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STC - Scientific Technical Commitees

The Scientific and Technical Committees (STCs) are the groups responsible for coordinating the collaborative research projects run by CIRP. The knowledge generated in each field of activity is distributed by publications and conferences to the manufacturing community at large. The main activities of the STCS are:

  • Collecting and analysing bibliographies to document the state-of-the-art in particular areas of manufacturing;
  • Publishing synthesis reports on important technical problems;
  • Organizing seminars and meetings on specialist topics;
  • Preparing internationally accepted terminology to aid understanding and promote more precise scientific definitions;
  • Contributing to the work of the International Standardization Organization (ISO);
  • Surveying the state of the art of research being carried out in different laboratories in the world;
  • Studying and promoting the development of important new techniques and technologies;
  • Organizing cooperative research projects, comparative testing, standardization of methods etc.).

The STCs especially promote and give moral support to advanced research in new fields. They establish research goals and, when appropriate, prepare recommendations for the consideration of official and other bodies concerned with education and research.

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