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STC O - 2010 Annual Report

The Meetings of the Scientific Technical Committee “O” were held on 21 January 2010 in Paris, France (68 participants), and on 27 August 2010 in Pisa, Italy (73 participants).

The major activities of the STC O were the following:

Manufacturing Systems Conferences

No issue remaining from the Track 3 meetings.

Working Groups

The CWG on Energy and Resource Efficiency &Effectiveness (EREE) was proposed by J. Sutherland, D. Dornfeld, J. Duflou and presented by Duflou.
Unanimous decision was to support this CWG cross track.
No other issue remaining from the Track 3 meetings.

Future Directions of STC O

During the General Assembly in Pisa (Italy), four presentation on future directions of STCO were illustrated: K. Ueda, “Forward-Looking View of Emerging Fields of Importance within or Closely Related to STC O”; J. Vancza, ”Production Management with Respect to Economy and Ecology”; K. Windt: ”Future Research Fields of STC O”; M. Grunow, ”Challenges in production operations and emerging opportunities for STC-O”.

Keynote Papers

At the General Assembly in Pisa (Italy), it was decided that the 2011 Keynote Paper will be “Cooperative, responsive manufacturing enterprises” co-ordinated by J. Vancza, L. Monostori, S. R. Kumara, H. Van Brussel, M. Tseng, E. Lutters, P. Valckenaers; and the 2012 Keynote Paper will be “Manufacturing Complexity in Engineering Design and Manufacturing” coordinated by W. El Maraghy. The following proposal for the 2013 keynote paper was submitted by G. Putnik: “Scalability in Manufacturing Systems Design and Operation: State-of-the-Art and Future Developments Roadmap” (G. Putnik, A. Sluga, H. ElMaraghy, W. ElMaraghy, R. Teti). The decision will be taken during the 2011 January Meeting.

Paper Presentations and Technical Reports

During the STC O Paper Session at the General Assembly in Pisa (Italy), 16 papers were presented and discussed. At the two STC O Meetings in 2010, a total of 11 technical reports (6 in January and 5 in August) were presented and discussed.