STC S - Annual Report 2018

The Scientific Technical Committee Surfaces (STC S) had two meetings in 2018 - in Paris, France, on February 22nd and in Tokyo, Japan, on August 23rd. The STC S meetings were attended by 96 participants in Paris and 66 participants in Tokyo.

During the STC S meetings future keynote papers and cooperative work were discussed.

At the February 22nd meeting
, cooperative initiatives were discussed. D. Meyer presented the results of the work of the task-force on the definition of “Surface Integrity” based on a survey, as a basis for further clarification of the understanding of surface integrity and related terms. The final deliverable will be a journal paper and potentially an update of the CIRPedia term.

Seven short technical presentations were given followed by a lively discussion:

  1. 1. “Pitch measurement validation of steel insert micro grooves with light diffractive properties using a laser scanning confocal microscope and an atomic force microscope”, (Y. Zhang, M. Calaon, P. Guo, G. Tosello, D. Loaldi, Y. Yang)
  2. 2. “Effect of thin-wall cavity surface roughness on the filling flow in micro injection molding”, (G. Lucchetta, M. Sorgato, N. Milan)
  3. 3. “Integration of surface modification during cutting using the cutting insert”, (E. Segebade, J. Klose, M. Gerstenmeyer, F. Zanger, V. Schulze)
  4. 4. “In-situ thermal cycling, corrosion and fatigue of high temperature shape memory alloys”, (N. Michailidis, F. Stergioudi, D. T. Kountouras, H. Castaneda, D. C. Lagoudas)
  5. 5. “Manufacture of standards for nanotechnology with self-organization and the new SI”, (I. Busch, L. Koenders, O. Lenck, H. Bosse)
  6. 6. “Surface slope limits in the measurement of areal surface topography”, (R. K. Leach, P. de Groot, H. Haitjema)
  7. 7. “Advanced cutting tools and process optimization strategies for ultra-precision machining of functional surfaces”, (Z. Tong, X. Jiang, L. A. Blunt)

At the August 23rd meeting,
new cooperative initiatives were discussed. Support of STC S to the new initiated Collaborative Working Group on Additive Manufacturing was illustrated by H. Hansen, and interest on the new CWG on Biological transformation in manufacturing was approved. The discussion on future topics  included a proposal from Haitjema and Leach for a comparison of noise measurements for surface texture instruments. This will be expanded and presented in next meetings.

Six short technical presentations were given followed by a lively discussion:

  1. 1. “Hot surface micro-patterning of optical glasses”, (W.B. Lee, L. Li)
  2. 2. “Characteristics of structural coloration using mechanical micro-/nano-patterning”, (S.-H. Ahn, Y. Quan, E. Kim, H.-T. Lee)
  3. 3. “Surface modification of wire-EDMed NiTiHf after thermal actuation fatigue”, (N. Michailidis, A. Arvanitidis, A. Solomou, D.C. Lagoudas)
  4. 4. “Surface texture analytic for smart manufacturing”, (X. Jiang, Q. Qi, P.J. Scott)
  5. 5. “Tolerance chain verification in nano surface manufacturing – from clean room to functional tests”, (M. Calaon, D. Quagliotti, D. Loaldi, Y. Zhang, O. Riemer, L. Schönemann, G. Tosello)
  6. 6. “Interaction between form removal and filtering in surface measurements”, (H. Haitjema)

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2018 STC S meetings can be found in the complete minutes of these meetings, prepared by R. Leach, technical secretary of STC S. The minutes including annexes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

The paper session of STC S took place during the CIRP General Assembly part 1. A total of 10 high quality papers were presented and good discussions followed all papers. Details are available on the Publications section of the CIRP website and on ScienceDirect.

Prof. Enrico Savio, Chairman of STC S