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About Cirp

CIRP is the world leading organization in production engineering research and is at the forefront of design, optimization, control and management of processes, machines and systems.
The Academy has restricted membership based on demonstrated excellence in research and has some 600 academic and industrial members from 50 industrialized countries.

The Vision of CIRP

To promote research and development among its members from Academia and Industry to contribute to the global economic growth and well being of society

The Mission of CIRP

To develop the highest level international network of eminent Researchers and Industrialists for the purpose of marshalling their knowledge and insights

CIRP has instituted the F.W. Taylor Medal of CIRP and The General Pierre Nicolau Award.

The F.W. Taylor Medal

As an incentive for scientific work, the International Academy for Production Engineering has instituted the F.W. Taylor Medal of CIRP - a distinction for young scientists.

In the late 1940s it was becoming increasingly clear that the development of new production techniques was being hampered by the lack of appropriate analysis methods. There was evidently an urgent need for fundamental research to be undertaken in this area.
It was realized that, in view of the importance and scale of the problems to be tackled, only international cooperative action would be effective.

2016-2017 Professor Yusuf Altintas, Canada
2015-2016 Professor Ekkard Brinksmeier, Germany
2014-2015 Professor Kanji Ueda, Japan
2013-2014 Professor Laszlo Monostori, Hungary
2012-2013 Professor Marco Santochi, Italy
2011-2012 Professor Andrew Nee, Singapore
2010-2011 Professor Fred Van Houten, Netherlands
2009-2010 Professor Gerry Byrne, Ireland

CIRP Member or Research Affiliate: You can see galleries of photos from the last General Assemblies from your Dashboard (in the Direct links).

2016 Guimaraes, Portugal
Cape Town, South Africa
Nantes, France
Copenhagen, Denmark 
2012 Hong Kong, China    
2011  Budapest, Hungary 
2010  Pisa, Italy  

2009 Boston, USA
2008 Manchester, UK 
2007 Dresden, Germany 
2006 Kobe, Japan
2005 Antalya, Turkey
2004 Krakow, Poland
2003 Montreal, Canada
2002 San Sebastian, Spain
2001 Nancy, France
2000 Sydney, Australia
1999 Montreux, Switzerland
1998 Athens, Greece
1997 Tianjin, China
1996 Como, Italy
1995 Enschede, Netherlands
1994 Singapore
1993 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
1992 Aix-en-Provence, France
1991 Stanford, California, USA
1990 Berlin, Germany
1989 Trondheim, Norway
1988 Tokyo, Japan
1987 Beograd, Dubronik, Yugoslavia
1986 Jerusalem, Haïfa, Israel
1985 Palermo, Italy
1984 Madison, USA
1983 Harrogate, UK
1982 Brugge, Belgium
1981 Toronto, Canada
1980 Melbourne, Sydney, Australia
1979 Davos, Switzerland
1978 Eindhoven, Netherlands
1977 New Delhi, Srinagar, India
1976 Paris, France
1975 Freudenstadt, Germany
1974 Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan
1973 Bled, Yugoslavia
1972 Stockholm, Rättvik, Sweden
1971 Warsaw, Cracow, Poland
1970 Torino-Pisa, Italy
1969 Geneva, Switzerland
1968 Nottingham, UK
1967 Ann Arbor, USA
1966 Paris, France
1965 Liege, Belgium
1964 Stresa, Italy
1963 Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, USA
1962 La Haye, Netherlands
1961 Prague, Czechoslovakia
1960 Bad Harzburg, Germany
1959 Zürich, Switzerland
1958 London, UK
1957 Stockholm, Sweden
1956 Paris, France
1955 Torino, Italy
1954 Aachen, Germany
1953 La Haye, Netherlands
1952 Leuven, Belgium
1951 Paris, France