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67th CIRP General Assembly in Lugano, Switzerland

2017 CIRP GENERAL ASSEMBLY in LUGANO, Switzerland, 20-26 August 2017

  • Link to the Organizing CommitteeAccess to local Information and Registration  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • List of the order of presentation of the papers of the 2017 CIRP Annals, Vol.1 (available next April)
  • Abstracts of the papers of the 2017 CIRP Annals Vol. 66/1 in the order of presentation (available next April)
  • Abstracts of the Keynote Papers of the 2017 CIRP Annals Vol. 66/2 (available in early June)
  • Agendas of the STCs and CWGs meetings available online about mid-June for Members. For non-members, please ask the member inviting you to provide you the agendas needed, you can also see the STCs Annual Reports through the Button -> Scientific Groups
  • The General Assembly "Request Form for a Guest" is available for Members in their Dashboard through "Downloads Documents". Members can invite a Guest even if they do not come personally to the GA.

  • Authors information for publishing in the CIRP Annals through "Authors: Submit a Paper" (through the "Publications" button)

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