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STC A - 2015 Annual Report

The Scientific Technical Committee: Life Cycle Engineering and Assembly had two meetings in 2015: in Paris on February 19 and in Cape Town on August 28. In addition STC A members also participated in the Cross STC meeting in Cape Town.

The January STC LCE/A meeting in Paris was attended by 104 participants. The Cape Town meeting was attended by 54 people.

Conferences and sponsored seminars under STC LCE/A are:

Life Cycle Engineering conferences

• 22nd LCE Conference 2015, Sydney, Australia (Prof. Kara)
• 23rd LCE Conference 2016 Berlin, Germany (Prof. Seliger and Prof. Krüger)
• 24th LCE Conference 2017 Tokyo, Japan (Prof. Umeda and Prof. Takata)
• 25th LCE Conference 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark (Prof. Hauschild)
• 26th LCE Conference 2019 Purdue and U. Michigan, USA (Prof. Sutherland and Prof. Skerlos)
• 27th LCE Conference 2020 Grenoble, France (Prof. Brissaud)

Assembly conferences:

• 6th Conference on Assembly Technology and Systems, 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden (Prof. R. Soderberg)

Sponsored conferences:

• GCSM 2015 – Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing
• CIRPe2015 - Conference
• IPAS2016 - International Precision Assembly Seminar
• 5th Conference on Through-life Engineering 2015
• 6th Conference on Through-life Engineering 2016

STC A Keynote Papers

Future keynote papers will be:
- 2016 Sutherland et al: The Role of Manufacturing on the Social Dimension of Sustainability
- 2017 Krüger et al: Innovative Control of Assembly Systems and Lines

Other presentations

At the Paris meeting, the following technical presentations were given:
• Sotiris Makris: A software system for planning and controlling assembly systems
• Annika Raatz: Task adapted binary robots for dynamic and accurate pick & place operations
• Michael Hauschild: Application of planetary boundary concept in an LCA framework
• Paolo C. Priarone: Quality-oriented energy consumption optimization of a cutting tool manufacturing process
• Shahin Rahmimifard: Investigating a Robotic Approach to Disassembly and Remanufacturing Processes

The following presentations were given in Part II of the general assembly in Cape Town:
• Lihui Wang: Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly
• Joerg Franke: Aerosol-Jet-Printing structural elements of artificial muscles
• Annika Raatz: Disassembly of turbine blades in the context of maintenance of complex capital goods
• Yuebin Guo: Energy consumption and process sustainability of hard milling with tool wear progression
• Christoph Herrmann: A game based learning approach to the subject of Life Cycle Engineering and Management

Other business

CIRPedia and STC LCE/A involvement: Participants were encouraged to propose new entries for CIRPedia and topics for STC LCE/A


The officers of STC A in 2015 were:
Chair: Prof. Sami Kara
Vice-chair: Prof. John Sutherland
Secretary: Prof. Jörg Krüger

For further details on the activities of STC LCE/A please consult the minutes from the meetings in Paris and Cape Town.

Submitted by
Sami Kara