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STC Dn - 2012 Annual Report

Meetings held

The Scientific Technical Committee Design (STC Dn) had two meetings in 2012: in Paris on January 27 and in Hong Kong during the General Assembly on August 23. The January meeting was attended by 69 persons, in Hong Kong, 56 people attended.
Additionally, STC Dn members attended the Track 3 meetings in Paris and Hong Kong.


In line with the track structure, (progress) reports on the following conferences were presented during the meetings:

  • CIRP Design Conference 2012 (India)
  • CIRP Design Conference 2013 (Germany)
  • CIRP CAT Conference 2012 (U.K.)


STC Dn has been working on, or is preparing the following keynotes:

  • 2012 - “Augmented reality applications in design and manufacturing.”  A. Nee, P. Ong, G. Chryssolouris
  • 2012 – “Open-Architecture Products and Open Production.” Y. Koren, J. Hu, P. Gu
  • 2014 – “Tools and techniques in Product Development.” E. Lutters et al.

Dn Publications

During the 62th CIRP General Assembly in Hong Kong, 10 Dn papers were presented and discussed.

Technical Presentations

During the January meeting, the following technical presentations were given:




S.T. Newman

University of Bath

Design of individualized packaging using Cryogenic machining techniques

N. Perry

Arts et Métiers ParisTech Bordeaux

Design for recycling approaches: application to composite

V.D. Majstorovic

University of Belgrade

Reverse engineering of human bones

During the August meeting, the following technical presentations were given:




J. Tan, Y. Cao

Zhejiang University, China

Overview of Product Design Research at Zhejiang University

S. Wang

Tianjin University, China

Function-Driven Design Method of Multi-Body Systems

Other Business

STC Dn is involved in the CIRPedia initiative, in which a substantial amount of work has been reached before the deadline.


The officers of STC Dn are:

  • Chair: A. Bernard
  • Co-Chair: E. Lutters
  • Secretary: R. Stark

For further details on the activities of STC Dn, please consult the minutes from the meetings in Paris and Hong Kong.