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Research activities of the company:

Ultra precision coordinate measuring machines and probes

Precision displacement measurement systems

Precision air bearings

Machine Tool inspection & analysis

Machine inspection and detection to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Name(s) of the CIRP Corporate member : Henny Spaan

STC’s of primary interest :

P, M

Research needs of the company:

Data analysis of free-form optics. Comparison optical &
tactile methods for measuring free-form optics with traceability..

Main activities of the company :

Active since 1993, IBS Precision Engineering is a high-tech
and leading company in ultra precision metrology components,
systems and machines. We are experts in developing unique
solutions to the toughest metrology challenges.

Interest in CIRP cooperative research on

Ultra precision metrology

Probe tip cleaning

5-axis machine tool inspection & calibration

Other points of interest