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STC Dn - 2015 Annual Report

Meetings held

The Scientific Technical Committee Design (STC Dn) had two meetings in 2015 in Paris on February 20 and in Cape Town during the General Assembly on August 27. 84 and 68 persons attended the Winter meeting and the Cape Town meeting, respectively.
Additionally, STC Dn members actively attended and supported the collaborative working group meetings as well as the cross-STC group meetings in Paris and Cape Town.


During the meetings the following CIRP-owned conferences were reported.
• 25th CIRP Design Conference 2015 (Haifa, Israel)
• 26th CIRP Design Conference 2016 (Stockholm, Sweden)
• 27th CIRP Design Conference 2017 (Cranfield, UK)
• 28th CIRP Design Conference 2018 (proposal from University of Stuttgart)
• CAT Conference 2016 (Gothenburg, Sweden)


STC Dn has been working on, or is preparing the following keynote papers. STC Dn members gave them comments to upcoming keynote papers:
• 2015 – “Automating Design with Intelligent Human-Machine Integration” Y. Yin et al.
• 2016 – “Design for additive Manufacturing”, M.K. Thompson, et al.
• 2017 – “Design for reduction of energy use consumption” J. Duflou et al.
• 2018 – “Tolerancing and Design under Uncertainty”, E. Morse, et al.

Dn Publications

During the 65th CIRP General Assembly in Cape Town, 12 Dn papers were presented and discussed, which is seven fewer than the previous year.

Technical Presentations

During the February (Paris) meeting, the following technical presentations were given in two areas. The first area covered “Design of smart systems”:
• Integrated Computer Aided Engineering of Mechatronic Products - J. Franke
• Engineering of Smart Products and Services: An update of German initiatives, programs and projects - M. Abramovici, R. Stark
• Smart Components within Smart Production Processes and Environments – SCoPE - K. Schützer

The second area in the Paris meeting touched upon “Design – Sustainability Engineering – Analysis” and included the following presentations.
• Delight Design Platform - Y. Umeda
• Sustainable building design - ongoing research activities at the Norwegian Research Laboratory for Universal Design - R.S. Wadhwa, J. Nersveen, A. Stradheim
• Mathematical issues in mechanical tolerance analysis & synthesis - J.-Y. Dantan

During the Cape Town meeting, the following technical presentations were given related to “Digital design solutions for smart and complex products”:
• Uncertainty management for aircraft assembly design and tolerancing - H. Falgarone
• Product model for micro formed linked parts - K. Tracht
• Bio inspired research - J.-M. Linares, E. Mermoz
• Uncertainty chain management during the tolerancing process - J.-Y. Dantan

The second area in the Cape Town meeting was related to “Design solutions for additive and smart manufacturing” and the following presentations took place:
• A case study of topology optimization by additive manufacturing - M.-C. Leu
• Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Manufacturing - D. Mourtzis

Other Business

There is a growing recognition shared among the members of STC Dn that its activities are losing a focus as well as momentum. The STC Dn officers are now working on issues related to Dn keynotes, Design conferences, internal collaboration within STC Dn and CIRP, external collaborations with other societies, and creating critical information such as white papers, landscape views, etc. Regarding keynote papers, the STC Dn officers have started working on a guideline for keynote papers. They have been working on a ‘Conference template’ for the CIRP Design conferences to support local organisers. These issues will be presented and discussed at the Paris meeting in February 2016.

Since overall STC Dn made good contributions to CIRPedia, there is no need for additional entries before the Paris meeting in February 2016.

Although a dedicated LinkedIn group for STC Dn was created, the actual use remained low unfortunately.


Professor Alain Bernard finished his three-year term as Chairman of the STC Dn. The officers were elected as new STC Dn officers:
• Chair: E. Lutters
• Vice Chair: R. Stark
• Secretary: T. Tomiyama (new appointment from August 2015).