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STC Dn - 2013 Annual Report

Meetings held

The Scientific Technical committee Design (STC Dn) had two meetings in 2013: in Paris on January 25 and in Copenhagen during the General Assembly on August 22. The January meeting was attended by 75 persons, in Copenhagen, 71 people attended.
Additionally, STC Dn members attended the Track 3 meetings in Paris and Copenhagen.


In line with the track structure, applications, (progress) reports on the following conferences were presented during the meetings:
• CIRP Design Conference 2014 (Italy)
• CIRP Design Conference 2015 (Israel or USA)
• CIRP Design Conference 2016 (Israel or USA)

• CIRP CAT Conference 2014 (China)
• CIRP CAT Conference 2016 (Sweden)


STC Dn has been working on, or is preparing the following keynotes:
• 2013 - “Open-Architecture Products and Open Production” Y. Koren, J. Hu, P. Gu.
• 2014 - “Tools and techniques in product design : present and future” E. Lutters et al.
• 2015 – “ Automating Design with Intelligent Human-Machine Integration” Y. Yin et al.

Dn Publications

During the 63rd CIRP General Assembly in Copenhagen, 18 Dn papers were presented and discussed.

Technical Presentations

During the January (Paris) meeting, the following technical presentations were given:

• EADS expectations for new Architecture and Integration design methods and toolset
H. Falgarone
• Designing for Socially Responsible Products
M. Hutchins
• Design and multi-scale analysis of porous micro-structures for additive manufacturing
L. Podshivalov
• Assessment in Engineering Design Education
M.K. Thompson
• Failureology and Expectology
M. Nakao
• Fact-based Improvement of Quality Perception
R. Schmitt
• Challenges for innovative companies in a dynamic and complex environment
D. Friedrich
• The Role of Affordances versus Functions in Design
L.H. Shu

During the August (Copenhagen) meeting, the following technical presentations were given:

• iPodia - borderless learning to prepare global innovators of the 21st century
St. Lu
• Design Teaching - Project Driven Class on Injection Moulding
K. Tracht
• Feed Rate Optimization Based on Milling Force Evaluation as a CAPP Supporting System in a Five-Axis Virtual Machine Tool
R. S. Lee
• Progress report on ISO 10303 STEP standard development and implementation.
M. Hedlind
• Modeling and driving industry by ancient knowledge design
F. Laroche

Other Business

Having recognized difficulties in the overall key note process the officers have decided to start working on a guideline for key note application, outline, progress report, content confirmation, focus area, state of science & technology description and overall key note preparation timing. The next Paris meeting will be used to kick-off this work.

Moreover, the STC officers have been continuously working on a ‘Conference template’ for the CIRP Design conferences, facilitating local organizers in their work. It was decided to await the Milano experiences which are based on the German organization of 2013.

STC Dn is involved in the CIRPedia initiative, in which a substantial amount of work has been reached before the deadline.

STC Dn has started a virtual collaboration group called STC Dn within the professional network linked-in: 
Once you are logged on, please use the search field and type in STC Dn: you will be directly located to the group. The goal is that STC Dn can use this forum to establish opportunities for improving on collaboration between the two face-to-face meetings and to reach out to the Design & Development group outside CIRP.


The officers of STC Dn are:
• Chair: A. Bernard
• Vice Chair: E. Lutters
• Secratary: R. Stark

For further details on the activities of STC Dn, please consult the minutes from the meetings in Paris and Copenhagen.