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STC O - 2019 Annual Report

The meetings of the Scientific Technical Committee O were held on 21st February 2019 in Paris (72 members, 19 research affiliates, 10 invited guests), and on 23rd August 2019 in Birmingham, UK (51 members, 13 research affiliates, 15 invited guests).

The major activities of STC O were the following: 

CIRP Manufacturing Systems Conferences (CMS series)

Short reports on the organization and preparation of CIRP CMS conferences were delivered:

  • 2019: 52nd Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2020: 53rd Conference Chicago, USA
  • 2021: 54th Conference, Athens, Greece
  • 2022: 55th Conference, Lugano, Switzerland

Keynote Papers

Actual status of keynote papers were presented and discussed in detail:

  • 2019: Global production networks: Design and operation by G. Lanza, K. Ferdows , S. Kara, D. Mourtzis , G. Schuh, J. Váncza , L. Wang, H. P. Wiendahl
  • 2020: Big data analytics and utilization in future smart factories by R.X. Gao, L. Wang, M. Helu, R. Teti
  • 2021: Manufacturing systems evolution and future by H. ElMaraghy, L. Monostori, G. Schuh, W. ElMaraghy

In August, it was decided that the 2022 keynote paper will be:

  • Daydreaming factories by A. Nassehi, M. Colledani, et al.

Paper Presentations and Technical Reports

During the General Assembly in Birmingham one internal keynote paper presentation was delivered by G. Lanza, and in the STC O session 19 regular papers were presented and discussed.

At the two STC O Meetings in 2019, a total of 14 technical presentations (7 in February, and 7 in August) were delivered and discussed. All the technical talks were organized around special topics such as

  • global production networks, and
  • fast ramp-up management.

In August, J. Váncza summarized the contributions STC O made so far to environmental sustainability in the context of the new, extended vision of CIRP. 

Support of Collaborative Working Groups

  • STC O was represented by G. Lanza as ambassador in the work of the CWG on Additive Manufacturing.

In August, 2019 new STC O officers were elected:

Chair: G. Lanza
Vice-Chair: T. Tolio
Secretary: A. Nassehi

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