :
Diamond turning of brittle materials for optical components
T. Nakasuji, S. Kodera, S. Hara, N. Ikawa (1), S. Shimada  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.89
Keywords: Diamond Turning, Brittle Material, Single Crystal, Brittle-Ductile Transition, Chip Formation
Abstract :
Determination of the equivalent diameter of an end mill based on its compliance
L. Kops (1), D.T. Vo  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.93
Keywords: End Mill Deflection, Moment of Inertia, Shape Factor, Solid Modeling, Finite Element Modeling, CAE Analysis
Abstract :
Prediction of tool fracture in drilling
E. Brinksmeier (2)  
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.97
Keywords: Drilling, Tool Fracture, Torque, Sensor, Eddy Current
Abstract :
Neural network sensor fusion for tool condition monitoring
D.A. Dornfeld   / M.F. De Vries (1)
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.101
Keywords: Sensor Fusion, Neural Network, Tool Wear Monitoring, Acoustic Emission
Abstract :
High speed turn-milling. A new precision manufacturing technology for the machining of rotationally symetrical workpieces
H. Schulz   / C. Spur (1)
STC C,  39/1/1990,  P.107
Keywords: High Speed Cutting, High Speed Turn-Milling, Tool Wear, Precision Manufacturing, Surface Quality, Turn-Milling Machines
Abstract :

 STC Dn 

A general model for mechanical design
H.A. ElMaraghy (2), S. Chen  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.111
Keywords: Domain Independent Design, Design Synthesis and Analysis, Configuration Decomposition, Descriptive Knowledge Representation, CAM Design, Expert Systems
Abstract :
Use of associative memory and self organization in conceptual design
S.R.T. Kumara, I. Ham (1)  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.117
Keywords: Conceptual Design, Design Process, Design Model, Artificial Neural Network, Two-Layer Perceptron
Abstract :
CAD with design specification decomposition and its application
E. Arai, K. Iwata (1)  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.121
Keywords: CAD, Design Specification, Specification Decomposition, Character Strings Processing, AHP, Neural Network
Abstract :
Free-form surface modelling for complicated product desciption
F. Kimura (2), Y. Yamaguchi, K. Kobayashi, H. Nakajima  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.125
Keywords: Free-Form Surface, Sculptured Surface, Rational Bezier Expression, Non-Manifold Topology, Geometric Modelling, CAD/CAM
Abstract :
CAD/CAM for geometry and process analysis of helical groove machining
D.S. Sheth, S. Malkin (1)  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.129
Abstract :
Objected-oriented reconstruction for CAD modeling
S.H. Bok, A.Y.C. Nee (2), S.L. Lee  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.133
Keywords: Scanning, Automatic Digitization, Image Processing, Model Reconstruction, Feature Extraction
Abstract :
Performance evaluation of fluid machinery during conceptual design
J.G. Persson   / G. Sohlenius (1)
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.137
Keywords: Conceptual Design, Design Solutions, Optimization, Performance Evaluation, Design Parameters, Fluid Machinery
Abstract :
Multirepresentation based geometrical modeler
G. Spur (1), F.L. Krause (2), E. Lenz (1), M. Shpitalni (2), A. Fisher  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.141
Keywords: Geometrical Modeling, Boundary Representation, CSG, Octree, Switching Function
Abstract :
Design of thinking design machine
N.P. Suh (1), S. Sekimoto  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.145
Keywords: Design, Intelligent Machine, Creative Design, Design Axioms, Database
Abstract :
Integrating design and manufacturing
F.L.M. Delbressine, A.C.H. Van Der Wolf (1)  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.149
Keywords: Design, CAD/CAM
Abstract :
Grinding wheel profile definition for the manufacture of drill flutes
K.F. Ehmann   / M.F. De Vries (1)
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.153
Keywords: Flute Grinding, Drill Flutes, Wheel Profile
Abstract :
A system architecture for parallel geometric modelling
F.L. Krause (2), H. Hayka, M. Münke  
STC Dn,  39/1/1990,  P.157
Keywords: Geometric Modelling, Parallel Processing, Model Structuring, Model Access
Abstract :


Surface topography investigations by fractal analysis of spark eroded electrically conductive ceramics
D.F. Dauw (2), C.A. Brown, J.P. Van Griethuysen, J.F.L.M. Albert  
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.161
Keywords: EDM, Ceramic Workpieces, Fractal Analysis, Surface Roughness, SEM
Abstract :
The study of EDM with forced vibration of tool-electrode
S. Enache (1), C. Opran, G. Stoica, E. Strajescu  
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.167
Keywords: Electrical Discharge Machining, Tool Electrode, Forcet Vibration, Vibration of the Technological Machining System, Technological Force, Mathematical Model
Abstract :
On-line detection of EDM spark location by multiple connection of branched electric wires
M. Kunieda, H. Kojima   / N. Kinoshita (1)
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.171
Keywords: EDM, Spark Location, On-Line Detection, Local Distribution, Arc, Adaptive Control
Abstract :
WEDM monitoring with a statistical pulse-classification method
H. Watanabe, T. Sato, I. Suzuki   / N. Kinoshita (1)
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.175
Keywords: WEDM, Monitoring System, Statistical Pulse-Classification Method, Offline Process Optimization, Frequency Distribution
Abstract :
Pulsed Nd : YAG laser cutting composite materials
W.S. Lau (2), W.B. Lee, S.Q. Fang  
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.179
Keywords: Pulsed Nd-YAG Laser Cutting, Carbon Fibre Composites, Beam Parameters, Depth of Cut, Heat-Affected-Zone, Thermal Damage
Abstract :
WED machinability comparison of different steel grades
G.N. Levy (2), F. Maggi  
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.183
Keywords: EDM, Wire EDM, Steel Grades, Trim Cuts, Machinability
Abstract :
Real time stochastic model and control of EDM
K.P. Rajurkar, W.M. Wang   / R.P. Lindsay (1)
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.187
Keywords: EDM, Adaptive Control, Stochastic Process, System Identification
Abstract :
Die-sinking by electroerosion-dissolution machining
A.B.E. Khairy   / P.A. McGeough (1)
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.191
Keywords: Electrochemical Machining, Electrodischarge Machining, Electroerosion-Dissolution Machining, Specific Metal Removal Rate, Power Utilization Factor, Die-Shaping Factor, Surface Integrity
Abstract :
About the role of debris in the GAP during electrical discharge machining
B.M. Schumacher (2)  
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.197
Keywords: EDM, Ignition of Discharges, GAP-Debris Effects, EDM-GAP Width, GAP-Breakthrough
Abstract :
Three dimensional printing : rapid tooling and prototypes directly from a CAD model
E. Sachs, M. Cima, J. Cornie   / N.P. Suh (1)
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.201
Keywords: Three Dimensional Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Ink-Jet Printing, Ceramic Powders, Investment Casting
Abstract :
Focused ion beam fabrication of micro-mechanical parts - machining characteristics of polycrystalline silicon and computer simulation of profile changes of patterns
I. Miyamoto   / N. Taniguchi (1)
STC E,  39/1/1990,  P.205
Keywords: Focused Ion Beam Fabrication, Micro-Mechanical Parts, Au+ Ion, Sputtering Yield, Polycrystalline Silicon, Surface Topography, Computer Simulation, Profile Change
Abstract :


Influence of various machine tool components on workpiece quality
E. Doege (1), G. Silberbach  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.209
Keywords: Metaforming Machine Tools, Precision of Workpiece, Machine Stiffness, Stress Behaviour, Flux of Force, Design of Machine Guides and Cross-Heads
Abstract :
Finite element analysis of ductile fracture and defects formation in cold and hot forging
J.C. Gelin, A. Mrichcha   / A. Moisan (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.215
Keywords: Ductile Damage, Cold Forming, Hot Forming, Defects, Finite Elements, Plasticity, Viscoplasticity
Abstract :
Direct measurement of stress and heat between work and tool in metal forming
T. Yoneyama   / Y. Tozawa (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.219
Keywords: Forming, Measurement, Sensor, Stress, Temperature
Abstract :
Geometrical analysis of 3D bulk forming processes by physical simulation
S. Glibbery   / T. Wanheim (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.223
Keywords: Bulk Forming, Process Simulation, Physical Modelling, Process Parameters, Model Material, 3D Strain
Abstract :
Forging process modeller ; a feasibility study
A.N. Bramley (2), C.F. Lugora, F.H. Osman  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.227
Keywords: Forging, Modelling, CAD
Abstract :
Coupled thermal-mechanical analysis of hot metal forming processes
N. Alberti (1), L. Cannizzaro, F. Micari  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.231
Keywords: Metal Forming, Coupled Thermal-Mechanical FE Simulation
Abstract :
Hot working - constitutive equations and computational procedures
L. Anand   / B.F. Von Turkovich (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.235
Keywords: Large Deformation Elasto-Viscoplasticity, Time Integration Procedure, Finite Element Analysis, Forging
Abstract :
Computer aided design of rotary die forgings and hot extrusion dies
E. Körner, L. Schuler, K. Lange (1)  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.239
Keywords: Computer Aided Design, Rotary Die Forgings, Hot Extrusion, Classificationsystem for Forging Parts
Abstract :
A PC based expert system for forming sequence design
A. Azushima, M. Kim   / H. Kudo (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.245
Keywords: Expert System, Cold Forming, Forming Sequence, BASIC, Personal Computer, Axi-Symmetric Part, Geometrical Rule
Abstract :
Expert system for cold forging process based on FEM simulation
K. Osakada (2), T. Nakamura, G.B. Yang  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.249
Keywords: Expert System, Cold Forging, FEM Simulation, Multivariate Analysis, Neural Networks, Back-Propagation
Abstract :
Energy evaluation of cold forming processes
K. Kuzman   / J. Peklenik (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.253
Keywords: Specific Forming Energy, Structure Fineness, Extrusion, Heading
Abstract :
Investigations to the influence of temperature at explosive sheet metal forming
A. neubauer, H. Schmicker, E. Schmidt   / H. Trumpold (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.257
Keywords: Hot Explosive Forming, Pipe-Bulding Experiment, Formability, Technological Aspects, Heating Principle, Production Process
Abstract :
On the determination of the coefficient of friction and the friction factor by the strip-tension friction test
K.J. Weinmann (2), S.R. Bhonsele, J. Gerstenberger  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.263
Keywords: Sheet Metal Forming, Friction Testing, Aluminum Strip with and without Coating
Abstract :
CNC Drücken
E. Von Finckenstein (1), H. Dierig  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.267
Keywords: CNC-Spinning, AC-Spinning, Forming Stages, Flow Failures (Wrinkles and Cracks), Three-Component-Dynamometer
Abstract :
Numerical simulation of drawing of multi-cores clad rods
M. Kiuchi (2), R.Q. Hsu  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.271
Keywords: Numerical Simulation, Drawing, Clad Rod, Core, Sleeve
Abstract :
The neural zone and temperature at the roll/strip interface
J. Jeswiet   / W.B. Rice (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.275
Keywords: Rolling, Friction, Temperature, Neutral Zone
Abstract :
An experimental study of boundary conditions in hot and cold flat rolling
J.G. Lenard   / S. Kalpakjian (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.279
Keywords: Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Friction
Abstract :
Roll pass design strategy for round bars
G. Perotti (1), N. Kapaj  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.283
Keywords: Rolling, Tool, Calibration
Abstract :
Formability of recycle aluminium - Advantages of a rapid solidification process
W.H. Sillekens, J.H. Dautzenberg (2), J.A.G. Kals (1)  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.287
Keywords: Formability, Rapid Solidification Processing, Recycling, Aluminium
Abstract :
Processing and superconducting properties of YBA2Cu307-x + Ag20 microcomposite for fabrication of high Tc flexible wire
S.K. Samanta (2)  
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.291
Abstract :
On the problem of optimum temperature of warm working die
A. Kocanda   / Z. Marciniak (1)
STC F,  39/1/1990,  P.295
Keywords: Extrusion Dies, Warm Working, High Speed Steel Tools, Tool Strength, Tool Heating, Temperature Distribution
Abstract :


Automation of the surface finishing in the manufacturing of dies and molds
H. Weule, S. Timmermann   / W. Eversheim (1)
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.299
Keywords: Manufacturing of Dies and Molds, Freeform Surfaces, Automated Surface Finishing
Abstract :
Effects of machine rigidity on the dressing accuracy of CBN grinding wheels
Y. Furukawa (2), M. Yokogawa  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.305
Keywords: Grinding, CBN, Simulation, Dressing, Surface Roughness
Abstract :
On performance of chemically bonded single layer CBN grinding wheel
A.K. Chattopadhyay, L. Chollet, H.E. Hintermann (1)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.309
Keywords: CBN, Chemical Bonding, Grit Protrusion, Chip Accommodation Space, Grit Pull out, Wheel Loading
Abstract :
Assessment of the cooling and lubricative properties of grinding fluids
T.D. Howes (2)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.313
Keywords: Grinding Fluids, Cooling, Lubrication, Stainless Steel, Continuous Dress
Abstract :
A new preparation method for resinoid bonded CBN wheels
I. Inasaki (2)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.317
Keywords: CBN Wheels, Dressing, Truing, Wire Brushes, Metal Bonded Diamond Wheel
Abstract :
Improvement of conventional polishing conditions for obtaining super smooth surfaces of glass and metal works
T. Kasai, K. Horio, T. Karaki-Doy, A. Kobayashi (1)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.321
Keywords: Polishing, Mirror-Like Surface, Polisher, Pitch, Wax, Fluorocarbon, Polishing Mechanism, Fused Quartz, Stainless Steel
Abstract :
Study on magnetic abrasive finishing
T. Shimura, K. Takazawa, E. Hatano, M. Matsunaga   / T. Matsuo (1)
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.325
Keywords: Magnetic Abrasive Finishing, Surface Roughness, Stock Removal, Magnetic Abrasives, Fine Ceramics, Edge Finishing
Abstract :
Mirror surface grinding of silicon wafer with electrolytic in-process dressing
H. Ohmori, T. Nakagawa (1)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.329
Keywords: Mirror Surface Grinding, Electrolytic In-Process Dressing, Micro-Grain Wheel, Cast Iron Fiber Bonded Wheel, Silicon Wafer, Nano-Grinding, Ductile Regime Grinding
Abstract :
Improvement of straightness in precision cut-off grinding using thin diamond wheels
M. Yamasaka, M. Fujisawa, T. Oku, M. Masuda   / K. Okamura (1)
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.333
Keywords: Cut-Off Grinding, Ceramics, Diamond Grinding Wheel, Straightness, the Wheel Fixed with a Flange, with a Roundness Measuring Machine (Talyrond 3)
Abstract :
Wirkungsweisen und Anwendungen von Konditionier-verfahren
E. Saljé (1), U. Harbs  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.337
Keywords: Conditioning Methods, Flexibility of Truing Methods, Wear of Ruing Tools, Stick-Dressing, Jet-Dressing, Quantities to Describe Dressing Methods
Abstract :
Nanometre grinding using ultra-fine abrasive pellets
J.I. Ikeno, Y. Tani, H. Sato (1)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.341
Keywords: Nanometer Grinding, Ultrafine Abrasives, Electrophoretic Deposition, Abrasive Pellet, Brittle Materials, Colloidal Silica, Silicon Wafer, Sapphire Glass
Abstract :
A simplified approach to workpiece temperature in fine grinding
M.C. Shaw (1)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.345
Keywords: Grinding, Temperatures, Energy Partition, Cubic Boron Nitride, Specific Energy, Grinding Fluids
Abstract :
Further evidence on the contact zone in surface grinding
D.Y. Gu, J.G. Wager (1)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.349
Keywords: Contact Length Measurement, Surface Roughness, Elastic-Plastic Deformation
Abstract :
Studies on mechanisms and improvement of workpiece burn during grinding of titanium alloys
J.S. Tang, X.F. Pu, H.J. Xu, Y.Z. Zhang (1)  
STC G,  39/1/1990,  P.353
Keywords: Workpiece Burn, Grinding, Titanium Alloys, Solid Lubricant
Abstract :


Generalized predictive cascade control (GPCC) for machine tools drives
P. Boucher (2), D. Dumur, K. Faissal Rahmani  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.357
Keywords: Computer Control, Predictive Control, Identification, Model Reference Control, Correlation Method, Machine Tools, Brushless Motor
Abstract :
Cutting dynamics and stability of boring bars
F. Kuster   / P.E. Gygax (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.361
Keywords: Boring Bar, Model, Simulation, Cutting Process, Chatter, Stability
Abstract :
Role of process nonlinearity in wheel regenerative grinding vibration
H. Yi, T. Hoshi (1)  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.367
Keywords: Grinding, Vibration Analysis, Light Reflectivity Variation, Grinding Process Nonlinearity, Modal Flexibility
Abstract :
Development of a perfect one-chip flexible servo controller by silicon compilation
F. De Schepper, K. Yamazaki, H. Nakagami, R. Hoshikawa, Y. Hinou   / T. Hoshi (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.371
Keywords: ASIC, Silicon Compiler, Mechatronics, Software Servo, Full Custom IC
Abstract :
A new micro cutting device with stiffness and resolution
Y. hara, S. Motonishi, K. Yoshida   / N. Ikawa (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.375
Keywords: Diamond Cutting, Contact Sensor, Piezo Electric Element, Microcutting, nm Resolution
Abstract :
Numerical optimization of thermal behaviour of machine tools
J. Jedrzejewski, J. Kaczmarek (1), Z. Kowal, Z. Winiarski  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.379
Keywords: Machine Tools, Thermal Behaviour, Optimization
Abstract :
Robot performance as influenced by mechanical system
P.J. De Smet, E. Rivin, Y. Lou   / R.L. Kegg (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.383
Keywords: Industrial Robot, Path Accuracy, Simulation, Compliance, Actuator Limitation, Trajectory Generation
Abstract :
Determination of the maximum force a robot can exert during manufacturing operations
R.G. Fenton, V. Iliescu   / L. Kops (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.387
Keywords: Robots, Static and Dynamic Loading of Robots, Linear and Angular Deflection Constraint for Robots, Optimum Location of Robots, Robot Actuator Limits, Robot Effectiveness
Abstract :
Optimal design of face milling cutter geometry
J.S. Gim, D.W. Cho, J.M. Lee (2)  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.391
Keywords: Optimization, Milling, Cutter, Computer, Simulator
Abstract :
Geometric and dynamic stability in centerless grinding
R. Bueno, M. Zatarain, J.M. Aguinagalde   / F. Le Maître (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.395
Keywords: Centerless Grinding, Rounding Process, Geometric Stability, Dynamic Stability
Abstract :
A new type of screw conveyor for metallic chips
F. Soavi, O. Zurla   / R. Levi (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.399
Keywords: Chip Screw Conveyor, Screw Conveyor Performance, Mechanical Conveyor, Handling Metallic Swarf, Machine Tool, Manufacturing Technology
Abstract :
Proposal for a configuration of stability parameters control in tomorrow's machine-tools
G. Marot, J.P. Longuemard, A. Moisan (1), J. Lombard (1)  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.405
Keywords: Machining Cell, Stability, Adaptive Control, Design Principles and Materials, Cutting Conditions
Abstract :
Development of a fail-safe system for NC machining centers
Y. Hatamura, T. Nagao (2), G. Nakagawa, Y. Inoue, H. Sugishita  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.409
Keywords: Fail-Safe System, Machining Center, Intelligent Manufacturing, Unmanned Machining
Abstract :
Direct drives for high-dynamic machine-tool axes
G. Pritschow (1), W. Philipp  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.413
Keywords: Linear Drive, Direct Drive, High-Dynamic Control, Observer, Quantization, Linear Asynchronous Motor
Abstract :
The accuracy improvement of machine tools
A. Kurtoglu   / G. Sohlenius (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.417
Keywords: Accuracy Improvement, Compensation for Error, Thermal Drift of Machine Tool, Deformation of Machine Tool
Abstract :
A new calibration method
M.S. Kim, S.W. Cho, H.S. Chang, G. Spur (1), H.S. Yoo  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.421
Keywords: Robot Calibration, Absolute Positioning Accuracy, 3 Dimensional Measurement
Abstract :
Boring with a process similar to skiving
G. Raphael, B.J. Stone (1)  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.425
Keywords: Boring, Tangential Turning, Skiving
Abstract :
Machine tool monitoring applied to lathe chucks
H.K. Tönshoff (1), H. Noske  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.429
Keywords: Monitoring System, Predictive Maintenance, Chuck Friction, Gripping Force
Abstract :
Positioning table with high accuracy and high speed
H. Yonezawa, Y. Hirata, H. Sasai   / T. Uehara (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.433
Keywords: Precision Positioning, Ball Screw Drives, Piezo Actuators, Laser Interferometer Control, Computerized Simulation, Friction Compensation
Abstract :
Sharp corner tracking using the IKF control strategy
M. Weck (1), G. Ye  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.437
Keywords: High Speed Nc, Cornering Problems, Feedforward Controller, High Accuracy, System Identification, Reference Generation
Abstract :
A model based diagnosis in machine tools : application to the milling cutting process
D. Jaume, M. Verge, A. Rault   / A. Moisan (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.443
Keywords: Face Milling, Fault Detection, Forces Modelling, Roughness Modelling
Abstract :
Prediction of chatter vibration by means of a model based cutting simulation system
M.D. Tsai, S. Takata (2), M. Inui, F. Kimura (2), T. Sata (1)  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.447
Keywords: Chatter Vibration Evaluation, Cutting Process Simulation, Solid Model
Abstract :
Visibility Map and its application to numerical control
T.C. Woo, B.F. Von Turkovich (1)  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.451
Keywords: Automatic Set-Up, Numerical Control Machining, Parametric Surfaces, Spherical Algorithms
Abstract :
The counterbalance design of the articulated robot arms
S.C. Li, J.X. Qiu, J.Y. Zhu (1)  
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.455
Keywords: Counterbalance Design, Articulated Robot, Spring, Virtual Work Principle, Optimization
Abstract :
Analysis of linear and nonlinear chatter in milling
I. Minis, R. Yanushevsky, A. Tembo   / R. Hocken (1)
STC M,  39/1/1990,  P.459
Keywords: Machine Tool Chatter, Milling Dynamics, Metal Cutting Dynamics, Milling Machines
Abstract :


A flexible and integrated control concept
A. Bilberg, L. Alting (1)  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.463
Keywords: Individual Control Systems, Optimized by Simulation, Tested by Emulation, Integration
Abstract :
CIM for mold factory automation
M. Kang, S.G. Kim, C.W. Lee   / E. Kuljanic (1)
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.467
Keywords: CIM, Mold, Plant Information System, CAD/CAE, Surface Modeling, Polishing Robot, Off-Line Programming, Coordinate Measuring Machine
Abstract :
Development of the part spectrum database for computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS)
J. Peklenik (1), R. Sekolonik  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.471
Keywords: Part Spectrum Database, Part Families, GT-Classification, Engineering Model, Geometrical Features, Relational Database, Entities and Relations, Production Information System
Abstract :
University industry partnership in designing and developing a modern automotive electronics factory
R.N. Nagel (2), K.A. Krenz  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.475
Keywords: University Industry Partnership, Manufacturing Systems, Continuous Improvement
Abstract :
A CAPP/CAM expert system for a high productivity, high flexibility, CNC turning center
C.R. Böer (2), M. Petitti, F. Lombardi, J.P. Simon  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.481
Keywords: CAPP, CAM, Knowledge-Based Systems, Expert Systems, NC Turning Center
Abstract :
Distributed artificial intelligence : an invaluable technique for the development of intelligent manufacturing systems
G.M.P. O'Hare   / A.W.J. Chisholm (1)
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.485
Keywords: Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI), Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS), Computer Integrated Manufacture (CIM)
Abstract :
A expert system approach to optimization of the centreless grinding process
S. Venk, R. Govind   / E. Merchant (1)
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.489
Keywords: Optimization, Expert System, Knowledge Base, Grinding, Centerless Grinding
Abstract :
Knowledge-based process planning system for prismatic workpieces in a CAD/CAM environment
R. Züst, J. Taibert   / R. Schultschik (1)
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.493
Keywords: Computer-Aided Process Planning (CAPP), Artificial Intelligence, Expert System, CAD-Interface, Part Classification System, Process Unit
Abstract :
The automatic tool selection with the production rules matrix method
D. Domazet   / V. Milacic (1)
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.497
Keywords: Tool Selection, Process Planning, Tool Definition Parameters, Knowledge Presentation, Production Systems
Abstract :
A decision-making strategy for machining control
G. Chryssolouris (2), M. Domroese, L. Zsoldos  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.501
Abstract :
Throughput-oriented production planning system for low inventory manufacturing
K.K.B. Hon   / J. Dinsdale (1)
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.505
Keywords: Low Inventory Manufacturing, Work-In-Progress, Throughput, Variability, Slack, Scheduling
Abstract :
Throughput-oriented lot sizing
H.P. Wiendahl (1)  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.509
Keywords: Lot Size, Funnel Model, Throughput Diagram, Company Objectives
Abstract :
Analysis of automated press-lines by means of simulation
G. Duelen (1), I. Cawi  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.513
Keywords: Parameterized Models of Presses, Kinematic and Kinetic Simulation
Abstract :
New NC routines for quality in milling
J. Tlusty (1), S. Smith, C. Zamudio  
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.517
Keywords: NC Programming, Quality
Abstract :
Development of a metal mold polishing robot system with contact pressure control using CAD/CAM data
Y. Mizugaki, M. Sakamoto, K. Kamijo   / N. Taniguchi (1)
STC O,  39/1/1990,  P.523
Keywords: Metal-Mold Polishing, Robot End-Effector, Tool Path Generation, Contact Pressure Control, CAD/CAM Model, Over-Polishing
Abstract :

 STC P(Q) 

Ultrasonic identification and measurement of defects in composite material laminates
R. Teti   / N. Alberti (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.527
Keywords: Ultrasonic Testing, Defect Evaluation, Composite Laminates
Abstract :
An automatic measurement system for cutter edge configuration by lateral scanning of a laser beam
K. Yanagi, S. Taneda   / H. Sato (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.531
Keywords: Laser Beam, Cutting Edge, Diffraction, Runout, Non-Contact Measurement, Cylindrical Coordinates
Abstract :
Liquid temperature control for precision tools
C. Chou, D.B. De Bra (1)  
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.535
Keywords: Temperature Control, Heat Exchanger, Heat Transfer, Machine Tool, Feedforward and Feedback Control
Abstract :
Accuracy of surface plate measurements, general purpose software for flatness measurement
J. Meijer   / C.J. Heuvelman (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.545
Keywords: Flatness, Straightness, Surface Plate, Measurement, Accuracy
Abstract :
Testing rotary axes on NC machine tools
W. Knapp   / A. Wirtz (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.549
Keywords: Machine Tool, Machining Centre, NC Rotary Table, Acceptance Test, Circular Test for Fourth Axis
Abstract :
Effective multi-purpose algorithm for approximation and alignment problems in coordinate measurement techniques
G. Goch   / H.J. Renker (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.553
Keywords: Coordinate Measurement Techniques, Tschebyscheff-Approximation, L2-Approximation, Alignment, Measurement of Cylinders, Circles and Sulptured Surfaces
Abstract :
A method for thermal deformation corrections of CMMs
A. Balsamo, D. Marques, S. Sartori (2)  
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.557
Keywords: Thermal Deformation, Software Correction
Abstract :
An uniform concept for calibration, acceptance test, and periodic inspection of coordinate measuring machines using reference objects
H. Kunzmann (1), E. Trapet, F. Wäldele  
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.561
Keywords: Coordinate Measuring Machines, Calibration of Coordinate Machines, Parametric Errors, Volumetric Errors, Dimensional Reference Objects
Abstract :
Automatic measurement of 3 dimensional coordinate measuring machine by means of CAD and image data
Y. Takeuchi, H. Shimizu, I. Mukai   / T. Sata (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.565
Keywords: Automatic Measurement, 3D-CMM, CAD/CAM, Image Data, Matching, Measuring Path
Abstract :
Statistical models for the relationship between production errors and the position tolerance of a hole
E.A. Lehtihet   / R. Weill (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.569
Keywords: Position Tolerance, Production Error Models, Statistical Tolerance Models, Drilled Holes
Abstract :
Wear and corrosion resistant PVD coatings for tools and machine parts
A.S. Korhonen   / G. Sulonen (1)
STC P(Q),  39/1/1990,  P.573
Keywords: Wear, Corrosion, Coatings, Physical Vapour Deposition, Titanium Nitride, Zirconium Nitride
Abstract :


The influence of surface roughness in dependence of the probe ball radius with measuring the actual size
N. Anbari, C. Beck, H. Trumpold (1)  
STC S,  39/1/1990,  P.577
Keywords: Surface Roughness, Size Measurement, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Measuring Uncertainty
Abstract :
Surface profiles obtainted by means of optical methods, are they representations of the real surface ?
W. Hillmann   / H. Kunzmann (1)
STC S,  39/1/1990,  P.581
Keywords: Surface Profiles, Optical Methods, Contact Stylus Method, SEM Method, Limits of Different Measuring Methods
Abstract :
Polycrystalline diamond films and single crystal diamonds grown by combustion synthesis
R. Komanduri (1), L.L. Fehrenbacher, L.M. Nanssen, A. Morrish, K.A. Snail, T. Thorpe, J.E. Butler, B  
STC S,  39/1/1990,  P.585
Keywords: Diamond Coatings, Diamond Films, Single Crystal Diamond, Combustion Synthesis
Abstract :