STC S - Annual Report 2017

The Scientific Technical Committee Surfaces (STC S) had two meetings in 2017 - in Paris, France, on February 16th and in Lugano, Switzerland, on August 24th. The STC S meetings were attended by 107 participants in Paris and 64 participants in Lugano.

During the STC S meetings future keynote papers and cooperative work were discussed.

At the February 16th meeting
, two cooperative initiatives were discussed. R. Leach presented the results of a survey on the industrial use of surface parameters, with a total of 179 responses received; details will be included in a paper to be submitted to CIRP-JMST. E. Brinksmeier reported on the on-going discussion on the definition of “Surface Integrity”, summarising the results of a survey with 45 responses received as a basis for further clarification of the understanding of surface integrity and related terms.

Seven short technical presentations were given followed by a lively discussion:
1. “Investigation of the surface microstructural changes of shape memory alloys after various manufacturing processes”, (Michailidis, Stergioudi, Bouzakis, Skordaris, Baxevanis, Lagoudas)
2. “On the relationship between the cutting process, surface integrity and the corrosion resistance of OFHC copper”, (Denguir, Outeiro, Fromentin, Vignal, Besnard)
3. “Tribological behaviour of turn-milled surface structures in highly loaded rolling contact”, (Welzel, Döbberthin)
4. “Roll-to-roll embossing of optical polymer film patterned with linear and radial Fresnel lens array”, (Zhang)
5. “Structural coloration of plastics via mold texturing and injection molding”, (Guo, Zhang)
6. “Advanced process and quality control strategies for characterization of polymer surfaces nano structures”, (Calaon, Tosello, Hansen)
7. “X-ray computed tomography for the measurement of internal surface texture of additively manufactured hollow parts”, (Thompson, Körner, Senin, Leach, Lawes, Maskery)

At the August 24th meeting
, D. Meyer reported an update on the collaborative discussion about “Surface Integrity”. There have been meetings of the interest group members and several face to face discussions with experts in the field. Several new classifications of aspects of integrity have immerged and a new plot of impact of geometrical properties against microstructure was presented. De discussion highlighted the need to include the understanding of surface integrity in the tribology and in the optics communities.

Seven short technical presentations were given followed by a lively discussion:
1. “Optical function loss of a micro structured surface due to micro milling tool wear”, (Y. Zhang, D. Li, F. Regi, G. Tosello, J. B. Nielsen, H. Aanæs, J. R. Frisvad)
2. “Three dimensional numerical modelling of material removal characteristics in fluid jet polishing of freeform surfaces”, (B.C.F. Cheung, C. Wang)
3. “Multi-scale contextual characterization via high throughput multi-beam electron microscopy”, (K. Crosby, M.B. Bauza, T. Garbowski, A.L. Eberle)
4. “Fabrication of superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces on laser-machined aluminum using heat treatment and boiling water treatment”, (D.-M. Chun, C.-V. Ngo)
5. “Surface texture parameters on freeform surfaces”, (X. Jiang, L. Pagani, Q. Qi, P.J. Scott
6. “Surface roughness characterization and its effect on the diffusion bonding of compact heat exchangers”, (B.K. Paul, B. Mullany, R. Saranam)
7. “Statistical analysis of surface measurements and images”, (B. Mullany, F. Azimi, B. Young)

Details of the technical presentations and discussions at the 2017 STC S meetings can be found in the complete minutes of these meetings, prepared by R. Leach, technical secretary of STC S. The minutes including annexes are available to CIRP members at the CIRP website.

The paper session of STC S took place during the CIRP General Assembly part 1. A total of 11 high quality papers were presented and good discussions followed all papers. Details are available on the Prublications section of the CIRP website and on ScienceDirect.

Prof. Enrico Savio, Chairman of STC S