The Scientific Technical Committee Surfaces (STC S) had two virtual meetings in 2021 – the Winter meeting was held on February 17th while the General Assembly (GA) meeting was held on the 27th of August. The STC S Winter and GA meetings were attended by 106 and 81 on-line participants respectively.

At the February 17th meeting
: Future keynote paper updates were given, and keynote topics for 2023 and 2024 selected. Cooperative initiatives were also discussed. H. Haitjema presented the final results of the collaborative effort titled “CIRP Surface topography noise comparison”. The goal of the group was to “road test” the ISO definition and procedures for noise measurement on a variety of instruments, and to provide good-practice guidance to the user community for quantifying and specifying noise values. Results from the study can be found in the following; M. Vanrusselt, H. Haitjema, R. Leach, P.  De Groot,  “International comparison of noise in areal surface topography measurements”, Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties, Volume 9, Number 2, 2021.

Due to the shorter time slot permitted by the virtual meeting,  four short technical presentations were given, each were followed by lively discussions:

  • The generation of representative synthetic surface texture data using machine learning (J. Eastwood, L. Newton, R. K. Leach, S. Piano)
  • On the role of surface microstructure in modelling and rendering of material appearance (J. Frisvald)
  • Fluid jet array polishing and characterization for post process finishing of 3D printed surfaces (B.C.F. Cheung, C.J. Wang, L.T. Ho, R.X. Wang)
  • Surface topography as a process signature in additive manufacturing: barriers and opportunities (J.C. Fox, C. Evans, S. Moylan)

At the August 27th meeting: 
Future keynote paper updates were provided. Prior to the technical presentations, L. Newton gave an overview of the work underway at the University of Nottingham entitled “Good practice in the measurement of surface texture for additive manufacturing”.

Three short technical presentations were given followed by lively discussions:

  • Micro-mechanics reveals new aspects of surface integrity after bone machining (J. A. Robles-Linares, Z. Liao, A. Gameros, D. Axinte)
  • Characterisation of mechanical properties of shot-peened Al-based aerospace surfaces by combined in-situ tensile tests and hard x-ray diffraction measurements (A. Madariaga, E. Jimenez-Melerob, D. Fosterb, U. Islamb, P. J. Arrazola)
  • Modelling the replication of submicron-structured surfaces by micro injection moulding (L. Piccolo, K. Puleo, M. Sorgato, G. Lucchetta, D. Masato)

Before the close of the meeting,  the 7th CIRP CSI Conference (Bremen 2024 15-17 May 2024) was approved  by the STC, and J. Fox gave a brief  update on a proposal for collaboration effort focused on additively manufactured surfaces; an update may be given at the Winter meeting in 2022.

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2021 STC S meetings can be found in the complete minutes of these meetings, prepared by G. Tosello, technical secretary of STC S. The minutes including annexes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

A virtual  paper session of STC S took place during the virtual CIRP General Assembly part 1. A total of seven high quality papers were presented and good discussions followed all papers. Details are available on the Publications section of the CIRP website and on ScienceDirect.

Prof. Brigid Mullany, Chair of STC S