Annual report 2013 - Terminology

The Terminology Committee had two meetings in 2013: in Paris on January 23rd and in Copenhagen on August 22nd. In addition Terminology Committee members also attended Track and STC meetings in Paris and in Copenhagen.

The January STC A meeting in Paris was attended by 36 participants. The Copenhagen meeting was attended by 31 people.

CIRP Dictionary of Production Engineering

The Terminology Committee carries the responsibility for publication of the CIRP dictionaries on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering. They cover definitions and terminology for manufacturing processes, machines, tooling, materials and systems formulated by the Scientific Committees (STC).
In March 2012 Volume IV “Assembly” was issued. Thus the following five books are available right now.:
• Metal Forming, Vol. I - 1 (1997)
• Metal Forming, Vol. I - 2 (2001)
• Material Removal, Vol. II (2004)
• Manufacturing Systems, Vol. III (2004)
• Assembly, Vol. IV (2012)

Additionally Volume I-1 and I-2 of the Forming dictionary is under revision by Prof. E. Tekkaya and Dr. Sami Chatti. This valuable work is going to be finished at the end of the year 2013. Volume V, Geometrical Measurements, is in preparation under the supervision of Prof. G. Goch. Some 30 percent of the work is done Also a Turkish version of Forming is being prepared by Prof. E. Tekkaya) and Italian versions of all dictionaries are being compiled under the supervision of Prof. T. Tolio. For further information see

CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering (CIRPedia)

Starting in 2007 the Terminology committee decided to strike a totally new path as an answer to the internet-age. An online platform has been launched in 2012 for providing authoritative, exhaustive, fast and easy access to terms, definitions and a whole set of information in the field of production engineering (see The CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering (CIRPedia) covers state-of-the-art knowledge in design, optimization, control and management of processes, machines and systems. While the technological and operational aspects are in the focus, economical aspects are addressed, too. The entries for a wide variety of terms were written and reviewed by the CIRP, the world leading organization in production engineering research. Therefore this encyclopedia contains high level scientific knowledge and includes very recent developments.

CIRPedia is under development and represents the natural extension of the current CIRP Dictionaries of Production Engineering. Until August 2013 in total 252 essays of 220 authors with more than 1000 figures were finished and are ready for going public. End of year 2013 even the first printed edition of the encyclopedia with 2 volumes and approx. 1300 pages will be issued. Prepublications are available right now on .


The officers of Terminology Committee in 2013 were:
Chair: Prof. Gunther Reinhart
Vice-chair: Dr. Garret O’Donnell
Secretary: Dr. Sami Chatti

New officers were elected and announced in August 2013 for the terms of 2014 and 2015:
Chair: Dr. Garret O’Donnell
Vice-chair: Dr. Sami Chatti
Secretary: Dr. Michael Schilp

For further details on the activities of Terminology Committee, please consult the minutes from the meetings of Paris and Copenhagen.

Gunther Reinhart